Tierra Shores HOA Dues

Loretta Wildermuth submitted a comment about the HOA dues at Tierra Shores, and wants to know why they're higher than other communities ...

Loretta Wildermuth submitted a comment about the HOA dues at Tierra Shores, and wants to know why they're higher than other communities in the area...
We are considering owning a home in Tierra Shores. I would like to know what the $150+ per month covers and why the fees are so much higher than other HOAs in the area that apparently have more to offer. I have read the other comments and like yards to look nice though trash cans don't wind me up so much. Your help would be appreciated.
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  1. I live in Tierra Shores and do pay the 158 a month for HOA. Part of the main reason for paying this amout has to due with being part of the lake community and it being "gated". I know the maintenance of the lake is a big factor. Also we do have security in the evenings. And there is access to the lake via the paddle boats. I am assuming that because of that there are liability issues and of course that cost money too. And last but not least the up keep of the pool and club house. Other communities that have HOA's do not have these type of amenities. The new development THE LAKES which are across from Tierra Shores, have dues that are $200 plus. And they also have lakes and pools. Of course please keep in mind that we are a community of 310 homes vs the homes across the street which will have about 900 homes. I hope this helps out. Overall my experience living in Tierra Shores has been a good one. You will enjoy living here.

  2. landscape, pool&spa, clubhouse, gated, security, and the lake all add up. It is a small community and is making progress to keep that feeling. However keep in mind that if the lake does not meet water quality standards each homeowner can be saddled with a hefty maint fee. Number one & 2 reasons for bad water yard run off and vehicle washing. both prohibited

  3. It is not so much the water run off from the yard. The lake is equipped to handle that. The number one problem is the washing of the cars. That is being inforced with community involvement. For the most part most people are following the rules.

  4. Hello potential neighbor,

    I live here in Tierra Shores and have since the begining.

    To answer your question with a basic answer:

    The services provided and the amount of homes sharing the costs of those services are the reason for the dues amount. Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, just ask.

    We welcome informed and active members and look forward to seeing you at the meetings.

  5. The meetings are always fun. You get the ill-informed and the ones who dont pay attention to others questions and ask the same one again or want to stand on a soap box and cry about anything. LOL! All in all the meetings do produce positive results.

  6. I live in Tierra Shores and have for 2 years. We pay for the fact we live in a gated, resort community. Our club house area has a spa, pool, BarBQ, access to the club house for parties, security guard,our landscaping is beautiful, our lake is maintained and it costs a lot to keep a lake to the proper water level and clean. I spoke to someone at The Lakes, the HOA fee at buildout will be about $190 a month over there. So we are higher than some, lower than others. Tierra Shores is a great place to live.

  7. I agree with Ann. I too, live in Tierra Shores and love it. It is great to wake up to a beautiful lake. I have met many new people and love it. I am really happy I moved here.

  8. Does anyone have the contact info for the HOA at Tierra Shores. We've just moved in and can't find all the info we were given.


  9. Wait.... I'm confused. Everybody is talking about how great it is to live in Tierra Shores, but nobody is talking about all the break-ins. Why is that? Please, don't give false hope to new buyers.... We just moved here and hate it! Can't sell our house because of the market. It's nice here, but come on! A lot of problems that nobody is talking about. Please, just be honest! I don't want anybody else making the same mistake we did!

  10. My wife and I are looking to buy in Tierra Shores. What break-ins are you talking about? Are there a lot of break-ins in the gated 300 home Tierra Shores? What other problems are people not talking about? We would like to know. Is one of the problems you are talking about the smell around Tierra Shores? If anyone could provide any more details that would be great.