Veterans Memorial Service in Menifee

To all whose sacrifices, both today, and yesterday, have added meaning to our lives... Thank You.

The day was quite chilly and the wind was blowing like crazy, but the cold weather could not stop the warmth that radiated from our hearts today as we honored our Veterans.

Presentation of the POW Flag by the Mission Chapter of the Rough Riders Motorcycle Club

For Those Who Came Home…

For those Who Did Not Come Home…

For those Who Have Yet to Come Home…

Rough Riders Motorcycle Club - Mission Chapter
(Pictured from left to right)

Rough Cut

Margarita Castillo (Mrs. Menifee)
and Tom Furhman (newly elected City Council Member) embrace a local active Marine

Veterans Memorial

Merle Derscheid
(Merchant Mariner & Veteran WWII)

C.L. (Burke) Burton
had joined the Merchant Marines at age 15

A big Sun City bus delivered these special ladies to us today: (Pictured From Left to Right)

Florence Abbott -Navy
Delores Ballard - Army
Aileen Power - Navy
Betty Mullendore - Army
Emma Tremper - Army wife

Bamboo Cage and Flags

-Remembering our Prisoners of War-


  1. Many pictures were taken of this special event today. Please use these comment sections to let us know where we can go to see the pictures that YOU took.

  2. Thank You Rough Riders MC.. from a proud nephew

  3. A video on the Memorial Dedication is available to view on
    Congrats to all that contributed so much in making this memorial a reality. Job will done. You make us proud.

  4. wish i would have known about event ..

  5. yes i wish it was publicized before the event instead of after.! Know here it is11/12/12 veterens day w/o any events. my kids would have loved to attend had we known


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