Free H1N1 Vaccine Tonight

free h1n1 vaccine


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  1. Amazing,... my wife and I pay for and have excellent insurance. We called our pediatrician to schedule vaccinations for our 3yr old and 6 yr old girls. Guess what, they dont have it. How is it that a free clinic in Perris can get (Im told by a Sheriff) 3000 doses but the very well known and respected pediatrician in Temecula, that is treating kids with parents paying a good amount for insurance, cant get any? Why are my, and every other insurance paying parent's benefits being given away for free? I guess if we work hard to have certain things.... then we dont "deserve" those things as bad as someone that doesnt!

  2. Why is it that Los Angeles has had the vaccine all over the County for multiple days in multiple locations and this is one of the first available anywhere near So. West Riverside for one day with a 3 hour window ? I'v been trying to get a vaccine from my doctor using my insurance with no results and tried different pharmacys which I paid to get a regular flu shot out of pocket. Still unavailable for the general public...Riverside Co. had better get more active...this is rediculus...

  3. Don't feel too bad about the vaccination. My 3 year old grandson got the shot on a Tuesday, and by Sunday he was running a fever of 105. Guess what, he has a virus... go figure.

  4. Steve,
    Welcome back. Where have you been? I have missed your detailed reporting on council sessions!

  5. I've been around. I needed a long break from the council sessions. After the districting issue was voted down, i