Menifee Mailing Address Still Unclear

A Heritage Lake resident wants to know what it's going to take to get the US Postal Service to recognize his/her address as being "...

A Heritage Lake resident wants to know what it's going to take to get the US Postal Service to recognize his/her address as being "Menifee" instead of "Romoland"...
We moved here (Heritage Lake) just before the cityhood election. We are so glad to be Menifee residents now. We'd just like to have the busineses we deal with, recognize our address as being in Menifee!

Our mail (bills too) consistantly is addressed to our street in Sun City or Romoland! We live in Menifee! Why can't the Postal Service include us in the Menifee zip code? We'd be happy to include the 4 digit extension just to be able to use the Menifee city name!

Who do we petition to get this accomplished?
We've discussed this issue on Menifee 24/7 before.

The US Postal Service is not going to issue an official explanation on this, simply because as far as they're concerned, nothing has changed here. That is, they see areas of land in terms of zip codes, not as place names. They're still operating just as they've always have.

The answer is that you've always been able to tell your friends and family to change your mailing address to "Menifee". In fact, you've been able to do this prior to Menifee becoming a city.

For example, I live in the 92584 zip code, and even though I use "Menifee" as my mailing address, I still get mail delivered to me with "Sun City" on it. That's been happening before and after Menifee became a city. Obviously, the Post Office is still capable of getting the mail to my house, no matter what place name is on there.

Another case in point. Quail Valley and Canyon Lake share the same zip code (92587), and each have their own post offices. Yet, the US Postal Service is still capable of figuring out which post office to route mail to, despite both having the same zip codes.

Another case in point. Temecula has several zip codes, and yet everyone in Temecula still gets their mail, even though they all use "Temecula" as their mailing address.

So, it's pretty obvious that people in Romoland, Sun City, and Quail Valley, can use "Menifee" as their mailing address, despite having different zip codes, and you'll all get your mail.

If you want the Post Office to guarantee delivery with "Menifee" as your place name, even though you live in Heritage Lake, you'll never get a guarantee from them. And that's because the Post Office is not perfect.

So, if you want all of your incoming mail to say "Menifee" on it, then simply tell your friends, family, and anyone else sending you mail, to use that name.

But if you're going to wait for the Post Office to issue a public statement, you're going to be waiting for a long time.