Menifee Mailing Address Still Unclear

A Heritage Lake resident wants to know what it's going to take to get the US Postal Service to recognize his/her address as being "...

A Heritage Lake resident wants to know what it's going to take to get the US Postal Service to recognize his/her address as being "Menifee" instead of "Romoland"...
We moved here (Heritage Lake) just before the cityhood election. We are so glad to be Menifee residents now. We'd just like to have the busineses we deal with, recognize our address as being in Menifee!

Our mail (bills too) consistantly is addressed to our street in Sun City or Romoland! We live in Menifee! Why can't the Postal Service include us in the Menifee zip code? We'd be happy to include the 4 digit extension just to be able to use the Menifee city name!

Who do we petition to get this accomplished?
We've discussed this issue on Menifee 24/7 before.

The US Postal Service is not going to issue an official explanation on this, simply because as far as they're concerned, nothing has changed here. That is, they see areas of land in terms of zip codes, not as place names. They're still operating just as they've always have.

The answer is that you've always been able to tell your friends and family to change your mailing address to "Menifee". In fact, you've been able to do this prior to Menifee becoming a city.

For example, I live in the 92584 zip code, and even though I use "Menifee" as my mailing address, I still get mail delivered to me with "Sun City" on it. That's been happening before and after Menifee became a city. Obviously, the Post Office is still capable of getting the mail to my house, no matter what place name is on there.

Another case in point. Quail Valley and Canyon Lake share the same zip code (92587), and each have their own post offices. Yet, the US Postal Service is still capable of figuring out which post office to route mail to, despite both having the same zip codes.

Another case in point. Temecula has several zip codes, and yet everyone in Temecula still gets their mail, even though they all use "Temecula" as their mailing address.

So, it's pretty obvious that people in Romoland, Sun City, and Quail Valley, can use "Menifee" as their mailing address, despite having different zip codes, and you'll all get your mail.

If you want the Post Office to guarantee delivery with "Menifee" as your place name, even though you live in Heritage Lake, you'll never get a guarantee from them. And that's because the Post Office is not perfect.

So, if you want all of your incoming mail to say "Menifee" on it, then simply tell your friends, family, and anyone else sending you mail, to use that name.

But if you're going to wait for the Post Office to issue a public statement, you're going to be waiting for a long time.


Post-Office 3123916475094664313

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  1. I have a 92586 zip code, which is the same as the Senior Core. In Zip Code 92586, approximately half or more of the residents are not seniors and live in family developments.

    I want to be using the Menifee name instead of Sun City because the city hall is also in the 92586 zip code and Menifee is used as the name in the city's address.

    The post office have told me that you can use either Menifee or Sun City if you have a 92586 zip code or another zip code.

    I have been telling family and friends to use Menifee instead of Sun City when mailing letters to me. I have also have told my creditors, Verizon and the other utilities to change my address from Sun City to Menifee. However, Verizon will not make a change until the City Council make a formal request. One of these days the City Council will request the change. For now, maybe everyone should simply begin titling their zip code as Menifee. If enough residents begin to make a change to Menifee then the City Council and postal authorities will have to recognize the sentiments of the people.

  2. I'm curious to know what the folks in Redhawk use as their mailing address. A few years ago, Temecula annexed their community. Do they still use "Redhawk", or are they all using "Temecula"?

  3. You can write anything you want for your city and as long as the zip code is clearly written you will receive your mail. This information was told to me years ago by a supervisor at the post office.
    I tested this out just to try it and wrote dallas, ca with my correct zip code in irvine and still received my mail.

    If you are wondering why when you give your zip code to someone that enters it in a computer and they say you are in Sun City right and you really live in Menifee it is a problem with the business and the US postal system. This issue will take YEARS to resolve so don't sweat it!
    Write MENIFEE, SUN CITY, ROMOLAND, QUAIL VALLEY or whatever you want on your return address or provide it to a company and as long as your zip code is correct you will receive your mail.

  4. Redhawk is a community name. We always used Temecula as our address before and after annexation.

  5. Yeah Post Office!!!
    I will never take the name Romoland off my mail!! I don't mind sometimes living in Sun city either, But I never want to get lupmed in with the snobs in menifee!

  6. Snobs? Menifee? What's that all about? I live in Menifee and if you knew me I'm sure you'd like me and wouldn't think me a snob at all. I'm curious to know what's behind that statement?

  7. To the last poster......jealousy.

  8. Whether you like it or not, Sun City, Romoland and Quail Valley are now considered MENIFEE.

    It is obvious that the name MENIFEE was chosen for a reason.

  9. Sun City was added to Menifee so everyone without grey (blue) hair would not be embarassed to say they live in Sun City......hahahaha

  10. With so many issues having to be addressed by the City Council, this issue of whether to use Menifee, Sun City, Quail Valley or Romoland as the name for the different zip codes is one that can be addressed later. At this time, residents living in Menifee can use Menifee as their address or stick with the old name for their zip code.

  11. Sorry I didn't mean to generalize, I know everyone in menifee can't all be snobs, but most are, look at the post right after yours, Hell no Why would I be Jealous? My half million dollar home isn't currently worth 175,000, No i don't think theres any envy there.

  12. Just an FYI. Some delivery services will not find Menifee for 92586 yet. So while the postal service may be fine, if you order things online and don't get to control the shipping method, there can be delays or mis-routings if the zip code and city don't match.

  13. I write "New York City" and the zip code here and my mail comes to me fine. Weird, huh?


  14. You are right! My mail isn't the problem. . .it's Time Warner, The Press Enterprise, Visa, MEDICAL INSURANCE COMPANIES, Mastercard, American Express and every outsourced help person I speak with! They want my address to be verified as the town that appears on their computer with my zip code. I can't predict which one will pop up!!!!! Sun City or Romoland. It's beyond frustrating! Sometimes, they'll actually say "Menifee"? and I was wrong again!!

  15. Don't you think it's ironic that the Post Office located next door to the Menifee City building is the SUN CITY Post Office?

  16. Who really cares. It only matters if you get your mail, if you don't get it then you should worry.



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