EMWD Launches Restaurant Campaign

The Eastern Municipal Water District today announced that they're going to local restaurants and asking them to stop serving water, unle...

The Eastern Municipal Water District today announced that they're going to local restaurants and asking them to stop serving water, unless specifically requested by a customer.

The campaign is focused on cards placed on tables which state, "Thirsty?", and lists water saving tips and ideas. The thinking is that if folks start thinking about saving water at restaurants, they'll think about how they can use water more wisely in their homes.

Use Water Wisely Cards
Interestingly, the EMWD cited a statistic that it takes 4 glasses of water to wash one restaurant glass...
Research has shown that it takes four glasses of water to clean just one glass. By refusing water you are potentially saving thousands of gallons each year.
Which makes me think that if restaurants used tall-sized paper cups instead, which can be thrown away, they'll save even more water. So I'm thinking the EMWD will get more mileage with a "glass for paper" exchange program, where they supply free paper cups if a restaurant turns in their glass.

So far, only two restaurants, both located in Moreno Valley have opted to display these "Thirsty" cards on their tables. If you have a restaurant, and you want these cards, contact the EMWD at...

Roxanne M. Rountree
(951) 928-3777 x4391


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  1. Wow, what a worthless cause.

  2. If they start using paper cups then people will start complaining about the waste of paper. It's a Catch 22.

  3. If enough restaurants don't comply voluntarily then EMWD will probably enact an ordinance making it mandatory. This same thing is mandatory in Las Vegas, as one example.

  4. I think it is a great idea. How often does everyone at the table drink all the water they bring you...

  5. This really isn't anything new...its been done in the past, no big deal really..

  6. I thought this was started in CA about 7 years ago? What restaurants serve you water anymore even if you don't ask for it? I certainly haven't been to any around here.

  7. Isn't this a little silly. In the grand scheme of water conservation, this is a small battle. We are still required to have grass front lawns in most developments in Menifee which are much greater wastes of water.

  8. The water department needs more funds so they can finish the new construction they are doing over by Lake Matthews. We buy their water and they tell us how to use it by imposing fines just like they are a part of the judical system. Now they talk of raising rates again. If we conserve enough water the water department will raise rates again because not enough funds are coming into their accounts. How about not letting the fire department spray gallons and gallons of water into the vacant lot over by the LDS Church across the street from MV Athletic Club?? That could save alot of water.

  9. Recently ate at one of the restaurants with the advisory cards so I did not order water. But each of my three softdrink refills came in a new glass, it would have made more sense to use a pitcher and refill drinks that way.



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