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This evening's city council meeting included a workshop session to hear details on Quail Hill, a residential development of 152 single f...

This evening's city council meeting included a workshop session to hear details on Quail Hill, a residential development of 152 single family homes located in Quail Valley.

It was named "Quail Hill" after a hill in Quail Valley. I'm not sure if that's the actual name of the hill, in fact I heard the developer say that they weren't aware of any existing names for the hill, and just opted to call it Quail Hill.

Here's where it's located...

Quail Hill, Menifee topomap

Here's the project map of the development...

quail hill

The project map has south at the left, while north is at the right. Goetz Rd runs along the bottom of the map, and Palm Drive runs along the top.

The entire development consists of 65 acres. Approximately 20 lots will be sized at over 10,000 sq ft, while the average lot size is set at 8,800 sq ft.

The center piece of the development is Quail Hill itself, which will continue as open space, at 18.9 acres. That's depicted on the map in the center-right

This hill currently has trails which the developer will improve. They'll also plant some landscaping and some trees. At the top of the hill will be a "viewing area", consisting of seating, more landscaping, and maybe a gazebo, and will likely be a favorite spot for evening teen gatherings.

Water will be supplied by existing lines running along Goetz Rd, while they'll be tapping into sewer lines that stretch from the Canyon Heights development. The developer said they'll be adding another pumping station.

They'll also be improving the water drainage in this area, with the developer saying it'll be sufficient enough to handle any kind of rain runoff. They went on to say that building this development will eliminate some 50 acres of fire hazard.

The owner of this land, Warren Repke, has owned it for 18 years, and has had the plans for this development in the county system since 2004. Originally, he had it at 179 residential lots, but has since taken it down to 152. He said that in 2006 he had a public hearing on this, of which a handful of people showed up, but yet all gave him support.

Fred Twyman responded that he thinks the water runoff improvements will be a welcome addition to Quail Valley, and felt the development will add a lot of "nice things" to the look of the community.

Scott Mann said he was concerned about the size and capability of the sewage pumping station.

The presentation this evening was not get a vote from the city council, but just to familiarize the public with the project. Eventually, the developer will seek a zoning change from "R3" to "R1".


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  1. hmmm... 152 homes?? drought, water restrictions?? Keep conserving that water so this developer can build these houses. How about we sell down the existing homes in the area before we allow this...ohhh... that's right, Menifee city council is encouraging builders with a stimulus, no forethought on infrastructure or water, my bad..

  2. How to save water on 152 new houses in Quail Valley. No grass in front yards, just gravel. That way you can park 10 cars there for the 10 people living in each house. Problem solved.

  3. I just love it...
    " at the top of the hill will be a "viewing area", consisting of seating, more landscaping, and maybe a gazebo, and will likely be a favorite spot for evening teen gatherings."
    Wow! I can't wait.

  4. Yes, there are serious oversights on behalf of our city council. Foreclosures on every street throughout Menifee and we want to build more houses on Goetz road which is a traffic nightmare. I can't wait for the next election! Let's get rid of this "build more houses idea the council seems to have permanently cemented into their brains DESPITE the fact the people are not supporting it.

  5. People, pay attention. article in today's Californian about our city council and their spending habits.
    Nearly $40,000 also has been set aside in the preliminary budget for a possible special election in November on how City Council members are voted into office, they are going to protect their sphere of influence by making sure with this election they are voted in "at large" instead of by "district".
    City leaders have set aside about $100,000 to hire an economic development director this fall.
    Another new expense showing up in the 2009-10 budget are employee and council member health and retirement benefits, which the council unanimously approved at its June 2 meeting.

    The benefits package calls for the city to contribute $1,500 per full-time employee and council member to medical insurance plans each month.
    And while the council has yet to decide whether to conduct a special election to revisit the question of how council members are elected, there has been much discussion among city leaders on the subject. Wentz said $38,000 has been set aside for the possibility that council members decide to move forward with the revote in November
    People, I hope you are paying attention on how city council likes to spend your money.

  6. Regarding Quail Hill, I feel the developer should consider first, local contractors for consideration. We have many talented and capable contractors here. We have 2 here in Quail Valley. Each has years of experience, as well as knowledge of the topography of this area. Their work as well as their reputation is impeccable. We would not only be keeping the business local, but maybe preventing some problems consistant with developement.

    Leah McGee
    Quail Valley Community Crime Watch



    I purchased brand new exactly 2 years ago for $459K. Current appraisal just came back at $184K.

    Let's hear some more stories.

    Sure would be nice to post open topics for discussion instead of just having Steve post stuff.

  8. As I'm reading the last post I'm looking at the "Foreclosure Sale" ad on the right side of the page. I don't even want to think about what our home value is down to, I'm just glad we don't need to sell or refinance any time soon.

  9. FED UP CITIZEN OF QUAIL VALLEY!! We have lived in Quail Valley for 40 years - way before the first housing track of Menifee. We have paid taxes all these years and have heard when the first housing track went in ALL of Quail Valley would get sewers. Well, only the new developments get the luxury of a sewer system. And now another new development that will hook up to the existing line that was only put in for the first new development? We were told that particular sewer line was an oversized pipe to accommodate all of Quail Valley. Well, start accommodating! What about the rest of the citizens in Quail Valley who drown in water flow of sewage when it rains? What about the children who play in the puddles when it rains? Maybe someone will finally do something when children start dying of diseases. Is that really what it's going to take? Where is the morritorimum on building until the sewers were brought in. We are not allowed to build on our lots and we've owned our properties longer than 18 years. I guess we will always be neglected since we are not a huge tax base. We sit by and watch Sun City get their roads paved over and over again, every single year but not one penny for Quail Valley. We can't even get a sidewalk for the kids to get to school. We get a scraped dirt walk way for them. Where is the benefit of my tax dollars?? This is like a third world country and it's getting worse. The United States will install all new sewers for Iraq but not for US!!!! Makes sense, huh? And one more thing to get off my chest.. WHERE DID ALL THE TAX MONEY GO THAT WAS IN THE QUAIL VALLEY GENERAL FUND THAT WAS CONTROLLED BY CSA BOARD? WHAT DID JEFF STONE DO WITH IT? PAY HIS SISTER?



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