Menifee City Council - June 2, 2009

The regular city council meeting started this evening at 7:00pm. Among the notable discussion items... Code Enforcement Wayne Oguera (sp...

The regular city council meeting started this evening at 7:00pm.

Among the notable discussion items...

Code Enforcement

Wayne Oguera (sp?) was introduced as the senior code enforcement officer for Menifee. He walked up to the podium to talk about code enforcement. I had hoped he had more exciting things to talk about, like how many citations they issued, how much money they brought in for the city, and some code enforcement horror stories. But instead, he gave a speech on "Code Enforcement and You".

I zoned out during this time, but I picked up on a few of his quotes, like...

"One man's trash is another man's treasure"

"Not 100% of everyone is going to be happy with the outcome"

"I have some stuff sitting in my front yard that'll never get fixed"

Public Comments

Greg August, commented about Douglas Johnson, a consultant working for a company called "National Demographics Consulting", who was hired by the city on May 7, 2009 to work out details regarding districts, at large, and city governance structures. Greg asked the council why Johnson will be conducting public forums after the Blue Ribbon Committee already held a number of public forums, and how much time and money will the city spend conducting these additional forums. Greg also noted that Johnson had previously been quoted as saying districts is the better choice in the long run due to legal issues conflicting with the Voting Rights Act.

Anne Pica, said that she's been e-mailing city council members the past several days asking why hasn't city informed the public that they hired National Demographics Consulting back on May 7. The fact that Anne hasn't received an answer from a council member lead her to publicly claim the council members as not feeling accountable to anyone but themselves. Anne went on to say that council members should resign if they find it "repulsive" to communicate with the public. She also charged Darcy Kuenzi as misleading the public on Measure G during a speech she gave at a church women's club last January, where Kuenzi felt that she herself didn't understand all the facts about districts versus at-large, but yet published a document supporting at-large back in 2008.

Darci Castillejos, spoke on behalf of the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce, saying that they held a vote this morning, and agreed to support "at-large" elections of city councilmembers. She said the chamber of commerce is looking forward to working with the council on future issues.

Grant Yoders, spoke of some "uninhabited modules" located along along Rouse Rd, that have fallen into disrepair, and is seemingly falling into greater disrepair with each passing day. He said that he was walking through there and chased out a den of coyotes living in one of the modules. He wants to know what the city is going to do about it. City Manager George Wentz replied that they're already doing something about it, they've turned the property into a "secured area", and are strategizing about what they can do. City Planner Carmen Cave said that it's an active code enforcement case as we speak.

Champion Storage

This is that storage facility located along Newport Rd, at the corner of Berea Rd, near Audie Murphy Ranch. The owner of this place plans to expand the facility by building another 107 units, over 2.29 acres.

The land he's building on is currently on Salt Creek. Back when he first built Champion Storage, he already had plans to build this additional section out, but the county had required him to make improvements to that portion of Salt Creek to implement flood control. He has since done that.

A couple of people commented against his plans, one arguing that Salt Creek becomes a floody mess during heavy rains, and doubts his improvements are sufficient. Another person questioned why the storage facility has only 8 parking spots.

09/10 Budget

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