Menifee Independence Day Parade 2009

Marcy Riehm of Lake Menifee Women's Club wants to remind everyone of the Independence Day Parade coming up Saturday, June 27... Click...

Marcy Riehm of Lake Menifee Women's Club wants to remind everyone of the Independence Day Parade coming up Saturday, June 27...

menifee independence day parade 2009

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  1. Just curious as to why they're not having it on the 4th of July. This is something my family and I look forward to.

  2. There was a discussion of this on an earlier post. Someone said the cost of hiring a fireworks company is much more expensive for July 4.

  3. For the last 18 years it has ALWAYS been the week before 4th of July !!

  4. Will the old ladies be opening the snack bar that day?

  5. NO..the Snack Bar will not be open......the "OLD LADIES"...will be too busy VOLUNTEERING their time to make sure the Independence Day Event goes smoothly........ The OLD LADIES might be a little tired after the fireworks because most of them will have been outside in the heat from morning til night doing all the many duties it takes to bring this event to the Community.
    So thanks for your support....:)

  6. so is the celebration on the 28th or 27th of June?

  7. It has always been the Saturday before the 4th. Its supposed to be a small town community event all out own - and not meant to take away from the big firework shows you and your family can attend on the 4th. I personally LOVE it and I would rather stay home on the actual 4th, since all the lunatics like o use their homemade illegal ones, and watch my house and my dogs. So this way - we get a wonderful community show as well! To those who put it on - Always a great job!

  8. Thanks for choosing to have the celebration a week early & saving our city some money. (Maybe our government can learn a lesson!) Not to mention so many people are not even home on the 4th anyway...camping, a friend's BBQ, etc. So instead of complaining, why not celebrate the independence & the freedoms of our country twice? Despite the economy, I'm always proud to celebrate being an American.... anytime.

  9. On behalf of the Lake Menifee Women's Club, we thank you for your kind words and support of this Community Event. It is our Pride & Joy and we volunteer hundreds of hours throughout the year to make this event happen. It is so wonderful to know how much our community,neighbors,friends & family appreciate this great accomplishment.
    God Bless Menifee and the USA !!

    See you ALL on the 27th !!

    Marcy Riehm
    Parade Chairperson 2009

  10. My family will be there to support!!!

    BTW It is free so why are you crying about the date? Some fireworks to celebrate are better than none...typical of people to complain about something that is free...

  11. The 4th of July is a celebration of our freedom and independence so if some people want to whine and complain they have every right to cry like little babies. Please allow them there right and we grow ups have the freedom and the right to ignore them.

    Menifee Rocks

  12. Orna-Mental Catfish Cloth says:"fire works are the best thing since I was elected to the universal entropy chair, forming a constellation of unique fissures alerting the squadrons of cages feces to the fire that is inside the outer doors of your perception. with our fire, there can be no works, thus the circle is compleate! Thank you elder ladies of the lakes, your blessing shall be redeemed in a future life."

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  14. Thank you for posting this I had no idea it was happening. I'm glad I checked this site. I think the week before the 4th is the perfect time to celebrate with the community since we usually are with family on the 4th. Keep up the good work.

  15. And a "THANK YOU" to the Menifee Lakes Master Association for thier large annual donation to the Women's Club which, in turn, pays for the firework show!

    Without the donation from Menifee Lakes Master Association, the firEwork show would not be the show we have all come to cherish.


  16. OKAY the MLMA needs to get over itself........big time. Do you even know how much this Firework show costs? Now don't get me wrong. The MLMA donation has been a welcome addition to our YEARLY events. However, the cost of the fireworks is $6K. The previous blogger has implied that the Menifee Lakes Master Assoc pays for ALL of the Fireworks and that is just not the case. It is an insult to the hard working, dedicated Volunteer Women of the Lake Menifee Women's Club who donate hundreds of hours to give back to the entire community of the City of Menifee. Besides the cost of the Fireworks, we have additional costs such as security, portable bathrooms, pie eating contests, etc and these cost $$. The MLMA's donation covers just over 25% of the cost of our fireworks budget. I'd say that was very generous, but let's give credit where credit is due.
    We have also received a generous donation from Jeff Stone, Supv County of Riverside, 3rd District. The City of Menifee is also donating the cost of Permits, Menifee Police Officers & Barricades/Signs for the Parade.
    So it takes a VILLAGE.
    I am proud to say that is is because of the "LAKE MENIFEE WOMEN'S CLUB" that for the last 18 years this event and the other yearly events have been an important part of our community.

    There is a special place in Heaven for Volunteers !!!!

  17. In response to the "anonymous post of June 26, 2009 @ 7:29am ~ Please
    be corrected by your "INCORRECT" comment that without the generous contribution by the Menifee Lakes Master Association, that there would not be a fireworks display!!!

    In the numerous years in the past, the M.L.M.A. has always made a contribution towards the fireworks
    in the amount of $1750.00.......however......this does not
    pay for the total cost for said fireworks, which is FIVE (5) TIMES
    MORE in cost of said fireworks, not to mention additional costs that the L.M.W.C. absorbs to make this event a success.
    Our Lake Menifee Women's Club, with membership of women of ages in
    their late 20's....and up to some members in their 80's, work all during the year, volunteering their hours, working at the Wheatfield Park snack bar, to raise these if a THANK-YOU
    needs to be recognized by this community, it should be done not only to the MLMA, but this club's

    A Lake Menifee Women's Club Member
    and PROUD OF IT!!!

  18. Way to go Lake Menifee Women's Club!!! You ladies are awesome and the community salutes you!!!

    BTW....what does the Menifee Lakes Master Assoc do for this club other than write a check!!! Why don't we see this association board members be a little more involved by "showing their support" in other ways....instead of wanting a pat on the back. This contribution came from the dues collected by the MLMA and nothing more!!! We ~ the homeowners ~ are
    paying our dues and in turn, the MLMA decided how much should be
    donated...and I as a homeowner say "what little I can do to enjoy this event is worth it" !!!!

    19-year resident of Menifee Lakes

  19. As a member of Menifee Lakes, I wanted to make sure I thanked the association board for contributing to the women's club.

    I had no idea that a simple "thank you" would be attacked as it has.

    Ladies, relax!

  20. OMG!! Obviously the women's club does not appreciate the money donated by the association in menifee lakes.

    I hope they stop donating to the thankless group.

  21. To Anonymous ~ 2/26/09 @ 2:20pm

    The L.M.W.C. was not in any attack mode....but you seem to be!!!!
    As I read their response....and perhaps you need to re-read it ~
    was to correct your "uneducated"
    comment that if it weren't for the MLMA and their donation, there wouldn't be fireworks.So why don't you relax buddy-boy as you've obviously got nothing better to do than continue your
    undermining and demeaning comments to a non-profit organization of women whose sole purpose is to serve this community.

    Another long-time Menifee Lakes homeowner

  22. Am I missing something here? I have read every post and not one of them said that the women's club did not appreciate everyone's donations! It sounds like that association wants all the credit. I for one think we are very lucky to have a group like the womens club who work to make our city a better place to live.
    You negative nelly's need to grow up :(

  23. I have just been informed of what appears to be an attack upon our Lake Menifee Women's Club. I am not afraid to post my name after my comments, unlike the anonymous
    nastys. The Lake menifee Women's Club has always acknowledged and THANKED not only in person at the general meeting of the Menifee Lakes Management Association, but
    we have always followed up with a thank-you letter to this association. I am the representative who attends these
    monthly MLMA meetings, and due to my absence from last month's meeting, due to illness, to which I
    did, in fact, contact Avalon of same ~ the Letter of Appreciation
    was not delivered by me. In no way, have we not appreciated nor thanked this association, and to be called "thankless" is taken like a slap in the face to each and every member of our club.
    Perhaps in the years to come, we
    "thankless" club members should sit back and let you anonymous name callers take over entirely,
    the tasks of providing events for
    our community, and we welcome your
    ideas,and countless "un-thanked" hours and physical labor that the Lake menifee Women's Club has given willingly for years..... and never expecting anything more than the joy of serving our community. PEACE

    G. Hetland
    Lake Menifee Women's Club
    1st Vice President

  24. One person thanks the association and the womens club goes bananas.

    Re read what the person wrote! That person merely said that if the association did not donate, the show would not be as special as it is. It was never said that there would be no show!

    Get a grip ladies and relax. You all are over reacting!

  25. Wrong again dummy....the blog states " thank-u to the MLMA for their LARGE annual donation to the Women's club which, in turn, PAYS FOR THE FIREWORKS SHOW. Without the donation, the fireworks show WOULD NOT BE THE SHOW we have all
    come to cherish."

    If that isn't inferring that the MLMA is the major source and reason for the fireworks....then
    I don't know what is.

    A "Relaxed MALE" Menifee Homeowner

  26. Semantics, a good reason to over react, right Mr. Male Relaxed?

  27. I have a question to Steve.
    Why are some comments posted and then later pulled from your blog?
    Just curious. I realize it's your site, but I don't think that's too fair. You deemed it okay once and then you pull it?

  28. Comments are set to auto-post currently. But I'll switch it to manual if people get out of hand. I deleted comments here because it got off the original topic.

  29. I just love the gang members walking thru our neighborhood to watch the fireworks. It was obvious they were not locals to our community. The traffic detour off Menifee Road thru our neighborhood with people driving well over 25 with so many kids around was special too. I am really concerned about the safety of all those kids. Between the knuckleheads coming into our tracts and leaving trash and the reckless driving with people not slowing down when driving thru residential streets, maybe its time to re-evaluate or look for further solutions like the city providing additional police presence and motor officers writing tickets to drivers speeding in the tracts.

    Too bad that such an event that used to be great has turned into a three ring circus. If any city council members read this.....what can be done in the future?

  30. To: June 28,@644am

    Your concerns are valid and I would suggest you forward them directly to the City Of Menifee, as they provided the Event with Police/Explorers.
    You are right this event has grown because ALL of Menifee has grown. We began this event 18 years ago, when Menifee was barely a blip on the Map.
    This event only happens ONCE a year. I'm sure there are ways we can improve how it effects the immediate homeowners near this event.
    But I must say, in my observations, the Menifee Police & their Police Explores did an OUTSTANDING job and there was a HUGE presence all around the event. Securitas Security & Sheriff's Posse were also present and made for a safe enjoyable event.
    You can't keep out all the so called "undesirables", as it is a FREE COUNTRY last time I checked! But we can do everything possible to ensure the safety of our law abiding citizens and I honestly believe we did that yesterday.
    Our Parade was a success and our streets have never been more secure. The event was over by 9:45pm and most of the streets were clear and light of traffic by 10:00pm. I know I was there along with my family helping to safely direct Vendors and pedistrians out of the Park.
    Was everything PERFECT? Hardly, but as the City Of Menifee now begins to adopt these Events, you will see things improve with the much needed Manpower that this little "Lake Menifee Women's Club" has not been able to do on their own.
    Overall, I am so proud of each and every person who helped to bring this fun event to the City Of Menifee.

    Marcy Riehm
    Lake Menifee Women's Club
    Parade Chairperson since 1992 !!

  31. I am thinking that if every local resident parks their cars out on the street in front of their homes to prevent people from parking in the neighborhoods and they open the college parking lot for use that night, you may have more control. At least in my neighborhood next year I will make a flyer with this plan and distribute it to the homes in my tract.

  32. My family had a great time with no problems. Thank you so much for a great communtiy event. I hope the City takes notice and host more community events. Thanks to all who donated or ran the show!

  33. Personally, I was not impressed with the fireworks show at all. This is the second year in a row that it was a disappointment. I hope the Menifee HOA or the City take this over. Maybe we'll get a decent show! If you're going to put one of these shows on, it should be impressive or why bother.

  34. To: Poster 7:45pm June 30

    We know who you are and you can say WHATEVER you want, but you are just a sore loser.
    There was nothing at all wrong with the Firework show, and if your expecting a "Disneyland Show" then why don't you donate about $50 grand to the cause buddy.
    You just get some kind of thrill out of putting the women's club down because you didn't get what you thought was ENOUGH acknowledgment. Too bad,so sad.
    We as well hope the City of Menifee can contribute to this event, as we can use all the extra funding we can get. Considering we have done this for the last 18 years and you are the ONLY one who has ever put it down.
    Please don't insult us or anyone else by suggesting that the Menifee HOA could make anything better. Just look at the mess you and your board have done with your handy work. Look at the what (3-5) people who show up to Assoc Meetings??? !!!!! It speaks volumes to the nightmare of your existance in the community.
    You need to get a life, and quit trying to kick everyone else in the gut.
    P.S....You are so obvious by posting something after the fact on this site. It's like you are looking for a way to be mean.

  35. Please tell us who is "we" and who is "you".

  36. All of you people need to grow up and quit complaining. STOP this nonsense and move on to something worth talking about.

  37. Anonymous