Aldergate Dog Park Fundraiser

Jeff Ortiz, who's leading an effort to put in some improvements at Aldergate Dog Park, says he and his group have enlisted the help of Friends of Valley-Wide Foundation to get a fundraiser going.

Last May I published a report on what improvements they're seeking, and that while Valley-Wide has agreed to pay for half, Jeff and his group will have to kick in the other half.

He says they've been busy working behind the scenes with Valley-Wide to get a fresh water line and safety-gate entry area to be added to the dog park.

The safety gate is a double gate entry, that allows for dogs to enter without the risk of other dogs escaping. This gate will replace the existing gate, and will include a concrete path from the parking lot.

Below is a donation form if you'd like to help out...

aldergate dog park fundraiser
Click the form to see the full size, and print out.

Jeff notes that this fundraiser is authorized by Valley-Wide.


  1. If everyone that uses this park was to chip in $10 then I don't see this being a problem.

  2. I would like to personally thank Valley-Wide on behalf of all who visit the park. They are such great neighbors for recognizing this need in our community and helping to make the City of Menifee such a great place to live.

  3. This is going to be a great place for our dogs because of the room they have to run in addition to going after balls and fun things. I just hope we can keep it up.

  4. Where is Aldergate Park?

  5. Nevermind - I found it under the parks section. Aldergate Rd & Menifee Rd Thanks! :)

  6. Funny, we used to have baseball practices down in that little pit till the dog poop started overwhelming us. Hopefully now that it's semi-officially a dog park they're getting picked up after a little better.

  7. Can anyone recommend a good mobile groomer that grooms cats. We are new to the area and would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks

  8. This place is amazing, Jeff has done a good job putting this together. Check it out on the Press Enterprise Website at , then search dog park.