Independence Day Parade Seeks Participants

The Menifee Independence Day Parade for 2009 takes place on Saturday, June 27th. It runs from Mt San Jacinto College and ends at Wheatfield...

The Menifee Independence Day Parade for 2009 takes place on Saturday, June 27th. It runs from Mt San Jacinto College and ends at Wheatfield Park.

The Lake Menifee Womens Club, who organizes the parade, is calling for groups, clubs, businesses, and anyone else to participate in the parade.

They'd love to get classic cars, dance groups, Boy/Girl Scout Troops, sports teams, golf carts, horses, and whatever else the community can throw at them.

Parade participants are not required to complete an application, however they need to confirm with the parade chairperson Marcy Riehm by either email or by phone prior to the event for placement in the line up.

Contact Info: Marcy Riehm "Lake Menifee Women's Club" Parade Chairperson 2009
Email :
Phone : (951) 377-6089


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  1. I am not sure if you realize, but why have an Independence Day Parade on SATURDAY, June 27 when July 4th is on SATURDAY? I guess we can also move Christmas to November.

  2. It is VERY disappointing that the parade and fireworks are not going to be on the 4th of July as they should be! Why was this planned this way? Makes no sense....

  3. Maybe they want to compete with Murrieta. Its the City of Murrietas cityhood anniversary. They ALWAYS have a big firework show the last weekend in June.Its fantastic.

  4. I just can't understand why this would NOT be an Independence Day Parade on Independence Day! Please reconsider ladies! It is not too late.

  5. The Menifee Lakes Fireworks/Parade have ALWAYS been held on the Saturday before the 4th of July.

    Remember, this activity has always been paid for by the Menifee Lakes Women's Club amd Menifee Lakes HOA.

    How are you complaining about such a wonderful donation to the community?

    You want it done on July 4? Raise your own money and do it.

    I for one, like the tradition started many many years ago; as do the majority of other Menifee residents.

  6. Its been this way for over 15 years, don't see why it would change now. If your new to town how about you follow some of our traditions instead of slamming them. Just come out and have a good time, who care what darn day it is.

  7. Didnt mean to knock the parade and fireworks. I think they are great. I guess I am just selfishly wishing the were on the 4th thats all. sorry about that....

  8. CG: Don't be disappointed; embrace the day. Come on out and enjoy what so many have come to cherish.

    The Menifee Lakes Women's Club always does a great job and the day's events are always awesome.

    Bring the family and enjoy!

  9. I moved here with my family nearly 6 years ago. I'll admit in the beginning, I was a little confused about why the 4th of July parade wasn't held on the 4th of July (smile). Now my outlook is much more positive and I really enjoy the festivities. The way I see it, it's a chance to celebrate the country's independence TWICE--first here in Menifee, and then again the following week with close family and friends.

  10. well, the reason I said I was dissapointed is because we have friends and family coming in from out of town to visit the weekend of the 4th and I was just thinking how nice it would be to share the event with them. But, there's always next year!

  11. The cost of a professional fireworks show is double on the 4th of July. They could not afford it otherwise. That is what they told me years ago at a homeowners association meeting.

  12. This may very well be the last year that the Lake Menifee Women's Club will be responsible for doing the Independence Day Event now that the City Of Menifee is planning on taking over most of the major events within the city. That being said, it is true that this has become a tradition due to the fact that the cost of Fireworks is reduced when the event is held before the 4th of July. The majority of the funds raised for this event come from the volunteers of our club, with additonal donations from the Menifee Master Association, Jeff Stone (Riverside County), and the City of Menifee. Fireworks are very costly, and we felt it was more important to spend our raised monies conservativly in the past, and especially now in these tough times.
    We hope that the people of Menifee will come out and support this fun event. We all need time to relax, spend time with our families and be thankful we live in a country that allows us the right to be FREE :)

    Thank you all for your kind words & support !
    Marcy Riehm
    Lake Menifee Women's Club
    Parade Chairperson 2009

  13. Is that clown from the lakes with the camera and recorder going to be there?

  14. Thanks for explaining the date in relation to the cost. It makes sense now. A little blurb in the article would have perhaps kept others from being so reactionary. It would be nice to keep the tradition as a Menifee thing.
    I like the double celebration and it could bring in revenue if others in neighboring cities want to celebrate twice also.

  15. Please be advised that any/all vendors, wanting to participate in the Menifee Indep. Day event on June 27th, 2009 are to contact:
    Gloria Hetland @ (951) 672-7277
    for information regarding this event and booth fees.
    Applications/booth fees:$50.00 - until June 5th.
    After June 5th ~ $65.00 Booth fees

  16. It's always been the Saturday before the 4th of July. I think it's a great idea!!! Now families can celebrate twice! We go every year, it is the best family activity that Menifee offers! See you all there!

  17. I think we should have some Harley riders all join up and ride in the parade... What do you think? I know and see lots of riders around town. This will be our fist year and I can't wait!!

  18. We'd love to have some Harley riders !! Just have them call me if you know of anyone who wants to be in the Parade! One year we had a couple dressed as Uncle Sam/Statue of Liberty and it was so cute !!
    Marcy Riehm
    Parade Chairperson

  19. I was a little confused when I first moved up here from SD county as to why fireworks weren't on the fourth. Now it all makes sense according to the postings. We have attended both the Menifee and Murrieta fireworks. Menifee is less crowded and easier to get out after. Although Murrieta has the jumps and band etc. Sine both are on same night I am bit orn as to which one to lug my three kids too!! I also thought the City of Murrieta would be taking over this event this year. Both will be a great time!

  20. Anonymous said: "It's always been the Saturday before the 4th of July. I think it's a great idea!!!"

    I know in years past, the fireworks show in Menifee was always the Saturday before the 4th of July. But this year, the 4th of July is on a Sunday, so the Saturday before would be the day before, or the 3rd of July. That's when I was expecting it to be, not 8 days before, on the 26th of June, and I'm a little disappointed now that I missed it. I missed it last year because I was in Afghanistan. This is the last year that I'll be stationed here (I'm in the navy, stationed on March ARB). Oh well...

  21. Thanks to all of you who realized what a great thing it is for us to not once, but TWO times....FEEL the pride, FEEL the love, and FEEL the appreciation for our Country and those great men and women, of today and yesterday, who have given so much for us and our Freedom.

    The Lake Menifee Women's Club should be thanked and highly commended for all they have done, and continue to do, to bring this special event to us. It has always been the highlight of my year here in Menifee, and is the biggest and best event here!



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