Menifee Union Superintendent Pay Raise

A teacher at Ridgmoor Elementary writes to me directing my attention to an article in today's newspaper about superintendent Linda Call...

A teacher at Ridgmoor Elementary writes to me directing my attention to an article in today's newspaper about superintendent Linda Callaway getting a pay raise...

Her annual salary is now $173,813, which reflects a 4 percent raise that was provided for in her original contract.


Callaway earned $147,808 when she was hired and then signed a three-year contract in July 2007, which bumped her salary to $160,700.
The teacher mentioned that the superintendent shouldn't get a pay raise if teachers don't get one in the same year.

I know that $173,813 is an awful lot of money. But just to play devil's advocate, and to get a discussion going, I pose a couple of questions to readers...

  1. If there is a better superintendent somewhere out there, how much will it cost to lure that person over to Menifee?

  2. Could Callaway get paid far more at another school district?


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  1. This is absolutely upsetting news. Our classrooms are limited to 3 copies per student per day. Our teachers are limited to supplies. School site employees have taken a tremendous cut in pay due to reduction in work days. I can go on and on. Yet the Superintendent can get a 13,000+ increase a year. She is a great person and very involved, but it's ludicrous that she accepts such a high increase when the district is in a fiscal crisis. The Superintendent along with the Board Members obviously don't care about our children or it employees. I thought a school district is supposed to be about the children.

  2. One of the responsibilities of being a district superintendent is to be a leader and move the district in the correct direction. How can this individual accept a pay increase when cuts are happening? How can someone go to sleep at night feeling good about themselves in this situation?

    Poor leadership or just greed?

  3. This is not greed,it is the districts duty to honor the contract.How much in legal fees and negotiations would it cost the district to re-negotiate the contract? If you are suggesting she refuse the raise, she cannot.If you think she should give the money back to the district as a gift,perhaps you should request that to her face.This is an issue of compensation.If you were up for a raise,would you turn it down? How would you handle someone that suggests that you shouldn't be able to receive your raise?
    I don't know her personally, but I doubt that she would be considered greedy or of poor leadership ability. This pay increase translates to a little over $250.a week before taxes...If we really care about the Children, why not go after the various unions and state legislators that continue to destroy the quality of California public education. Robert Moffett

  4. This school district has never been about the teacher lost their jobs even when there were less kids, it is a joke. Calloway takes what they or she gives to herself. Her staff also received a raise. Stop this bleeding and rid all of them, including the school board.