Heading Out on a 4-day Motorcycle Camping Trip

Folks, this morning I'm heading out on a 4-day camping trip to Utah and back, via motorcycle. Myself and six other friends are going.

Camping at Zion National Park the first night.

Natural Bridges National Monument, camping second night.

Grand Canyon Caverns, camping third night.

That first night is the coldest, with temps in the 30s. Rain and snow is predicted to fall prior to our arrival during that morning. We should miss that stuff, but am expecting wet and icy road conditions when we get there in the evening.

That next morning, we're riding up to Bryce Canyon. That'll be the toughest part of the trip, with temps that morning in the 20s, and more wet and icy roads. The rest of the trip should get better from there.

And for the record, I am by no means an expert riding a motorcycle on icy roads. I've tried it before, and ended up dumping my bike. Hopefully, things will be better only because we're staying on the more heavily travelled roads.

Either way, I'm looking forward to going on a road trip with my friends, and seeing some of the best countryside there is. As I write this at my home, I'm already looking forward to that hot bath I'll be taking when I come back.

I'll try to post updates on 24/7, assuming I have Internet access.


  1. You will be traveling thru epic country Steve. I love Zion, and have been there many times. You are right, it will be a bit chill this time of year. If interested, you can check out some pics and video of the park and surrounding area if your not familiar with it at ZionUtahInfo.com. I started this page just a few weeks ago, so ill be adding more as time goes on.

    Grand Canyon caverns are awesome too. Kind of an unknown treasure in Northwest Arizona. I have some pics of them here, and you can read a review at Full Value Review. I am sure you will have some great pictures or stories too when you get back.

    Have fun and safe travels Steve - you deserve a vacation!

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