Motorcycle Camping Trip Day 1

Arrived at Zion NP around 4:30pm. Mostly good weather the way up, but had some gusts. Right now we are sitting around the fire drinking beer and 12 year old Scotch. Ate a pack of hot links. Folks have digressed to bitching about OBAMA.

Temps are getting cold right now.

I plan to stay up all night long and party out in preparation for a long cold day of riding tomorrow.
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  1. How long did it take to get there?

  2. Steve,

    Better watch out! Don Harris may be lurking around the bushes, ready to take your photograph and call the Rangers for Drinking in a campground!

  3. Hot links and 12 year old scotch don't mix with blackberry's. Lose the blackberry and enjoy the road!

  4. Following you on facebook via your twitpics. I saw that posse stop at the Casino.

  5. Did you ever get back?