Menifee to Address Quail Valley Septic Tanks

The City of Menifee issued the following press release concerning septic tanks in Quail Valley...

The City of Menifee has assumed the leadership role in identifying and addressing the Quail Valley Septic issues. The City announces that it is in the process of developing a cooperative agreement for that purpose. On March 12, representatives from Menifee attended a coordinating meeting assembled by Nancy Horton, Canyon Lake Mayor Pro Tem, Eastern Municipal Water District, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, the County of Riverside and the Canyon Lake Property Owners Association. The purpose of the meeting was to immediately address available state and federal grant funds.

Menifee Council member Scott Mann and City Manager George Wentz indicated Menifee's willingness to step up to assemble and lead the team. "The citizens of Quail Valley – now citizens of the City of Menifee as well – deserve our immediate attention to this issue," Mann said. "We will pursue multiple funding sources at all levels of local, regional, state and national government in order to get this project going now." Menifee Council member Darcy Kuenzi committed the County to participation in cooperative effort.

Menifee will seek a representative from the Quail Valley community and will be contacting the Regional Water Quality Control Board, City of lake Elsinore, Flood Control District and other agencies to participate.

An informational flyer will be distributed to the Quail Valley community through the volunteer Fire Hall and community forums will be scheduled at the elementary school as well.

The matter will be discussed at on the Menifee City Council agenda on March 17. For further information, contact City Manager George Wentz at the City of Menifee at (951) 672-6777.


  1. "The citizens of Quail Valley – now citizens of the City of Menifee as well – deserve our immediate attention to this issue," Mann said.

    Notice the above insert. We should all refer to ourselves as citizens of the City of Menifee"

    About time someone cleared this up!

  2. Great point. They are citizens of the City of Menifee, as are all within the boundaries of the City of Menifee. Steve's post refers to them as the Quail Valley Community. Again, they are citizens of Menifee. Many have fought hard to rid themselves of the stigma of Quail Valley and are proud to be located in the City of Menifee.


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