Menifee Citizens Advisory Committee

The City of Menifee is calling on residents to join the newly formed "Citizens Advisory Committee" to make recommendations on a wi...

The City of Menifee is calling on residents to join the newly formed "Citizens Advisory Committee" to make recommendations on a wide variety of issues. Here is the press release...

The City of Menifee announced that a Citizen's Committee will be formed to provide increased public input, citizen participation, and to make recommendations to the City Council on matters within their scope of responsibility. The committee will perform as a citizen's advisory arm of City Council, focusing attention on specific areas of the City. Most importantly, these bodies give the citizenry an opportunity to voice their opinions on City programs and policies such as:

Economic Development
Local/Home-Based Business
Historic Preservation
Public Safety
Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
Public Works/Traffic
Schools and Youth
Community Events

The City will be seeking representatives from throughout the community to have a broad range of perspectives. All meetings of the Advisory Committee will be open to the public and advisory bodies will announce a time, place and date for holding any regular or special meetings.

Those interested in submitting an application for this committee should contact City Hall at 951-672-6777 or go on the City's website at to download the committee application and further description of the committee structure and purpose. Applications will be accepted through April 3, 2009.


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  1. Anyone having a problem submitting the online application?

  2. YES.....I am having a problem as well when I try to send my application.....what's up with that City of Menifee?????

  3. What is up? You would think that if you advertise a commitee that the application process would work. Perhaps a blue ribbon committe on why the web page does not work is called for!!!

  4. Is anyone noticing that we need more police around our neighborhoods. My mother and I experienced some hoodlums parked in the middle of the road talking to each other. We honked at them to move and they yelled at us to go around. What can we do?

  5. Drive around them then...! What crime did they commit?

  6. Anonymous