Up to 65 Menifee Teachers To Be Let Go?

I received some information that needs to be shared with the community. This info comes from an MTA union meeting that occurred a few we...

I received some information that needs to be shared with the community. This info comes from an MTA union meeting that occurred a few weeks ago. It appears that the new budget is going to bring a lot of new changes for Menifee schools next year and all of our children will be negatively affected.

The information below was emailed to my wife by an "insider"-

"One of the main things the district is focusing on to save money is doing away with class size reduction, meaning that ALL grade levels could have 30-35+ students in a classroom next year. If they decide to do this, they will be cutting the last 65 teachers hired, anyone after June 2006.

Since Southshore elementary is the newest school in Menifee, this will include almost all of the upper grade teachers, since most were all hired within the last 2-3 years. Many other schools in the district will also be affected.

Tuesday, Feb. 17th, there is going to be a public hearing/board meeting at Quail Valley Elementary at 6:00 pm.

The district is encouraging teachers, parents, and community members to attend and share their thoughts and opinions about schools for next year. The budget has not been decided but most likely cuts will come from teachers in order to save money.

The district would like to hear from the community and parents. All parents of
Menifee children should attend!"

There is information about the district budget updates on the district website. If you would like to send a comment to the Menifee Union School District Budget Advisory Committee, click here to email them a message.


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  1. I am saddened by the choices that our district is thinking about making. I understand that the budget needs to be cut, but cutting teachers is the WORST choice that the district could make. I would rather have no books, no counselors, no support staff, and no field trips than have my children in classroom with 30-35 students.

    I have taught for 10 years and can tell you first hand that when the class size increases, the learning decreases. It's just simple math. The teacher has to divide time among more kids (and more challenging kids per classroom) so there is less time per child to teach. It is unfair to the students and unfair to the teachers to increase class size.

    I have never been one to complain and not offer my own suggestions for a solution. While I cannot fix the budget, I can offer the parents of Menifee another option where schooling is concerned.

    I am starting a public charter school in MUSD (we are in the petition-writing phase) and because charters are given more freedoms (and less money), my classrooms will only have a 20 to 1 ratio. We will make due with whatever we must in order to keep that ratio. It is THAT important.

    My thoughts are with all staff, students, and parents of MUSD as we face the economic challenges ahead.

  2. Although your intentions are good. Opening up a charter school will only mean that less students will be going to the other public schools. THAT'S THE PROBLEM !!!! The student enrollment is down in many local schools that is another reason why teachers are losing their jobs. Many families left the area due to the economy.
    The community must get involved and attend these meetings. Otherwise, class sizes will increase each year.

  3. I am a teacher in San Jacinto, and this exact thing happened to our district last year. In fact, I am set to lose my job this year for the same reasons. Despite this, I live in Menifee, and would hate to see the same thing happen here as well. I speak as a teacher and a parent when I say that the decision to cut teachers and raise class sizes will be detrimental to all involved.

    I'd love to speak at the board meeting on Tuesday as a teacher, parent, and community member. Does anybody know how long they give to speak for the public? (our district gives 3 minutes). Also, how long does it typically take for the meeting to start and get to public portion? If anybody has these answers, I'd really appreciate it so I can try and put together something to say and be there in support of our community. Thanks!

  4. The school teachers aren't the only people being affected by the state's budget problems. The teacher unions are very good at making it look like the schools are being picked on, but all other state-funded organizations are being similarly affected. For example, there will be many Caltrans workers losing their jobs potentially causing our highways to go into disrepair. Many law enforcement agencies are losing funding, potentially making the state's streets more dangerous. City's are at risk of losing their state funding (like their share of the VLF) potentially making our communities more susceptible to the problems that the City of Vallejo is currently going through (bankruptcy).

    I don't think it is a good thing that class sizes may increase. I honestly believe that many school districts in California have too much money being caught up in the administrative layer and that money never makes it to the classroom. Unfortunately the classroom is the easiest place for those administrations to cut. (I don't know whether this is the case or not with MUSD.)

    My point is that the schools get all the media attention, but every state-funded organization is being hit hard and in a similar fashion. It just doesn't make it on the evening news.

    If you really want to make a difference I believe it must happen in Sacramento. Your state legislator and senator have much more say over the funds allocated to school districts, not your local school board.

  5. Just read a news article that 20,000 state employees will get pink slips tomorrow. The teachers won't be alone in the unemployment line.

  6. The mantra of tax cuts by the Republicans have affected all layers of government and our society. As in the Great Depression, there is a need to have governmental intervention to get this country going.

    And gasp, there is a need for a tax increase for our local school district. For the middle and low class, a small increase in taxes will restore many of the programs and positions that are being cut at this time.

    There is also a need to lower the level of approval down to 55% in the State Senate for budgetary items. There are two initiatives being circulated that voters can consider in 2010.

    It is time to take back our government and not let extremists in both parties dominate the political process.

  7. Students SHOULD come first. Thankfully I can still pay for private school where class size is guaranteed and the kids are number one!

  8. The problem with this state is not revenues it is spending. I cannot sympathize with state employees who feel we should continually raise taxes to increase the size of government. What the state needs to do, is stop spending.

    Where do teachers in California rank, as far as pay, with the rest of the Country? Are we getting our money's worth?

  9. Where do teachers in California rank, as far as pay, with the rest of the Country?

    An American Federation of Teachers report answers your question here:


  10. To: Anonymous Anonymous, at February 16, 2009 10:19 PM

    Additional information on the board meeting tonight.

    The meeting is at 6:00 pm and they run approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The public is allowed 3 minutes to address the board. Sometimes if you need more time they will grant you additional minutes.

    If you would like to address the MUSD tonight please fill out a form with the secretary. Which is optional not mandatory.

  11. Raising taxes causes people to STOP spending. The tax cuts by the republicans have nothing to do with this mess. Spending is the problem. Giving loans to people who can't afford them is the problem. The gov't not answering to the people is the problem. The government intervention in the Great Depression did not help. And the government intervention in this depression will not help.

  12. Teachers in CA are paid more than in other states simply because it's so expensive to live here.

    Factor in the cost of living in CA and our teachers are nowhere near the top.

    Don't get caught up in comparing CA education to others. No state faces the scope and scale of the challenges that CA schools are forced to deal with every day.

  13. The only thing that costs more in California than other states is taxes.

    I can buy a house cheaper in North Dakota than I can in California. The average teacher salary there is $35,000.

    Try again.

  14. Dear February 17, 2009 1:33 PM,

    You just proved the point.

    Perhaps you should "Try again".

  15. We can argue all day about how California got into this position. The point is what are we going to do about our educational system. Our kids depend on it.

    Were messing with our kids future and ours as well. If these kids do not learn what is essential when we get old we will have to pay for it. We think the government or economy is bad now wait till our uneducated kids take over.

  16. "I can buy a house cheaper in North Dakota than I can in California. The average teacher salary there is $35,000."

    It should have read, "cheaper in California than in North Dakota". Look it up.

  17. Same goes with Montana.

  18. The problem is you people keep voting the same idiots into office over and over again. And you keep voting for all these bonds that no one can afford. And you want to pay for every tom, dick and harry to have free lunches and medical care. Wake up people! We can't afford to take care of everyone and keep living off of credit. This is what happens when you vote careless spenders into office.

  19. It's hard on every household, business and entity when economic changes require major budget cuts, but it's a test of character when you watch how leaders make those cuts. Anonymous 9:54 PM is mistaken to think that charter schools are a problem. I understand how ADA money flows, but is the bottom line the student or the district?

    I heard a great analogy the other day about trying to save the titanic after i