Shut Down the MSJC Police Department

With our state in ever-increasing debt, which you can argue is putting pressure on K-14 district budgets, maybe it's time to shut down t...

With our state in ever-increasing debt, which you can argue is putting pressure on K-14 district budgets, maybe it's time to shut down the MSJC Police, and convert it into a campus security unit.

City of Menifee now has its own police force.

Perhaps MSJC Board of Trustees can send a letter to Ahnold that money is being wasted here.


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  1. I'm sorta lost here. I thought the MSJC 'are' only for campus security. Does the county or Menifee City pay them anything? The college pays them to protect their campus, but for far too long the rest of us in the area have been exposed to their 'Barney-Fife' ways on streets OFF campus. Their reputation is an embarrasment to MSJC, much less having them considered as a valid force off campus. With their tarnished image, which continues to rot their existence, MSJC Board needs to be ashamed...unless they too are of the same caliber. BOTTOM LINE: The citizens couldn't agree with you more Steve.

  2. Not only should the police department be shut down, an independent law enforcement agency needs to investigate the Board of Trustee and the police department leadership. Not sure is you have seen this website, amazing stuff.

  3. Steve...Why did you open this can of worms? You know that there is a lawsuit pending and this will only fan the fire!

  4. This is a dead horse....

  5. I think the lawsuit speaks for itself. This money pit of a police department must go. Thanks for keeping us informed Steve, I had no clue what was going on at the college. Very eye opening.

  6. what area do they cover besides the college?

  7. This is an excellent point, Steve. Converting to campus security or contracting with the Sheriff's dept for police services are two options that would save the district money.

  8. I couldn't agree more. I am sick and tired of hearing about how this department has cast a bad light on law enforcment. We have a new city and a new, stronger, presence from the sheriff's department. Steve is roght, save evryone money and close this place down.

  9. the only people who do not think the services of MSJC police to the city of menifee are embarASSing are the MSJC cookie cops!

  10. Steve, I for one commend you for finally bringing this tragic, albeit compelling, story to your readers. The thing that really concerns me most is the fact that Chief Kevin Segawa, unlike other public officials in the past, has never publically denied any of the allegations made against him and his department.

    I recognize that he is not a (former) Sheriff Corona, but any reasonable and prudent person would have asked the Press Enterprise or Valley News or you for an interview where he could state his position. The suspicious thing is that he is hiding behind the "there is a lawsuit pending" or "there is an internal investigation pending" veil of secrecy. As I'm sure most would agree, someone who has nothing to hide and was being accused of such reprehensible acts would stand up and fight.

    I wonder where this "pending investigation" was when his corporal was (allegedly) having sex on duty and threatening his subordinates. I wonder where the "pending investigation" was when one of his officers (allegedly) attacked another officer and then the victim officer was later fired.

    I have followed this story from the beginning, Steve, and agree with the general consensus: CLOSE MSJC PD. I do, however, have one other recommendation: have a federal agency do an audit of Kevin Segawa and the MSJC PD. I shudder to think what will be discovered, Steve. But my gut instincts tells me that something is coming and it’s not good for Kevin Segawa, the MSJC and the reputation of the higher ups at the college (the BOT, HR and college President Roger Shultz).

    What some of your posters are failing to understand, Steve, is that regardless of the fact that the MSJC “Police Officers” are only security guards, they violated the public / student trust. We entrust the safety of our sons and daughters to them each and every time they attend a class at the MSJC. So to downplay the seriousness of the allegations simply because these guys/gals are not real cops is not only foolish, but irresponsible.

  11. Anonymous February 15, 2009 8:37 PM.
    How dare you blame Steve for "opening this can of worms" and pointing a finger at him. Shame on you.
    Steve is absolutely right on this one, we as taxpayers in the city, should not be paying for this department even without lawsuit that you mention.
    The city has the Sheriff's department now.

  12. Steve or anyone in the know, all I can say is OMG! I live in the Lakes and would see the MSJC cops in my area. I really did not think much of it as we really are not that far from the campus.

    After reading the lawsuit website I am really disgusted as to whats going on over there. I also had no idea there were so many problems with such a tiny police department.

    After reading what the police chief did to the employee he arrested I started to cry. These things are not supposed to happen! I noticed on the web site the college has not requested any outside police agency to investigate. Does anyone on here know why?

    I love this site Steve, you bring so many things to the public eye that many of us here in Menifee never hear about. None of my neighbors knew, they do know, and many of them are know viewing this site! Keep up the good work!

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