MUSD will NOT cut teachers

There will be no layoffs of teacher positions this coming school year. About a hundred people cheered to this news at last nights meeting. T...

There will be no layoffs of teacher positions this coming school year. About a hundred people cheered to this news at last nights meeting. The district will pull from it's $9.2 million in reserves to avoid layoffs according to Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Gil Compton.

Some administrative positions have been eliminated, but all employees will keep their jobs, Superintendent Linda Callaway said. The governing board approved a motion to accept the budget proposal at Tuesday's meeting and is expected to give final approval to the plan at a meeting at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

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  1. HOORAY!!!! This is the best news I've heard about budget cuts yet.

    Thank you MUSD for thinking long and hard and doing what's right for kids! I am sure that there will be sacrifices to make this happen, but I am also sure that those sacrifices are worth it to keep class sizes from increasing!


  2. Great news! Thank you.

  3. While this is indeed great news, everyone needs to temper their enthusiasm. The Governor's May Revise may force cuts back on the table if state revenues (meaning tax increases) don't come in as projected.

    Just a cautionary tone... We're not completely out of the woods yet.

  4. Even if the May revise is worse they will not be able to cut CSR or lay off teachers because it will be too late. Though unfortunately they may cut other areas that will affect many people. We will just have to continue with our prayers and be patient.

  5. Whatever! In the moment I glad to hear this as a parent. I was looking into a private school. I have one child who is above average and another that is below average to almost average...with the possible cut backs and class size becoming larger my little one could get lost. The child and I are working together at home with the below average subject. Thank goodness for the reserves. Savings is always a great thing. Great to hear it for the teachers!!! FEW..

  6. During the meeting on Tuesday, there were a number of very disturbing events that occurred. As a member of the BAC I felt the “assumptions” list did not represent the true feelings of the BAC. There was not one person in the BAC meetings that favored eliminating the Assistant Principal position. This “assumption” list was a list of what the DO wanted, not what the BAC suggested. Almost every one of the items on the list was from the DO.

    Another reaction that I still do not understand is that of the cheering and celebrating by the teachers. There were severe cuts that were made to people’s lives that night, but the teachers obviously didn’t care about anyone but themselves. I am beginning to understand now why the public may have a hard time sympathizing with teachers and their pay. The teachers were balking at any cut even if it was 1%, but they are cheering when someone else’s pay is cut many times that.

    The biggest problem I have, is with the Governing Board. What is the purpose of the Board? It appears that they are puppets of the DO. I thought they were elected to serve the will of the people not the wants of the DO. Every item that is placed in front of them by the DO, they approve. If they are not going to think for themselves, why do we need them? They knew that the elimination of the Assistant Principal positions was not supported by the BAC, yet they went ahead and eliminated them anyway. I did not hear one member ask what the saving would be to cut them. How much was saved by eliminating those positions? Another problem with the Board is they Choose not to take questions or make comments about their lack of decision making. They also will not respond to emails. As elected officials they should make themselves available in some way.

    I ask if you are going to respond, that you put your name on your email so I don’t have to refer to you as anonymous February 26, 2009 8:36.

    Jason Roth

  7. Jason,

    The loss of CSR would be a huge blow to students, teachers, and our community as a whole. All parties are thrilled that CSR could stay, at least for now.

    Most of the teachers that were celebrating were NOT going to lose their job regardless. They were celebrating the saving of CSR which is a great asset to our schools and community. Please excuse the teachers' enthusiasm. They meant no disrespect to the difficult cuts that were made.

    The fact that saving CSR also kept65 people from our community in their jobs (for now) is also cause for celebration given the alternative.

    I do understand your frustration as you try to rationalize the decision making process. Your efforts with the BAC are appreciated by our community. I too would have questions if I felt my time, effort, and suggestions were not taken into account.

  8. Jason,

    The answer to your question is in the title of the BAC - The Budget ADVISORY Committee with emphasis on 'advisory'.

    It is not your decision rather, you were asked as a community member for input. It is not the DO's decision rather, the DO is required to present assumptions to the Board for decision.

    The fiduciary responsibility for the Menifee Union School District rests with the Governing Board not the Budget Advisory Committee and not the DO. However, the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendent of Business are required by California law to 'certify' the annual financial report to the State.

    Relax... you did your job very well and the ADVISORY committee advised the DO staff and you came up with some good recommendations.



  9. To Anonymous February 26, 2009 12:03 PM:

    Thank you for the clarification. I have never felt that the BAC made the decisions. I am fully aware the Board is the one that has the “final” say. The purpose of the BAC, according to the DO, was to present options to the Board so they could then choose the cuts. Where were all of the options? The only options presented were the ones from the DO in their “assumption” list. Were those the only viable options?

    Is the least important position in this District the Elementary Assistant Principal? Obviously the people I have spoken with and those on the BAC do not think so. So maybe it would be helpful for the Board to step up and convey the logic behind the cuts that they made. Explain why they made the decisions they did.

    I am not doing this for me. I want what’s best for my kids. And if you knew me, you wouldn’t have to say Relax….

    Jason Roth

  10. Attending the Feb 17th meeting might have clarified the assumptions. The public is encouraged to ask questions. I don't recall you speaking on this subject at the meeting of the 24th. VP's make somewhat more than teachers, about $100,000/year each. What alternatives would you have suggested? Reserves are cut to the bone. The district is looking at alternatives for temporarily substituting for the VP's.
    On another note: What does any discussion or diatribe about/against illegals have to do with the MUSD budget? It seems to me that too many people are going off on tangents based upon their own prejudices or agendas. I don't want illegals here either but the forum is not this particular blog.

  11. Jason,
    Two board members that were known for listening to the people and "being available" were voted out in the last election by people who simply want "incumbants out" and new people in. It seems the voters are getting what they voted for. Victor and Phoebe are sorely missed.
    Do not forget, teachers in this district are also parents of kids in this district. The cheering is not just that 65 jobs were saved but that our kids will get a better education.
    As for a drastic pay cut over a job loss. There is room to be thankful. Some schools have had less that full time AP's all this year. It is not easy but we make it work. Most teachers work hard to support the school, the principal, and the parents. Many teachers have admin credentials and fill in when necessary. Committee's are a reality and teachers do much more than just lesson plans and homework before and after the bell rings. We are already making up for the cleanliness of our rooms and buying supplies. So be it.
    But, we cannot do without those extra 65. Your comment re: the "public's sympathy" is shortsighted. Our public in Menifee knows how hard we work and how much we care about their kids. A minority make disparaging remarks and bark loudly on blogs but mostly in this community I feel that Menifee has been supportive and understanding of what we do. At the least, most say they would not trade places and shut themselves in a room with 20 kindergartners or 32 5th graders. And, let's not talk about 34 middle schoolers bless their little hearts!
    Yes, we parents/teachers are very happy for the CSR issue. Our kids and the quality of their education were put first here and that is what counts.

  12. Whoa...whoa...whoa! "We are already making up for the cleanliness in our rooms"... Give me a break.

    You and your Teacher's Union are the first to say 'keep cuts as far away from the classroom as possible'. So, when those custodial cuts, playground supervisor cuts, crossing guard cuts, aide cuts, and bus driver cuts are made... you 'elitist teachers' have the gall to say "we are already making up for the cleanliness in our classrooms"...

    WOW...WOW! You people are truly pathetic in your attitudes. What gives you that sense of entitlement? Do they teach that to you in college as part of your credentialling process?

    Why not go work a real job for a change and see if your 'leadership', 'mentoring' and 'coaching' skills can measure up to those in the regular non-unionized work force. Better yet...why don't you go hold a sign up at the Newport off-ramp that says 'I have to clean me classroom...can you please help me?"

    Unbelievable...truly unbelievable!