Menifee Union School Budget Meeting - Feb 24, 2009

Just wanted to remind everyone that tonight is the school board meeting to hear suggestions on trimming the school budget. It'll be hel...

Just wanted to remind everyone that tonight is the school board meeting to hear suggestions on trimming the school budget. It'll be held at Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary School starting at 6:00pm.

I won't be able to attend due to another committment.

But I wanted to put this article here to let others post comments on what they heard in the meeting, and allow the conversation to continue.


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  1. NO JOB LOSSES for the Menifee Union School District....classified or certificated!!! Let's hope that the Governor's May Revise will hold the line and keep this the case.

    No other school district can say NO JOB LOSSES!

    Great job to the entire Menifee Team!

  2. I am curious if that information came from the meeting and the new budget that was presented??????

  3. I got the same news from my daughter, Shelly Whelen who attended the meeting. She is a first grade teacher in the district. She is very happy they are will be able to keep class size reduction in place without a cut in pay. Some positions will be cut, but no lay off notices will be necessary. She said there will be a cut in the supply budget which will probably cause teachers to spend more of their own money, but they will make that decision themselves.
    It was really good to hear Shelly sounding so relieved.
    I understand the final vote is to be made tomorrow.
    Phoeba Irey

  4. I am glad that there are no layoffs. Although, it is very sad to me that they will eliminate the elementary assistant principles (although they will be moved to other positions) and reduce the spending per student budget causing some teachers to spend their own money on school supplies when the psychologists are working 19 days over the summer with no students... what will they be doing? Also, it is still my understanding (unless I am wrong) that transportation and food services will be working during the summer as well as custodial staffs working during winter and easter breaks. Not to mention keeping the media rep job?? Yet, as Phoebe said, some teachers will be spending their own money on school supplies.

    Sounds like things will be good for small class size for the next couple of years, but as Mr. Compton said, after a couple of years the reserve will be drained and (my words) who knows what may be cut then.

  5. How much does the media rep earn a year and will she be working in the summer???

  6. Great job to the staff at Menifee. Even with all the hard work we still are going to see blogs of people not happy.....

    To answer the question on Transportation and Food Services...

    Even though there are not students on campus there is still work to be done. There is training and planning that needs to be done for the next school year... Even more so with the transition to the traditional schedule. As far as I know...all the Food Service staff will not be working during the summer..... Only the office staff will be. Hope this helps......

  7. The meeting was short. Only about 26 minutes. It was GREAT news for many! Thanks to the budget advisory committee, who spent many hours working on ways to cut. Thanks to the district, the union, the board, the parents, the teachers, and the prayers! We all pulled together and made it happen! Of course more cuts will happen in the future, but no layoffs for now. Class size reduction will remain for now. People were planning on talking but just ended up thanking the board and the district. I am sad that they will not have any AP's at the elementary schools, but in time I am sure they will reinstate them. Though things are looking up for Menifee and the schools, at least more so than we all thought.

  8. I am so thankful!! My daughter starts Kinder this year and despite the fact she is bright and we have prepared her well she is so distractable and sensitive. I could just see lots of discipline in a crowded class. I am looking forward to starting her in a 20 to 1 environment!
    Thanks everyone! And, as a teacher, I will be spending more money on supplies but that will not reduce my gratefulness that my daughter will have a small class.

  9. O.K. I am going out on a limb here but just to let the public know what some critical needs are in our classrooms in case they want to donate.
    Good Kleenex!! The school supply stuff is terrible.
    Donate a box to your classroom today! :)
    Good pencils and big fat, pink erasures.
    We appreciate every donation and to be honest parents and the private sector have always come through. There are awesome people and businesses in our district who have donated so much! Thanks to all of you!

  10. I copied and pasted this from another blog and thought it would be appropriate in this one. I do not know who this man is but I thank him for being a true hero.

    I am a father of two kids in the district. I fought in the first golf war and also the conflict in Panama. I have bled for my country, and lost friends along the way. I do understand the need to be compassionate and feel we need to put our best foot forward and lead by example. Times are hard for schools and individual families. We are all making very hard sacrifices. I guess my question is if we took all the kids without a social security number out of the schools and omitted bilingual education would we not be able to make the cuts necessary and still be able to provide the level of education that our kids deserve. Like I said hard choices need to be made and I think American kids should be come first. I would like to apologize if I offended anyone

    Thank you for your time

  11. It is not only the education part of it... Our system is drained in the billions of dollars ever year just to support families that are illegally here. It all adds up... Some just work the system and do not have a job or pay taxes. We would not be in the budget crisis we are in if WE THE PEOPLE finally said enough is enough. And before anyone labels me as a racist; Since when is saying something is illegal makes someone a racist? It is also illegal to steal, and to drink and drive... Does that make me a racist? We continue to pay more taxes higher insurance cost, pay for the illegals in jail, ect. If we want to keep the best education for the legal students, things need to change......

  12. Something to think about......

    That lady that had the eight babies had and outcry from the public once they found out she did not work and was collecting food stamps plus ssi... and had 6 other kids. Just think how many illegals are draining the system and it would seem the legal citizens of this county do not care. It time to stop supporting everyone that sneaks into this country. Every legal citizen should be pissed that we continue to pay for all the illegals. I am all for helping those in need... but there is legal ways to enter this country and to support this country.

    Limits on benifets should be if you have 2 children you can recieve food stamps. If you do not have a job and you continue to have children then we will not allow extra food stamps. If you can not afford to support the two you already have stop having kids until you can afford to support your own kids. public outcry.... Stop supporting the stupid,sick,lame and lazy....

  13. As a teacher in this district - I would like just to say "THANK YOU". I needed my job. I cant imagine looking for a job in this economy right now.
    I am so grateful to everyone who fought hard to "KEEP OUR JOBS".

  14. "To answer the question on Transportation and Food Services...

    Even though there are not students on campus there is still work to be done. There is training and planning that needs to be done for the next school year... Even more so with the transition to the traditional schedule."

    The very same can be said for the teachers that are teaching our children... But they meet and come in on their own time and are not paid...

  15. teaching is something you chose to do.... you want to be a teacher however, you point fingers at other people and their jobs, that you clearly do not know what they do.... if you are not happy with teaching it may be time to move on...

  16. So there will still be busing for students next school year?

  17. When I was a kid, at the beginning of each school year a supply list was handed out to each student. Families were expected to provide their own supplies. Why can't we do that now rather than expect our teachers to supply that stuff out of their pockets?

  18. Yes, we will have busing for our children!

  19. I'm glad that they will not be over loading the lower elementary grades with 30+ students in a classroom and that we are not cutting personnel where we need it the most ~ IN THE CLASSROOM. But for a district the size of Menifee I still do not understand the need for the TOP HEAVY District Administration staff ~ Take a look at the amount of funds paying for district administration ~ couldn't the money be better spent on the AP positions in our elementary schools (even on the shared basis we had this year)? With no Assistant Principals in the district, how do the school principals attend training, district meetings, etc. Does that leave the clerical staff in charge??? Scary!! Are our principals really capable of doing 1 1/2 times the work they did this year in a compentent manner? Or were they just slacking this year??

  20. The answer to that question is...A single track is so much easier to manage. It will work.

  21. I am glad to see student-teacher ratios were not increased, but what about some of these other things that were on the table, GATE, band, busing or increasing bus passes, does anyone know where everything stands?

  22. Some people are never happy. What does the number of babies have in another city have to do with MUSD? Those people who hate teachers - you must have have a very bad experience in school. Counseling is available.

  23. To Anonymous February 25, 2009 9:19 AM: GATE, band, busing or increasing bus passes . . . At this time, everything stays as is except students will be expected to bring about $20 of supplies at the start of school. The District has worked hard to keep cuts away from the classroom. Lets hope the State does not continue to reduce funding for education.

  24. It sounds like Menifee is leading the pact with their bold and child focused decision to keep class size reduction by tapping into their reserves. Lets see if other school districts locally do the same for our children. Way to go Menifee!

    As for the illegals being blamed again and again, since moving here from San Diego, there are a lot of caucasions in this area that are on welfare and on the taxpayers dollars, its not just illegals. Everyone should be outraged at anyone who is on the tax payers dole.

  25. Illegals are illegal! They should be blamed and they should not receive anything!!!! I agree that many other people(all types of races) are on welfare just letting us pay for them, but they didn't come to this country illegally! We should not pay for somebody that comes into this country illegally! If we went into their country we would not receive anything at all, but maybe getting thrown in jail!

  26. To All those commenting about Bus Drivers working during the summer.
    Here are the facts ..Yes there will be a few, not all. And they are working because some students are in County SDC Programs and they do attend during the summer for about 5 weeks, So someone will have to get them there.

  27. to the poster at feb. 25 at 9:58 am. I really hope you are not a teacher.... because if you are what are you doing blogging at 10:oo in the morning when you should be teaching?

  28. Its one of my union negotiated and union mandated days off... so I can blog all day if I want to.



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