Who Got a Free Burrito?

I was going to stake my claim at Chipotle Mexican Grill today, but the lines were massively long all day. So I never did. I'm curious ...

I was going to stake my claim at Chipotle Mexican Grill today, but the lines were massively long all day. So I never did. I'm curious to find out how many tortillas they went through.

Did anyone here get their free b'ito?

Was it any good?

I guess when BJ's Pizza finally opens up here, and gives out free pizzas, I'll have to wait in line.


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  1. I got my free lunch! I got there early with the kids. The employees were so pleasant and even carried my food out to my table for me (hands were full with kids). Lunch was delicious, and my daughter enjoyed walking around the pond afterwards. Everyone in line was gracious and pleasant as well.

  2. I went with my cousins and we each got one.. and we also got a free Starbucks drink, i didn't know that they were going to give free stuff out.

  3. Line was too long but my friend did get one with her kids too! I had to laugh at the BJ's comment. Could you imagine THAT line? Nice to hear the people of Menifee are polite and patient in line!! Thats why I love living here.

  4. I went by yesterday with a friend and the line was long. I spoke with Regional Manager Cliff Bowen, and he told me that they gave approximately 1,800 free burritos away.

    It sounds like they are pretty busy today too!

  5. 1,800 burritos, that's a lot of gas!

  6. That's funny!! LMAO

  7. We waited in line for a free lunch and it was well worth the wait. I had to use lots of will power to not go back today. I had the burrito bowl, its everything that goes in the burrito but without the tortilla. Healthy and fresh!!!

  8. we were there around lunch time, the line was long but only took about half hour...there were some high school punks who kept letting people cut with them though...grrr!

    Funny side-story:
    When we were walking to our car with our burritos, a homeless lady asked for money, I told her we were broke too, stand in line, it's FREE...could you believe this HOMELESS lady was concerned about HOW LONG IT MIGHT TAKE! Who cares, stand in line for 2 hours for a FREE meal! HA!

  9. how can you be homeless with so many empty homes. she prob makes more money than I do.

  10. The line was too long for the amount of time I had that day. I saw the Starbucks cups in peoples hands...had I known that was free too, it might have changed my mind :) I am looking forward to Chipotle! I love it!

  11. The line up in the evening was longer, about 1 1/2 hours. Worth it though and nice to see lots of support by the locals of Menifee. What was also impressive was the amount of pleasantries and patience shown by everyone that lined up. 1 1/2 hours is a long time to wait in the cold (relatively) with kids. Class Menifeeans! Continue to eat and shop locally!

  12. congrates, for you'r costomer servecs you crew is so nice.my first day going to the restaurunt was on saterday, and when i went to have lunch the food was delicious, and i'am am sure that i'am going to eat there again for the food and the attentionthat the maneger gave me in chipotle in mountainview.

  13. Hope the employees washed their hands well ! Remember that big Hep outbreak in SD.

  14. My food was cold...watch out they dont serve the food at proper temps.



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