Menifee ASA Spring Signups

Menifee ASA is a girls softball league. Spring 2009 signups are now underway... You can sign up in person at the following dates and place...

Menifee ASA is a girls softball league. Spring 2009 signups are now underway...

You can sign up in person at the following dates and places...

January 17th from 10am-2pm @ Albertsons
January 18th from 10am-2pm @ Ralphs
January 24th 10am-2pm @ Ralphs
January 25th 10am-2pm @ Albertsons
January 31st 10am-2pm @ Ralphs

January 21st from 5pm-8pm @ Gym (located at Bell Mountain Middle School)

(Time and location - to be announced)

They have divisions for 18 years and under, 16 under, 12 under, 10 under, 8 under, and T-ball.

If you have any questions, please send an email to, or call (951) 639-2155, or visit online:


Girls-Softball 802291842311380925

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  1. what is the cost?

  2. For T-ball, 105.00 and older is 140.00. It is on the website but you have to hit the "register" button to get the price. The cost includes socks, jersey, shorts, and hat. You will need to purchase everything else.

  3. I have noticed that they keep adding dates and times for sign ups. After all the problems last year I wonder if they are having problems getting players.

  4. well look at the price to play everybody else in southwest riverside is a lot cheaper.

  5. Then go somewhere else in the county and play, geesh.

  6. It is very rude to make others feel badly because they think something is a lot of money. Whatever happened to respect and consideration of others? It is a lot of money and yes, everyone can talk about the non-profit, insurance, up-keep of fields, etc. etc. It IS a lot of money. I can afford it but objectively, there are great people that want their kids to have great experiences in their home town but have to make greater sacrifices to do it. Those of you that do not have to should not roll your eyes, sigh, get "disgusted", or say "go somewhere else then" or the old "geesh." 140 dollars is A Lot of money and if someone says so then respect that. So, where is it cheaper? I would like to know what the other options are.

  7. As a parent who put both Daughters through softball as young girls, then High School ball and then off to College for FULL RIDE scholarships to play...This is cheap! I complained once about the cost of playing rec ball and cleats etc. when someone said to me "Hey, it's cheaper than bail"!!! Keep them involved, know where they are and what they are doing. We did and it DOES make a difference.

  8. As a parent who spent alot of money, time volenteering and every weekend and evenings at practice and games...This is way cheaper than bailing your kids out of jail! Both our Daughters went on to get full scholarships to play ball at Universities. Keep em in sports and if you can't afford to let them play, ask for's there for you!

  9. Yes 140.00 is a lot of money,,,,BUT isn't everything now a days.....Think about it....what elese can you get for 140.00...a week of groceries, maybe if you shop at get 4 months of playing ball..its worth the price..what about all the volunteers, they spend their time and their money to play....Be thankful for the volunteers...Don't always just complain

  10. Murrieta softball is only 85.00 for all divisions. Menifee used to be the cheapiest and play the most games ..NOT ANYMORE

  11. For those on here defending Menifee ASA, understand this. Last year was a mess! Parents paid registration fees that were higher than other areas ($85 in Murrieta) and we were told it was because we were hosting the ASA tournament. We were then forced to fundraise hundreds more for the same tournament that never happened. The question is what happened to all the money that was raised? Where did all that money go if the league did not use it for what it was intended? I may be wrong but I believe that it is illegal to use fundraising money for anything other than what it was intended, for instance you can't say we are raising money for an ASA tournament then use the money for fences.

    Speaking of fences, at closing ceremonies last year we were told that the league had purchased fencing that would hold advertising banners and bring tens of thousands of dollars into the league, which would help lower registration fees in the future (direct quote from ASA president elect). now I hear that they returned the fencing and that the president elect is no longer part of the league?

    After what happened last year, you need to understand that many parents are upset about the cost to play this year. The league and those defending it need to empathize with upset parents instead of bashing them for being cheap or disgruntled. The league created this problem, not the parents.

  12. 140.00 a week at Winco! I hope for several more than 4. If not, sounds like a lot of snacks, prepackaged stuff, drinks, and the like. I feed a family of 4 on 375 a month. We eat healthy and have our share of treats which are all homemade. And no, I am not a stay at home mom. Cut back America, we have not seen the worst to come in food prices yet!

  13. we did not raise money for a asa tourny... the money raised bought 3 fences so that sponser banners could be placed on them to raise more money for the keep the fees low these fences were last seen in storage. so ask the new president where are the fences.the league bought new equipment for all div. the out going president showed this equipent at closing day.

  14. wow whatever happen to having our kids enjoy the game of softball. I know times are rough but we have to remember why we even have girls sports. Is it because of politics or to have the parents fight? Both the board and the parents need to remember what we are here for!!!

  15. im 14 and have played with asa menifee for a long time i now live in las vegas and play here.
    you guys r acting like kids get over this little arument already its not worth ur guys time and i have learned that wen i played for asa menifee it was not fair its all politics i was one of the best players in the league said by all of my coaches i workrd hard and acheived but yet i still did not always mae allstars i made it a few times but not all some girls that had jusr begun made it amd couldent hit are feild nothing because they new people thhrough there parents to me and lot of the other great players this was not fair i now play and have been offered travelball a ball and asked to play for some of the best competive 14u teams in all of vegas asa menifee has amazing coaches that toaught me all i no but i was not rewarded i love this associoation but i would not go if were u ur kids will get no credit for there amazing talents



  17. I've been trying to get T-Ball information as well for the city of Menifee. I called 3 different numbers last week and left a message with the last person, but still haven't rec'd a call back yet.



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