City Manager Has Surgery

Here's an announcement coming from City Hall, regarding our City Manager...

City of Menifee, CA... The Mayor and City Council of the City of Menifee wish to update the community regarding City Manager George Wentz. On Monday, November 10, George underwent a scheduled surgical procedure. The surgery was successful, he is recuperating very well, and is anticipated to return to work in the next few weeks.

As provided by the Menifee City Code, George designated Gary Thompson as the Acting City Manager during his absence. The business of Menifee continues without interruption. Please contact Mr. Thompson or other staff as necessary. Mr. Wentz and his wife, Christine, thank everyone who expressed good wishes. Please respect George’s recovery time at home. Cards or messages may be left with the City Clerk, Kathy Bennett, at City Hall and they will be sent to them.
I don't know what procedure Wentz had done, I didn't ask, though I imagine that's personal information anyways. I wish him a quick and speedy recovery!


  1. How is our city Manager doing? I pray he is doing well. Noticing lack of comments, appears since our city is so new, we're just not used to having city officials. Nevertheless, thank you for giving the news and where cards can be sent; hope he has received many.