Super Target Ribbon Cutting

Super Target opened up today, though not the "grand opening" as I had previously mentioned...

Super Target opened up today, though not the "grand opening" as I had previously mentioned. But, you got to go inside and buy stuff.

But Mayor Wally was on hand to "cut through the red tape" (or white tape anyways), and allow the good folks to gain early access into the store.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department was there to fingerprint the little ones and recruit folks into working for them. They said that they're hiring an additional 1,300 full time employees, either as deputies, corrections officers, or office staff. If you want to learn about applying, visit their website:

Sandy Nellor, store manager, took the podium to thank everyone involved in getting the new stored opened, and introduced the team of department managers who'll be running the place.

Mayor Wally took the stage next, mostly welcoming Super Target into the neighborhood. He went on to say that his wife Judee is perhaps one of the most excited of all, explaining how eager she was to buy groceries from Target.

Later on, I spoke to Sandy Nellor, who told me that they migrated 120 employees from the old Target, and are currently staffing 375 positions with this new store. Eventually, they'll carry 400 employees.

Some pics...

Super Target Menifee
Sandy Nellor, store manager

Menifee Super Target Grand Opening
Presenting the department managers

Menifee Super Target Mayor Edgerton
Mayor Edgerton