Busy Day Today

For those of you who like to attend civic-minded events, here's the itinerary for you... 5:00pm - Target Grand Opening - ribbon cutting...

For those of you who like to attend civic-minded events, here's the itinerary for you...

5:00pm - Target Grand Opening - ribbon cutting - Countryside Marketplace

5:30pm - 7:00pm - Menifee Union School District - middle school boundary map proposals, open house. Bell Mountain Middle School. The public is invited to check out the proposals, and provide feedback. You can also attend tomorrow at Menifee Middle School, same time.

7:00pm - City Council Meeting - see location and agenda here.

I'm going for the trifecta today.


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  1. The only Super Target for miles and miles and its in our new City. Fabulous!!!!!

  2. Unfortunately it wont the only one for very long. There will also be a super target opening at Clinton Keith in Murrieta. I dont know why they would put them so close together but the building is half way done at Clinton Keith.

  3. Folks, considering the bad economy we're in, what are the chances that either the Menifee Super Target or the Murrieta Super Target will have to be closed down?

    I agree, it doesn't make much sense to have two of these within 5 miles of each other.

  4. I am so excited about the new Target! Check your mail for coupons, they sent them out to us neighboring houses :)

    Hmm...shall I skip the debate and attend the ribbon cutting? Yes, I think I might....

  5. I think the Supertarget will be a success. How wonderful is it that we can do our regular shopping in Target and if we need groceries we don't have to go to another store. I love it! I received my coupon in the mail today, so I will be there for the ribbon cutting. Thanks Menifee 24/7 for posting this, I figured there would be a soft opening but didn't know when, so thanks for the info!

  6. What a great store along with great prices. I would compare them to Winco or Super Walmart prices. One stop shopping. It's a great day for Menifee.

  7. To Anonymous 2:47pm. I'll put my money that the Super Targets will survive. If either of them closes I would be it will be the one off of Clinton Keith. The location is really bad for it and access to it will be difficult.

  8. Since Super targts are considered grocery stores too - its just like having 2 grocery stores a block apart (think Stater Bros & Albertsons) I agree though - that the Clinto Keith one is a badlocation and Dixie doesnt seem to get a lot of business - Our Menifee one will get ppl shopping nearby for "stop ins" Plus there are enough if us here in Menifee to keep it going!

  9. I think the clinton keith supertarget is just ridiculous. There is another huge target just down the street on cal oaks. even though it doesn't have the grocery store within it, it is in a better location. I think Target might have shot themselves in the foot building that Super Target off of Clinton Keith. Even the other business owners in that center think it's a foolish idea.

  10. You know, at first I too thought that the SuperTarget off Clinton Keith was a stupid idea, but now thinking about it, there is no grocery store within three miles, so many people around there will probably go there for the grocery part. It might succeed, but I really do hope that it doesn't because I love our SuperTarget, and hope that we keep it looking great!!!

  11. I like the one on Clinton Kieth There will be no traffic due to the Linnel Lane Bridge also that one will serve North California Oaks, Mapleton, Caramel Hills Development (North of Los Alamos) and Dont Forget Greer Ranch I have been to the one in California Oaks busy busy busy due to the folks who live in east Murrieta and South Wildomar. People say it is in a bad location but look at all the land behind it and the new hospital. Dont forget about the high school around the corner. Marshalls and a gas station will be going there as well and el Pollo Loco



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