Hospital Workers Strike in Menifee & Hemet

The following is a statement from Tadzio Garcia, spokesperson for SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West, regarding the one-day labor strike at...

The following is a statement from Tadzio Garcia, spokesperson for SEIU United Healthcare Workers-West, regarding the one-day labor strike at both Menifee and Hemet hospitals, Monday, October 13...

Yesterday we achieved an important milestone by standing for quality patient care.

We struck throughout the day we had support such as hospital volunteers refusing to cross the line and joining the picket line. One UHW member who joined the picket line said that management is driving away qualified and experienced caregivers, hiring travelers and registry who are more expensive and not as experience or qualified and who do not care as much about the hospital because they know they are just passing through.

UHW members from Riverside Community Hospital, Desert Regional Med Center, JFK Memorial, Kaiser Moreno Valley, and Kaiser West Los Angeles - came to support us and chanted "When you take on one of us, you take on all of us."

Community leaders lent their support including John Denver, Menifee City Council; Brian Christie, Hemet City Council; Carl Wood, candidate for the 65th assembly district, etc.

John Denver spoke about his experience as a patient of ours and said he looks forward to and is hopeful for continued quality care in the community.

Members of other unions honored our strike by joining the picket-line, such as the California Nurses Association, UFCW and SEIU121RN, who all said "we support you and join your fight to protect patient care."

Several delivery trucks wouldn't cross the line. Hemet management had to cross the street to pick up ice cream when a Teamsters truck wouldn't cross the line. At Menifee, a UPS delivery truck would not cross the picket line.

When we authorized the strike we hoped that management would come back to the bargaining table and bargain in good faith. Instead they continue to refuse our $4.3 million dollar in hospital savings while they spend millions on building cosmetics, such as new carpets and paint, etc.

Management wants us to accept contract proposals having nothing to do with bankruptcy and instead aimed at weakening our rights.

We have to hold the VHS Board of Directors accountable. They should do the right thing and support their employees.

What Next?

Come to the Town Hall meeting and interview candidates. UHW members will make a decision on who to endorse in the upcoming VHS Board election. We can send them a message with our votes!

Town Hall Meeting to Endorse VHS Board of Directors

Thursday Oct. 16, 5:30pm
La Casa Vieja Restaurant
828 W. Florida Ave in Hemet

A couple of photos...

Hospital Workers Strike in Menifee & Hemet
Menifee workers picketing in Menifee

Hospital Workers Strike in Menifee & Hemet
Menifee workers picketing in Hemet


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  1. We are not in the 50's. Get rid of the Unions. People will then be paid what they are worth based on the performance they give, not paid on a scale based on job title.

  2. Obviously the poster hasn't been involved in a union or he/she wouldn't have written such an uneducated, uninformed, and unintelligent remark.

    Our family has had the PRIVILEGE of being in a firefighters union for over 25 years and I'll tell you there are so many things that have transpired in those years that have more than proven the benefit, friendship, support, and solid foundation of our union.

    Before writing such an ignorant remark, do a little research. Better yet, ask a union member how they feel.

  3. Public safety unions are much different than unions in other industries. That doesn't make them anymore correct or validated but, simply put... they are 'different'. However, public safety unions can be just as dangerous and ludicrous as unions in the private sector. I'll name two: the california corrections deputies and air traffic controllers. Two unions that were allowed to get out of hand and too dangerous. If you are a firefighter then you of all people should have the most disdain for the corrections deputies union. They are paid substantially higher than you for much less dangerous work.

    Unions are obsolete and have no place in America. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, paralegals, teachers, healthcare workers, etc. should not be allowed to unionize. Further, look back to the grocery store workers strikes... being a stock clerk or a snooty checker at the cash register were occupations that were never meant to be 'careers'. The strikes actually hurt the unions and no one got what they were striking for. Further, the Super Targets and Super Walmarts of the world will force existing grocers to be more competitive thereby benefitting the consumer not the employee.

    I grew up in the industrial midwest and saw first hand how destructive unions can be and how strikes kill productivity. The same thing is happening in California... public unions are killing the state of California: teachers unions and corrections officers to name just two. Wake up readers... no industry in the country pays full health & welfare benefits like that anymore. Raises that are not tied to performance is a stupid way of conducting business.

    Allowing the hospital to go through their trials and tribulations will solve itself through the free market place... It is called 'Capitalism' not 'Socialism'. Save the united workers of America speech for when the U.S. truly becomes a socialistic state.... oh by the way... that happens when Obama gets elected on November 4th!

  4. To Anonymous October 15, 2008 3:37 AM

    Your scary!!!!! Oh and by the way... When Obama gets elected it will be the best day in the last 8 years.

  5. This is why I go all the way to Orange Co for medical treatment...but good luck everyone, I'm still on the fence with the health care out here...I have run across a lot of people complaining about the care out here. I tried it 3 times and choose to keep my medical in Orange Co. All I have to say is if the medical staff in IE might have been more "professional" I may have been a customer still...

  6. I have worked in industries that have unions and held jobs both in the union and non-union. The Non-Union positions have always provided me with greater income and benefits. In addition the Non-Union positions have always given me job security no matter how long I held the position becuase I was an outstanding employee and outperformed others. The problem with Unions is that during the tough times that job reductions are required the union members with the shortest time on the job are always the first to be let go. I've seen 20 year members that can barely get by and do half the work of newer members; but guess what, those better workers are always the first to be laid off. The other problem is that after a year or so the new members are making the same salary as the 20 year members. Live better, have a higher income, work for your money and work Non-Union.

  7. We need people who want to work there doing their jobs to the best of their abilities. The hospital was in the red. The workers seemed uncaring, understaffed. The place looked terribled. They have the room to help more people, they just didn't have the nurses per beds needed, I have travel all over the us.....and this is one of the worst places I've been for medical care. I know of many people who moved back to Orange county or San Diego because they didn't get the medical care here. I support the hospital for wanted to be in the black to cover their bills. Cutting back on benefits is nothing new. If you don't like your job find a new one.

  8. I say get rid of the unions, as previously stated they are nothing but trouble. Unions take your money whether you like or not and you don't have a say as to where that money is spent. You do not have a choice like they proclaim, I have worked for both union and non-union jobs and I make more money now working a non-union job that is based on my work ethics and abilities. If your not a slacker you can make a fair wage.

  9. To poster @ 7:55am 10/15/08.

    You've got to be joking????
    These past 8 years may not have been the best in our history, but electing someone with little to no experience is even scarier to me than enduring the last 8 years under the Bush admistration.

    I say " NOBAMA" is good for our country.....

    Elect a man who has and will defend this country and has the know how to get the job done.
    Vote McCain/Palin !!!!

  10. No, the last eight years have not been the best, they have been the worse!!!!!! McCain and Palin are be the wrong choice. Its just more of the same same same!!!! Plus, can you imagine Palin as president,it could happen. What a nightmare. If you don't see that you don't really care about the country. p.s. I'm not a democrat.

  11. How about the movie writters & actors in Holleywood! They want to strike every other day, sorry your not getting paid enough, at least you have a job. Have you ever seen a teacher perform bad with the students, not much you can about, darn union is protecting their job. People need to held accountable for their actions!
    If your scared, then step it up

  12. Don't worry my friends NOBAMA is going to come and save the world why with his spread the wealth nonsense us nurses won't want to make more money. I am so sick of unions being in one sucks the only thing they do is take your money and then tell you to vote democratic. But like I said with NOBAMA and nationlized healthcare nurses (RN)won't be making anything......

  13. Yikes! Digressing. Union or no union I could give a rip! I worked at Menifee and hung in there the best I could. I wasn't part of the union and most all the nurses and ancillary staff did the best they could with what they had. Sad to have to even say it that way because this is healthcare. The hospital priorities should be to the patients and to those who NEED to take care of them. So hey lets "restructure" at the nursing level and see how that works. Oh, hang on it didn't. Most of us experienced and/or educated nurses left! Opinions are great but I find that keeping them educated is more beneficial. Walk the walk! The maniacal administration is running it into the ground and with no end in sight. It not about Union or the lack thereof...its about the lack of resources to do a safe and effective job for out patients...catch a clue!!!!!!

  14. Over the years, I have had the unfortunate experience of being with family members at the Menifee Valley Hospital (emergency room). What ever happened to the dedicated doctor/nurse who actually took ca