Democratic Candidates to Meet at Boston Billies

The Riverside County United Communities, a local advocacy group representing the rural communities in Riverside County, will be hosting seve...

The Riverside County United Communities, a local advocacy group representing the rural communities in Riverside County, will be hosting several Democratic candidates for US Congress and State Assembly this Saturday, October 18 at Boston Billies.

On tap to speak will be...

  • Julie Bornstein, US Congress 49th District, challenging Mary Bono Mack

  • Robert Hamilton, US Congress 45th District, challenging Darrell Issa

  • Grey Frandsen, CA Assembly 66th District, challenging Kevin Jeffries

  • Carl Wood, CA Assembly 65th District, challenging Paul Cook

A breakfast starts at 8:30am, with the first speaker, Julie Bornstein, beginning at 9:30am. The event is open to the public.


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  1. May all Republicans win and leave the dems in the dust!! ESPECIALLY Wood! His WOOD will get COOKed!!

  2. I have been a republican all my life, 60+ years. But C'mom have you been hibernating for the last 8 years. It's time for a change. Real change! Plus, just the thought of Palin as our president is reason enough to vote for the other team. Sometime we have to what is right for the country not the party.

  3. "Real Change"?

    Not in my lifetime - politics in this country is too corrupt - and it extends to both sides of the aisle.

  4. No thanks to dems and the Obamanation.

  5. WOW!!! Wake up and look back at the past 8 years. It is time for a change. Too much has happened. I don't know about you but my IRA's show what happens when you have leadership like Bush and McCain. And God forbid that something happens to McCain and we wind up with Palin. Please, PLEASE, DOUBLE PLEASE, Vote Democrat this time around. For your own sake and the future of America. Deep down inside you know it it the right thing to do.

  6. No thanks to the repubs and McOld.

  7. While I agree that the Republicans deserve to get sent packing, I have to disagree with anyone who buys into the hype that it's the Dems that will fix it. Can't you see, they're all in it together?

  8. Oh yes with Obama everything will change. Why look at his experience. He is clearly our better choice. Let's raise taxes and give it all to the poor so they can create new jobs. I know, maybe he can have ACORN run the treasury.That way there will be no more corruption anywhere.

  9. Maybe Julie Bornstein can bring her Gray Davis experience to help change.

  10. In the rest of the world the people of a country would want the best for their people. A Harvard law graduate and top in his class. Yet, here in this country its ok to vote for someone who is "just ordinary, she is like on of us a hockey mom..." I don’t get it...

    By the way Obama does not want to tax you to give to the poor he wants to tax the wealthy to give to the middle class. Maybe you are one of the those wealthy ones, or maybe you are just not informed. After all knowledge is power. Inform yourself, look what you did to us the last 8 years. Dont do it again.

  11. The ignorance of people is astounding. These days, most people vote Republican because of unsubstantiated fears and their inability to decipher rhetoric. In the last eight years, we have fought an unjust war, yet blame the Arabs for being angry. We have lost respect throughout the world, and claim that those nations are "against" us. The poor and middle class have seen their quality of life diminish, yet they still view Reagans idiotic policies as successful. Republicans use to be the party of change, now they are the party of the old and decrepit, in mind and soul. A vote for McCain means that you support the actions of our current President, who has made us the laughing stock of the world. Obama should win on Nov. 4, because it is best for the country and our children's future.

  12. "By the way Obama does not want to tax you to give to the poor he wants to tax the wealthy to give to the middle class..."

    Since we're getting into a discussion of politics, there's no such thing as "tax the rich and give to the poor", because any time you raise taxes, government tends to collect less of it. That's because people tend to shelter their money to avoid the high taxes.

    The reason why Reagan's name gets brought up is because he proved that point. When he lowered tax rates on the upper-class we found that rich folks tended to pay their taxes, instead of sheltering their money. The higher you raise taxes, the harder it is to collect it.

  13. So Steve,
    You are saying we should reward the rich. Becuase they do not obey the law let reward them lower their taxes, yeh then it we be all OK.

    Also the rich hide ther $ no matter what how do you think they get that way. But if they really want they can find and collect (unless its their really good donor/friend).

  14. Jason of MenifeeOctober 15, 2008 4:21 AM

    Sara Palin Has got to be the most uneducated politican. Please help us.

  15. Tax the rich and let the poor pay.

    The rich don't pay higher taxes, they pass it on to the working class and THEY pay the higher taxes.

    Either way, we are screwed.

    Make more, pay more. It's the American Way!

  16. Give me a break. Reagan proved that his theories were corrupt and ignorant. During Reagan's reign, the rich became richer and the poor became poorer. The middle class always gets decimated by Republicans, yet there are still ignorant voters who vote Republican, because it makes them feel manly, or because God told them to. If the rich don't pay taxes, we go after them and make them pay. America coddles the rich, yet they don't need to be coddled. America has allowed those individuals to attain wealth and they should have no problem paying taxes. Even if you taxed the rich at 50%, they would still be rich and living in the lap of luxury. I will save my concern for the homeless and starving children in our society.

  17. I'd prefer a smart Soccer Mom any day of the week to someone who is out of touch with not only his own people, but people of other countries like "Mr Empty Suit" Obama.
    I have voted as a Democrat my entire adult life, until now.
    McCain/Palin have my support, my prayers and most importantly my VOTE !!

  18. There is a very interesting book out there called "The World is Curved - Hidden Dangers to the Global Economy" by David M. Smick.

    It has become required reading in my MBA classes. Smick is one of the brightest thinkers in today's macroeconomics world. It is very compelling and forthright in detailing how the mortgage credit crisis may be only the tip of the iceberg. Scary.

  19. If you think Obama is out of touch with his people and the rest of us, you must be delusional. Ignorance is bliss, and there must be alot of blissful people out there. McCain and Palin are one of the single worst tickets ever offered to voters. Anyone voting for them needs to get their head and intellect checked.

  20. Obama is an Empty Suit with no real merit. My intellect is in perfect form and you my Obamamanic friend need to forget about your Rock Star and go with a ticket that has proven themselves to be worthy of the office of President/VP.
    Obama has surrounded himself with thugs, crooks and Racist Pastors .....that's the kind of change you want???
    I think the American People deserve much better.

  21. I am skeptical either candidate will change much. Both are paid for and controlled by corporate leaders. All this started after 9/11- which evidence shows was a false flag event. Research building 7- the 3rd building which fell on 9/11/. Until people see that our freedoms have been eroded since 9/11- the chaos will continue. visit and

    Educate yourself and see this false left right paradigm for what it is! A way to control the population and instill fear.

    We were all scammed!

  22. People need to stop watching Faux (Fox) News- its filled with misinformation. Visit and you will see both candidates are lying.

  23. You cannot trust for political discussion, it is owned by the Annenberg Group, which Obama was a founder and President of.

  24. All media is biased. McCain is closer to Independent than Republican. Most conservatives don't like him because he has worked with Dems. So to say he is like Bush is ignorant.I think it's funny when people put Obama on such a pedestal without knowing anything about him.

  25. Obama is not founder or Pres of Annenberg. The Annenberg's are real people, conservatives and Republicans. Factcheck is not owned by Annenberg. You are misinformed!!!!!!

  26. Steve, your ignorance shines through. Obama has nothing to do with, and the site is, in fact, well respected by both sides. Let me guess, you also think Obama is Muslim and that he has terrorist ties.

  27. Poor Steve,

    You got the wrong info from Fox AGAIN was or is in now way run Obama.

    Actually poor reader of his blog. He can post anyhting and reader will think its true or even news. Its a blog, he can put anyhthing here he wants, he does not have to provie it.

  28. This is the first time the beautiful City of Menifee gets to vote. Lets start out right by voting for a great man and someone who has the best chance of leading the country out of this mess we are in.
    Lets show what our new City can do as free thinkers. Lets vote in the best interest of our country. Don't vote one way because that is the way you voted all your life.
    Menifee, vote for Obama. Lets give true "change" a chance. Our country will be better off without more of the same. "CHANGE - YES WE CAN".
    God Bless America.

  29. In Steve's defense I think you people should check your facts. Look up Chicago Annenberg Challenge and who pops up? Obama, who else? William Ayers.

  30. First, there is nothing between Annenberg and, which was the issue. Second, only the weak minded still fall for the Obama/Ayers "conspiracy". Funny, none of you were upset when you found out about the Bush family-Bin Laden family connection, but Obama/Ayers is big news. Open your eyes people.



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