The Excitement is in the Air

Can you feel it Menifee ? All of the excitement, anticipation, and long-time wishes that have come to fruition. . . all that we hoped for ou...

Can you feel it Menifee? All of the excitement, anticipation, and long-time wishes that have come to fruition. . . all that we hoped for our city; our once small town of Menifee.

Many of us clamoured for shopping, and now it is here. The hunger for food, restaurants, eating choices that we had not had, and now it is here. We cried out for independence, to become our own city, and now it has come. Our own Police Department and City Council, and now we have both.

Who did you see at the Kohl's last week? Which friend or neighbor did you see in attendance at the Target Opening? Did you call your friend to share the news of the Best Buy sales? How was your first meal at the new Red Robin?

So much happening, to a town so small that even Riverside residents don't know where we are located. A city name I have to spell every time I give my address over the phone, and now, we are indeed a city. But with every dream fulfilled, comes many new questions.

Who will be coming to Menifee to shop, and hang around the Marketplace? How large will our city grow? Will more jobs come, will industry of some type come, will there be more than retail here? I know plans are being made for many things, but what will happen when the plans become a reality?

I know that I will remember enjoying my birthday at the Red Robin with my husband for our first meal at their Menifee location. I know that every time I look at our new video camera, I will remember that we bought that the first time we went to Kohls in Menifee. What memories will you take away? What stories will you tell, 20 years from now, about this past month? How are you participating in this historic time in your fair city?


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  1. As a 19 year Resident of Menifee, our family has seen and experienced so much living in this great place. It is with much pride to see us now become an official City. I will always remember the touching Inaugural Ceremony and the fun party at the Menifee Lakes Country Club where I saw so many Menifee faces that I have known over the years. We have so much to look forward to as residents of the newest city in California !!! God Bless the City of Menifee !!!!!!!

  2. Becoming our own City, and now having a real shopping center, gives us many more choices than we had just a few weeks ago. Growth will be a reality, and I'm sure many more businesses will locate in Menifee, creating more jobs. However, what we don't want to happen, is to become another Orange County, where it went from an agricultural County (city and rural settings), with a little bit of everything to offer its residents, to what it is now, over crowded, over priced, and not a fun place to even visit. Our new City Officials will need to keep a watch on our growth. Grow, but don't grow to fast.

  3. We have a real chance to make this a great place in the years to come. Let's keep this enthusiasm up and do something with the new city. There is a lot to do and patience and persistence will be needed.

    Steve I.

  4. I agree with Brian. As another 19 year resident I have always enjoyed the calm rural lifestyle out here. I grew up in San Pedro and I remember as a child when we would go to Orange County we actually drove past orange groves. Those are just distant memories. I also hope that in Menifee we do not grow too fast. There is something special about being able to look out at beautiful vistas here in our valley... but now looking out with the pride of a new city.

  5. Best pay attention to the pre-approved county planning. Most open fields are owned and primed for development. Once these banks are up and running again, buil d, build , build. By the way, nothing will grow unless you build. Slow growth has always proven to diminish a city.

  6. I too look forward to a fruitful new City. I've been in this Valley since 1970 and have seen good processes to the new Cities around us that have incorporated. It will take time to convert everything from County to City and MANY patience from the residents. Rome wasn't built in one day and when looking to the south, the City of Temecula is a great City to duplicate as much as possible. Residents... stay involved and understand what we've been given by the County of Riverside and not throw stones to our new City Council and Staff. Good Luck!!

  7. As someone who moved here from Riverside (which BTW - they DONT know where we are!) I love seeing us grow! The best thing about Menifee - is we are a small town community. Everyone is friendly and it IS exciting. I saw a million ppl I knew t all the openings! Go Menifee!



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