2008 Miss Menifee Pageant - Contestants Needed

Contestants are needed for the 2008 Miss Menifee Pageant, and applications are currently being taken...

Contestants are needed for the 2008 Miss Menifee Pageant, and applications are currently being taken.

The pageant itself will be held Saturday, November 1, 2008 at Freedom Crest Elementary School.

There will be six age groups, with the first four groups ranging from ages 1 to 12. Then a "teen" group for ages 13 to 16, and a "miss" group for ages 17 to 20.

2008 Miss Menifee Pageant
This will be the first "Miss Menifee", since previous pageants were "Miss Menifee Valley".

To register for the pageant, you can appear in person at Yellow Basket on Saturdays, October 11 or 25, from 11:00am to 3:00pm, or on Thursdays, October 16 or 23, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. You can also register by mail up until Friday, October 24.

Empire Pageants, the organizer of the Miss Menifee Pageant, will also be on hand at the Menifee Fall Festival on October 25, at La Ladera Park.

For additional registration information, contact them at (951) 231-2175, 541-9163, or 360-9087.

miss menifee pageant flyer


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  1. What about boys? A pageant for them?

  2. Mr. Menifee?? :)

  3. Yeah a young man "Mr."...seriously

  4. Boys don't need a pageant. Keep them in math class.

  5. FYI: the pageant is open only to girls who either live within the city limits of Menifee, or attend school within the city limits.

  6. Yes Steve I know that it's for girls of Menifee only...but I have only a boy and no girl...maybe a boys pageant could and should be started??? This is sexist...

  7. Our son doesn't need to be kept in math class he already excels beyond his grade level...:)

  8. I have a son too, but do not want him exposed to body image issues at such a tender age. Beauty pageants are outdated.
    Maybe the girls should stay in math class too.

  9. Then why don't you talk to Empire Pageants about getting a boy's beauty pageant started?

  10. Are you kidding me? Is this really an issue? I don't know ANY boys who would even want to do a pageant. This is not sexist, it's common sense. We just started this city and already people want to spend money the city doesn't have on something that would likely have few contestants. Geez people.

  11. The city is not spending money on this. It's operated by Empire Pageants.

  12. How about a Mr. Boy Toy Menifee pageant? Use it as a fund raiser for special projects? Have a little fun with it as well? :} Not that I could win or anything!

    Steve I.

  13. Do you want your boy to compete that bad to call it sexist? Its a beauty pageant for goodness sakes! Do you get mad watching Miss America??

  14. how did the pageant turn out. were there alot of girls there? and who won? do we have any pics?

  15. Wow you guys are gay!! Grow up and stop whinning about stupid issues that people dont give a crap about. Okayy? So if you want you son in a little beauty pageant then start one for yourself. FYI guys should be in a beauty pageant. its a little Chickish dont ya think?

  16. Pageant DirectorAugust 05, 2009 11:36 AM

    Dear Anonymous,

    I happen to host a guy pageant in Corona, my age group is 14 and older. My pageant is not a beauty pageant but a scholarship Pageant. Each of the guys compete in sportwear- the sport the play an interview with judge, formal wear and an on stage question. They also have the option to compete in a talent portion. I give away about $1500 in each age group. Check out my website to see photos. www.misscoronapageant.com
    It kind of sounds like you had a bad experience with a pageant at one time. Your right both boys and girls should stay in math class (school) as you say. But you have no idea how much confidnece a scholarship pageant gives a person if it is done right. My pageant is privately owned and I personally raise all the money to give out as scholarships.



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