New Charter School Forming in Menifee

Robyn Rogers is resides in the Canyon Heights community of Quail Valley and is leading some folks interested in establishing a new charter s...

Robyn Rogers is resides in the Canyon Heights community of Quail Valley and is leading some folks interested in establishing a new charter school. She's inviting the public to a community forum to describe the new school and hopes to recruit some volunteers willing to help her get it started.

"Aberdovey Charter School", would serve the Menifee Union School District and give parents an alternative to the public classrooms. A charter school is governed by the school district, paid for with federal funds, free to attend, but follows its own specific style of teaching. Aberdovey will follow "Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound" (ELOB) which promotes hands-on, student-centered, authentic projects. ELOB is a framework for teaching; the school will utilize curriculum from state standards.

The community forum will take place in Quail Valley at Grace Church on Goetz Rd, on Tuesday, November 18th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Robyn notes that the school is not religious-based.

You can follow Robyn's efforts to get a charter school started at her blog...

You can contact her there as well.


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  1. Aberdovey? Why Aberdovey? Why not Menifee Charter School? Just curious about some naming conventions, nothing sarcastic here.

    Steve I.

  2. I don't even know how to pronounce that. Seriously!

  3. Rip Off! Come up with something more original...
    Outward Bound Sea School (Aberdovey, North Wales)

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  5. It's interesting to me that the first few comments placed on the Menifee 24/7 site are regarding the name that I chose for the school. Don't get me wrong...I'm excited that people are talking about the school at all, so if they want to discuss the name, that's fine with me. It's just interesting that they would focus on the name instead of the type of school or the type of framework.

    As for why I chose Aberdovey Charter my research about ELOB, I read a lot about Kurt Hahn (the founder of Outward Bound). The first school that he started was in Aberdovey, North Wales (as "anonymous" pointed out on Menifee 24/7). I thought that the place had a cool name and used it as a nod to the origins of ELOB. Doesn't seem like a rip-off to me as the school had a different name. I want this school to have a unique identity that is tied to its foundation in Expeditionary Learning. It is not just Menifee Charter is an ELOB charter school and as such, I want to make note of it in the name. Since Menifee Expeditionary Learning Charter School is pretty long, I was looking for a name that "symbolized" ELOB. Maybe "Hahn Charter School" would work just as well. I happened to like the sound of Aberdovey.

    Point is, I am the ONLY PERSON working on this charter school at the moment, and while there aren't many advantages to being the sole crew member on a voyage, one of them is that I get to name the ship! If you'd like to join my crew, we can certainly explore other names.

    I want more crew members. But this crew is not focused on the beauty of a name. It is focused on the important task of creating a school that will give children in this area a chance for a great education.

  6. Quail Valley or Menifee? Steve!!

  7. They other thing about being the only member of the ship is you get to go down with it to. Good luck.