Victor Giardinelli, MUSD Candidate Statement

The following is a statement from Victor Giardinelli, candidate for Menifee School Board... Menifee Union School District has a long histor...

The following is a statement from Victor Giardinelli, candidate for Menifee School Board...

Menifee Union School District has a long history of success, built on a legacy of strong leadership, vision and integrity. As a member of the Governing Board for the past twenty-one years, I have been committed to continuing that success for our students, staff and community. During my tenure, The Board has collaboratively initiated and implemented many beneficial programs. Some programs that I have been fortunate to personally and successfully introduce include:

  1. A more complete music program including band offerings at all schools

  2. Improved health services and education so that at all schools we now have health aides or nurses

  3. Instead of only library books we have now established multi-media centers with technology plus books.

  4. We now have a liaison community aide to network with our multi ethnic society.

  5. Let the efforts to hire a public relations person to communicate with our public

  6. "Wellness Program" to fight against obesity in children – over hauled our food program

  7. Major supporter for preschool programs and individual campus

  8. Introduced the concept of interest based bargaining which resulted in increased harmonious labor relations
My background includes a tour of duty with the United Stated Navy, serving aboard a P.T. boat. Educationally, I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York and an Master of Science degree from the University of Southern California. With a strong understanding of science, often my decisions are data based driven. I have also earned the master Boardsmanship and The Advanced Masters in Governance. Also I have thirty-four years in public education, both as a teacher (10 years) and an administrator for twenty-four years.

I am married to a very understanding and wonderful wife, have two fantastic and remarkable daughters and four extraordinary college educated and future thinking grandchildren. Yes, I am proud! Also, proud of the work we have done and appreciative of my other board members and the many parents, community volunteers, faculty and district administrators who have collaboratively made our successes possible.

Future concerns and projects include:

  1. Reduce class size in grades 4, 5, and 6 and then progress to grades 7 and 8 when possible

  2. Explore same gender classes in some middle school classes

  3. Seek ways to better engage the community in the educational enterprise

  4. Maintain and up-date present schools and plan for future facilities

  5. Modify curriculum as future concerns are identified

  6. As a follow up our unification efforts, contact our legislators in Sacramento

  7. Immediately implement the new California State Physical Education framework

  8. Study the new unfunded mandate 8th grade algebra standards

  9. Identify children with food allergies and how to respond to thier needs

  10. Increase student awareness regarding environmental issues: water and energy conservation, recycle, THINK GREEN etc.

  11. Recruit, hire and retain highly qualified personnel and offer a competitive salary
I ask for your vote on November 4th. In return, I commit to ensuring that our greatest treasure - our children - are provided with world-class educational opportunities designed to further enhance their exceptional achievements.

Everybody is a Somebody!

Victory Giardinelli