These Are a Few of My Favorite Things. . .

My 10 favorite things about Menifee: 10. The color of the autumn leaves, especially along Menifee Road near Wheatfield Park . 9. The natur...

My 10 favorite things about Menifee:

10. The color of the autumn leaves, especially along Menifee Road near Wheatfield Park.
9. The natural rock cluster behind Walgreens, near the corner of Murrieta Road and Newport Road.
8. The gathering of Senior Citizens at Jackie's Doughnuts and McDonalds most mornings. I love to see them greet each other, smile together and share stories.
7. The small town feel I get when I greet a neighbor in Target, or see one of my friends at a soccer game or at the park.
6. The green of the surrounding hills in the springtime. I especially am fond of the cross at the top of the hill on the north side.
5. The circle in Belcanto, in Menifee Lakes, on Christmas Eve. If you haven't been, you are truly missing out on an event.
4. The value of my home. We get a great deal of home for the money, in comparison to the rest of California.
3. The proximity to larger cities, without the same problems. I like being close to larger shopping, the arts, restaurants, etc., without the same problems. And now, Menifee Countryside Marketplace will bring many of the benefits even closer!
2. I met my husband here, and we came home here after our wedding, and built a life together.
1. This is my children's hometown. This is where they grew into the people they are today, went to school, met their friends, and will remember forever.

Menifee is our home, and it is your home too. Howdy, Neighbor!


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  1. My favorite is the view of the mountains in the winter when they're full of snow. I love that view!

  2. I love seeing the sheep in the pastures when they bring them in to graze.
    I love that the grandkids can walk to and from school and the park with safe streets and sidewalks.
    I love that our air is always clean here, that we don't have a hazy and smoggy sky.

  3. Yes, great list....we too love the mountains in the winter..and the sheep...this is a wonderful lovely valley and we are blest to be here..another favorite is all the wild brown eyed susans growing along the roadways..

  4. I love the rocks too, since I lived in amongst them and the veiw of the valley looking west from there this time of year is awesome.

  5. I love all the great family events held in Menifee Lakes, the last great one was the Movie in the Park at the Wheatfield Park!! I also love the Fourth of July with our hometown Parade and Firework show!! Menifee is a great place to live !!!

  6. Menifee Resident and loving itSeptember 20, 2008 10:54 PM

    Moved from Orange County and love it here in Menifee. The OC is really fast paced compared to Menifee. The people in the OC are rude and keep to themselves and are snobs. Menifee people talk to you and even the teenagers, yes teenagers! are more respectful.

  7. Great Story Tina. Can't wait to make my own list someday.

  8. Tina, you sound like a positive person who stays aware of the good things in life. Ever watch the leaves on a breezy day...each leaf appears to be dancing and flowing to the harmonious music of the wind. Sorta like a snowflake, each one different but sll providing the same beauty of a newfallen snow.



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