Stop Means Stop

On my travels in and around Menifee, I pass through the intersection at Menifee Road and Holland Road quite often. As a strange phenomenon, ...

On my travels in and around Menifee, I pass through the intersection at Menifee Road and Holland Road quite often. As a strange phenomenon, I have noticed that many motorists seem to be unaware that this is a 4-way stop, even though it is clearly marked. What I mean is, that many, many of them just glide on through without stopping.
I have been at this intersection at all different times of day to witness this. But to be certain that it wasn’t just something I see, I talked with some of the sign twirlers who work on this corner. They have conveyed to me that 1 out of every 5 cars stop, at best. And most of those “stops” are the infamous “California Rolling Stop”.
This intersection is right in between 2 elementary schools and one middle school. I see children here quite often. How is it that these motorists can be in such a hurry, and be so careless?
The day that frustrated me most was the day that I saw a school bus stopped not far from the corner, with it’s stop sign blinking and red lights flashing. I watched car after car breeze through the intersection, and then continue on to pass the school bus! The stop sign that extends out from the side of the bus was flashing, and yet one motorist after another ignored this, and went right on by.
C’mon folks. Where are you going that you cannot stop at a 4-way stop? Or better yet, for a school bus with children disembarking? There must be other intersections in Menifee where this is happening, I am certain. Now, I know you, the reader, would never do this, so please, to your neighbor, pass it on. . . STOP MEANS STOP!

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  1. It's not just Menifee Rd and Holland. It's not just in Menifee. This problem exists everywhere. I own and ride a motorcycle as my means of transportation. More than once, I have had to take evasive actions to avoid hitting a vehicle who has not stopped at a stop sign (or for that matter, even red lights). Unless there is a law enforcement person who witnesses this violation, or a red light camera catches a vehicle on film, I don't see how this can ever be stopped. Another hazard that effects drivers; lack of the use of turn signals. People just make turns, lane changes, etc. without using their turn signals. Again, this is a real hazard to the other motorist or pedestrian, when a vehicle just turns without warning. I look at it as, I can't change another person's driving habits, so I have to be a better defensive driver. It's just to bad more of these people aren't cited for moving violations.

  2. Brian, you bring up a great point in that there is not much that can be done other than contacting the CHP about more moving violations. This is an issue that hopefully the city council will address and resolve.
    I would also like to make sure that the readers here understand that it doesn't matter which side of the street you are on, you must stop for a school bus when the red lights are flashing, even if it is old and doesn't have a stop sign, you must stop if the red lights are flashing. I don't know if there is an exception when there is a center median and you are on the opposite side.
    Drive Safe

  3. The intersection of Holland & Menifee Roads is a problem area. Law enforcement is aware of it and that includes CHP, the MSJC PD, and the soon to be new Menifee PD. I have contacted the County several times over this intersection and one thing that came to light from my discussion with them is the speed limit running north & south on Menifee Road is higher than what the County approved. Those speed limit signs should be changing soon from 50 mph down to 40 mph.

    The County is also aware of the request to assess the need for a traffic light and additional signage at that intersection. Mr. Tai at the County transportation office is working on that assessment with his staff. I can also assure you that the new City Council is aware of this intersection.

    I conducted an informal pedestrian survey at that intersection in February of this year. It took me three days and I posted myself at the intersection at times to coincide with arrival and dismal of schools. The data that I gathered from this survey was given to Mr. Tai at the County office and resulted in the speed limit issue being addressed. The School District also used this survey to determine the number of crossing guards that were placed at that intersection.

    Regrettably, none of the foregoing will prevent the "California Rolling Stops" that I too observed routinely during my three day survey. The only solution will be a traffic light AND possibly enforcement cameras!

    Once we get to October 1st and we control our own law enforcement, we will be able to better enforce that intersection and hold motorists accountable for their actions.


    Scott Mann
    City Councilman-Elect

  4. We live on the corner by a stop sign in the Summerhouse track in Menifee. It's off of Scott Road past Lindenberger. It's a neighborhood for God's sake and people roll through that stop and then better than that they speed on the street. I have a 4 year old son and I constantly worry about him when he is on the sidewalk on his bike. Who can I call to help enforce the rolling stops and speeding through the neighborhood?

  5. I am glad this is being talked about. Ridgemoor and Murrieta road is a huge problem. Again, at the time Ridgemoor school starts the parents returning to the Pete Peterson and the Lazy Creek neighborhoods do not stop! I am all for cameras. And, to the poster who mentioned their 4 year old on the sidewalk with a bicycle, I would not let mine on any sidewalk in Menifee with a bicycle at that age.

  6. I think that Traffic Cameras to at least get those that are running red lights is a great idea. I know of at least 5 intersections just on newport road that are in desperate need of them. Besides, that would bring in some good revenue to the new city especially if they charge the $300+ that Murrieta and Temecula Charge. since people are in such a rush that they have no regard for others as they run the red light then maybe they should help fund the new police dept with their red light tickets.

  7. Red light cameras at all major intersections would bring in a HUGE amount of money to the new city. The cost to install them would pay for themselves in less than a month!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you Scott Mann for the information you provided and your attention to this problem. S.O.M.

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