Dangerous Bicyclists in Menifee?

An anonymous reader submitted the following letter concerning bicyclists seemingly taking over the grounds at the Albertson's shopping c...

An anonymous reader submitted the following letter concerning bicyclists seemingly taking over the grounds at the Albertson's shopping center on Newport & Murrieta Rds, and asks the city council to take action...
A serious accident ready to happen exists at the Albertson's shopping center on the Menifee road side where a real estate, mexican resturant, and a bicycle shop are proprieters. Evenings after school teens gather to "take over" the area with riding bicycles up, down the handicap ramp, jumping the stairs, blocking the stairs to patrons, (two, three and four riding together and behind each other.)

I have written complaints to the Riverside Sheriff, Riverside Sheriff Perris station, and have discussed this ongoing (for 4 years now) problem with the proprieters and nothing has been done.

The teens when confronted have "smart mouthy" responses, and feel they have the right to congregate there on tables belonging to the Mexican Resturant for their patrons to eat outside. There is no available table outside as these teens (10 or more) occupy them eating nothing.

They have almost run over those walking on the walk, up the ramp, or trying to get up the stairs which they continually block with their presence. The establishment has complained to the sheriff who does NOT solve this ongoing problem

Therefore, I wish to ask the Menifee City Council to put some presssure on law enforcement to enforce the ordinances in place. These teens about two years ago removed all the signs on the posts "NO BICYCLE OR SKATEBOARDS ALLOWED" AND laugh they are no longer there, and they say they are NOT prohibited from being there and riding their bicycles as there is a bicycle shop there and bikes outside.

PLEASE HELP before some gets seriously injured. My husband almost was falling at the stairs while trying to get to our vehicle parked below.


Rowdy-Teens 4292110859111047299

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  1. Menifee really needs more constructive places or safer places for kids to hang out. We could also go on and on about bad parents. If you really want them to flee, then you have to beat them at their own game. Let's truly be a family oriented community. Show up with a bunch of your friends and neighbors (the further away from 40 the better) and some cookies and start talking to the kids. Pinch their cheeks, and tell them how much they remind you of your grandchildren, then of course get all your grandchildren pictures out, they will find other place to haunt. If that somehow doesn’t work then you can start telling them about your doctor visit the bunion on your foot how things used to be back in 19XX.

    The city council really has done all they can do. They will adopt the county laws and they could send the cops on them, but that just means they’ll scatter when the cops come and regroup when they leave. It won’t really solve the problem. This just creates an us/them contest. Community problems like this really need the community to take action.

    I'll help you just let me know when you want to go.

  2. There isn't many places around here where teens can hangout. The kids at a shopping center problem is one that has to be handled by the property management. The Sheriff can't do much since it's private property. If you get accosted or feel threatened then they can step in and do something. Find out who manages the property, take pictures of what is going on and send them in. I'm sure the proprietor will do something about a possible loss of property and revenue.

  3. As a parent of a teenage son, I am very much aware of lack of recreational opportunities for teenagers. These kids can not be put on ice.

    Maybe some of the older citizens can use their amble time to help to organize a boys and girls club for younger teens. The older teen needs activities also. Are there any suggestions from the Senior Community besides complaining.

  4. How about a skateboard park for all teenagers on wheels? They can use skateboards, rollerskates, or bicycles. We can have one in each existing parks that has room enough for this type of activity. As long as our teenagers wear safety gear, they may alleviate many of the problems of teens creating safety hazards at shopping areas of our community. Any comments?

  5. We do not need a place designated for teens to hang out. If they cannot keep occupied at home, then send them off to camp. Creating a place for teens to hang out just brings trouble to the area. What happened to enforcing the loitering laws. Teenagers that are 16 or over should be either working, in school, or studying. If they have free time then they need to do something constructive and not destructive. If they do something destructive or get into trouble then put them in jail. I'm sick of everyone thinking that creating a place for teens to hang out is a good thing. You are sorely mistaken and if you happen to live next to the area that is created for them to hang out you will find your property littered, tagged and pissed all over. Wake up people!

  6. I had heard that some sort of skate park or sports park was going to be built up holland road next to the new school? I for one would prefer any skate park or hang out for teens be placed somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. Special places built for teens to hangout will just cause problems to be more localized within that area. Not to mention the gangs from surrounding counties love to go to those types of places and cause trouble. When I was a teen I worked, went to school and stayed out of trouble. The teen trouble makers are going to cause problems no matter what or where they can or cannot hangout.

  7. I used to work in the real estate office in that complex and I can tell you first hand that the kids have no respect for the patrons or businesses. In fact, they seem to welcome it.

    You all can say all you want about there not being a "skate park" or place for the kids to hang out. That still does not excuse the fact that the problem exists nor does it give the kids the right to do their thing. By stating this is basically giving them an excuse and telling them that it is ok to do what they do because "honey I know you do not have a place to go"

    It is about having an ounce of respect, which is not too common in youth these days. But I guess having respect comes from many avenues including good parenting. Instead of telling the world that it is Menifee's fault due to lack of facilities, try the other side of the coin and talk to your kid.

    Now, before you go and say I am an old dude that does not like kids, I will tell you that I am in my early 40's and a parent. I simply believe that it is not the communities job to provide things for your kid to do and places for them to hang out. Nor do I believe that I should have to be burdened by your kids and their lack of basic respect.

  8. Hey "Anonymous, at August 31, 2008 2:00 AM" - its not 1950 anymore, why don't you wake up and see your wrong. Kids need stuff to do, that is a fact. It is an important issue that needs to be addressed. It might not be the job of the city to create things for kids to do, however they certainly can work with Valley Wide parks and private business to help get on the right track.

  9. Instead of making excuses for the bad behavior of these kids, the kids and parents of these kids need to be held responsible, make the parents responsible for their kids behavior and I bet you'll get some action.