Dangerous Bicyclists in Menifee?

An anonymous reader submitted the following letter concerning bicyclists seemingly taking over the grounds at the Albertson's shopping center on Newport & Murrieta Rds, and asks the city council to take action...

A serious accident ready to happen exists at the Albertson's shopping center on the Menifee road side where a real estate, mexican resturant, and a bicycle shop are proprieters. Evenings after school teens gather to "take over" the area with riding bicycles up, down the handicap ramp, jumping the stairs, blocking the stairs to patrons, (two, three and four riding together and behind each other.)

I have written complaints to the Riverside Sheriff, Riverside Sheriff Perris station, and have discussed this ongoing (for 4 years now) problem with the proprieters and nothing has been done.

The teens when confronted have "smart mouthy" responses, and feel they have the right to congregate there on tables belonging to the Mexican Resturant for their patrons to eat outside. There is no available table outside as these teens (10 or more) occupy them eating nothing.

They have almost run over those walking on the walk, up the ramp, or trying to get up the stairs which they continually block with their presence. The establishment has complained to the sheriff who does NOT solve this ongoing problem

Therefore, I wish to ask the Menifee City Council to put some presssure on law enforcement to enforce the ordinances in place. These teens about two years ago removed all the signs on the posts "NO BICYCLE OR SKATEBOARDS ALLOWED" AND laugh they are no longer there, and they say they are NOT prohibited from being there and riding their bicycles as there is a bicycle shop there and bikes outside.

PLEASE HELP before some gets seriously injured. My husband almost was falling at the stairs while trying to get to our vehicle parked below.


  1. Menifee really needs more constructive places or safer places for kids to hang out. We could also go on and on about bad parents. If you really want them to flee, then you have to beat them at their own game. Let's truly be a family oriented community. Show up with a bunch of your friends and neighbors (the further away from 40 the better) and some cookies and start talking to the kids. Pinch their cheeks, and tell them how much they remind you of your grandchildren, then of course get all your grandchildren pictures out, they will find other place to haunt. If that somehow doesn’t work then you can start telling them about your doctor visit the bunion on your foot how things used to be back in 19XX.

    The city council really has done all they can do. They will adopt the county laws and they could send the cops on them, but that just means they’ll scatter when the cops come and regroup when they leave. It won’t really solve the problem. This just creates an us/them contest. Community problems like this really need the community to take action.

    I'll help you just let me know when you want to go.

  2. There isn't many places around here where teens can hangout. The kids at a shopping center problem is one that has to be handled by the property management. The Sheriff can't do much since it's private property. If you get accosted or feel threatened then they can step in and do something. Find out who manages the property, take pictures of what is going on and send them in. I'm sure the proprietor will do something about a possible loss of property and revenue.

  3. As a parent of a teenage son, I am very much aware of lack of recreational opportunities for teenagers. These kids can not be put on ice.

    Maybe some of the older citizens can use their amble time to help to organize a boys and girls club for younger teens. The older teen needs activities also. Are there any suggestions from the Senior Community besides complaining.

  4. How about a skateboard park for all teenagers on wheels? They can use skateboards, rollerskates, or bicycles. We can have one in each existing parks that has room enough for this type of activity. As long as our teenagers wear safety gear, they may alleviate many of the problems of teens creating safety hazards at shopping areas of our community. Any comments?

  5. We do not need a place designated for teens to hang out. If they cannot keep occupied at home, then send them off to camp. Creating a place for teens to hang out just brings trouble to the area. What happened to enforcing the loitering laws. Teenagers that are 16 or over should be either working, in school, or studying. If they have free time then they need to do something constructive and not destructive. If they do something destructive or get into trouble then put them in jail. I'm sick of everyone thinking that creating a place for teens to hang out is a good thing. You are sorely mistaken and if you happen to live next to the area that is created for them to hang out you will find your property littered, tagged and pissed all over. Wake up people!

  6. I had heard that some sort of skate park or sports park was going to be built up holland road next to the new school? I for one would prefer any skate park or hang out for teens be placed somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. Special places built for teens to hangout will just cause problems to be more localized within that area. Not to mention the gangs from surrounding counties love to go to those types of places and cause trouble. When I was a teen I worked, went to school and stayed out of trouble. The teen trouble makers are going to cause problems no matter what or where they can or cannot hangout.

  7. I used to work in the real estate office in that complex and I can tell you first hand that the kids have no respect for the patrons or businesses. In fact, they seem to welcome it.

    You all can say all you want about there not being a "skate park" or place for the kids to hang out. That still does not excuse the fact that the problem exists nor does it give the kids the right to do their thing. By stating this is basically giving them an excuse and telling them that it is ok to do what they do because "honey I know you do not have a place to go"

    It is about having an ounce of respect, which is not too common in youth these days. But I guess having respect comes from many avenues including good parenting. Instead of telling the world that it is Menifee's fault due to lack of facilities, try the other side of the coin and talk to your kid.

    Now, before you go and say I am an old dude that does not like kids, I will tell you that I am in my early 40's and a parent. I simply believe that it is not the communities job to provide things for your kid to do and places for them to hang out. Nor do I believe that I should have to be burdened by your kids and their lack of basic respect.

  8. Hey "Anonymous, at August 31, 2008 2:00 AM" - its not 1950 anymore, why don't you wake up and see your wrong. Kids need stuff to do, that is a fact. It is an important issue that needs to be addressed. It might not be the job of the city to create things for kids to do, however they certainly can work with Valley Wide parks and private business to help get on the right track.

  9. Instead of making excuses for the bad behavior of these kids, the kids and parents of these kids need to be held responsible, make the parents responsible for their kids behavior and I bet you'll get some action.

  10. The poster at August 31, 2008 at 10:29 a.m. was very correct to respond to Anonymous, at August 31, 2008 2:00 AM" by stating its not 1950 anymore. I am in total agreement. The older teenagers who are in their 60s to 90s have many facilities available for them at the Sun City Civic Association and gated senior communities.

    If one were to take inventories of facilities available in other cities throughout Riverside County compared to Menifee (including Sun City Core now part of Menifee), the comparisons are embarassing. One reason that I voted for Cityhood was for the city officials and residents to focus on the City of Menifee to catch up with rest of the County and other communities throughout Southern California!

    We also have to remember that teenagers of today have different set of circumstances to handle than those in 1950. These kids are frequently members of single parent households and in other cases other teenager have to deal with step parents and step sisters and step brothers in blended families. Even those kids that are from stable two parent household have to deal with social issues that weren't as pressing in 1950.

    Will the complainers be willing to volunteer time and energy in city wide recreation events and committees.

  11. Ok, now if we oppose your ideas we are from the 1950's and should be a core resident. Heck I was born in 1964!

    You all are still stemming right around the point. You are blaming the lack of an organized
    location(s) (tax payer expense) to basically babysit your children. There is no excuse for disruptive or disrespectful behavior and building a skate park will not be the cure all.

    I will not even address the differences of kids from earlier times to today. It is clear that times have changed and so has the behavior of the younger
    generation(s). Think of when your parents (those now in their 60's and 70's or above)where in school. Was there such a thing as "No child left behind?". Better yet where there skate parks and bike parks? What is it that kids did then?

    I do not want to return to yesterday, it is long gone. But please tell me why my tax dollars should pay for your child to have something to do, a place to hang out and how this is going to fix the original problem in this string?

    If you can detail the above, maybe you could change my mind. But until then enough with the fact that government has to supply your kid with something to do.

  12. I totally agree that our tax dollars should not be spent to babysit your kids. Parents, whether single or step are responsible for raising their kids. Most teenagers today have total lack of respect for anyone other then themselves. This stems from the parents and how they raised their kids.

  13. I think this is a problem that can be addressed by the property manager or the store managers of that shopping center...they just need to talk to the sheriff about it and get the place checked several times in the evenings...
    I would complain to the store managers.
    we have two boys, one a teen and one who is 20 and we keep them busy with school, and working as much as possible. Our oldest works 50+ hours a week and our youngest is a senior and has his own lawn mowing business on the weekends...when they were younger we got them involved in sports, soccer and Little League...our oldest was a soccer referee for over 6 years..there are things for the kids to do, parents need to be diligent and involved with their kids..

  14. Well, some residents want our tax dollars to go to funding a war that was started by George Bush. Some residents have the opinion that unlimited and unaccounted funds are directed to war but no tax dollars shouldn't go for recreational opportunities to assist teenagers and younger children so that these dollare may help young people to achieve their potentials.

    What a bleak assement of how our society and government should be oriented.

  15. We dont eat at the Mexican food place any more due to the teenagers that hang out around the place.

  16. We just had to have the obligatory "George Bush is responsible for the Iraq War, my bad hair, Jeffrey the hamster not spinning his wheel this morning, and all manner of things ad nauseum ad nauseum" comment on this thread.
    We could spend our whole lives blaming others for our problems and nothing would change.
    The responsibility for taking care of my children lies with me, the parent. I know my children best and if they're hanging out in front of a restaurant for hours and hours after school, that means I need to start re-evaluating what I'm doing as a parent, because it's not working. I don't even have to fire one electrical impulse through the synapse in my cerebral cortex if all I'm going to do is blame society and George Bush for my bad parenting skills.

  17. To the poster on 8/31/08 at 5:51 p.m., you have missed the point. The gist of not using taxes for recreation or "butter" types of programs was stated in one of the posts.

    Because of this position in the post, it was very natural to use George Bush" rush to war and the faulty information to justify war Now, the Iraqi war has costs hundreds of bullion of dollars for a war that has taken maoney out of the U.S. coffers that could have been used for domestic programs.

    We also have to remember that Bush's election or more accurately selection in 2000 was very questionable. He was appointed as President by 5 Supreme Court Judges that were appointed by either Reagan or George Bush, Sr. This gang of five have given the people of the UKSA the worst President of the USA whose actions have created problems for this country.

  18. How in the world can a discussion of teenagers and riding bikes in a shopping center evolve in any way to the Iraq war and politics!

    This is the point I have tried to make in two and now three comments in this thread. Stop trying to divert the issue of today's behavior of teenagers and look at the root of the real problem. It lies in the fact that as a society we are failing in teaching our kids good core values.

    There are many out there that are doing a great job, in my line of work I see it daily. Unfortunatley I see the negative side way more.

    George Bush, the Republican Party nor anyone else raised your kids. It was you as their parent(s). If I go on the theory explained in previous posts, I might as well blame everyone else and hope that someday government has more money to suppport all those who never believe they do anything wrong.

    Wow, now I think I have heard it all.

  19. I am confused as to what kind of facilities need to be built to keep kids from making poor choices. We have parks! Pete Peterson, Lazy Creek and a few others are as easy to ride too as the Bike shop! There are roads with sidewalks, there are culdisacs, etc. for bike riders to ride! Hello? The problem is our society promotes conflict and rebellion and is addicted to pushing the line on what is respectful and what is right. Are you telling me these kids need a "specially designed and dedicated" something to know where to ride a bike and not run over people? Are these teenagers low on IQ or what? As for the patrons of the Pueblo and the Bike shop, write them letters, get a petition and make an impact on their business by not supporting it. They are the key to getting the law out there. Use a video camera--everyone has one and video the kids, find their parents, take their bicycles which are on private property, post their pictures etc. There are ways to take back our sidewalks!

  20. To a few of the last posters. Hooray for you, you hit the nail right on the head. It is up to you as parents to be active and aware of what your children/teenagers are doing. I applaud you!

  21. Does anyone know if it is legal to take pictures of these teens riding bikes on the sidewalks, down the handicap ramp, and loitering in front of these stores. Menifee live has a photo gallery. What are the restrictions to posting or at least threatening to post photos? Is it legal? I wonder if the Countryside Marketplace will have similiar problems and if Menifee is prepared to deal with it before it gets out of hand. I know for sure the same problem exists in the Stater Bros. center in front of the Pizza Factory. The skateboarders have had the police called out several times and they still come back.

  22. I have many agreements with some of the above posts. The problem is in how kids are raised. In families with either one single parent, or two working parents supervision during the day may be lacking. Plus, we have ... at least this year ... the year-round multi-track schedules with students being off at all times during the year. At least when they are all off for summer together we may be able to concentrate activities for them. I don't believe it is how many parents are working, but rather as a post said above, with what core values they are taught. I personally don't have the answer *yet* but I will say that we need to work together. My kids are almost grown and for most of their lives I was a stay at home mom. When they were off-track we went places, the movies, museums, camping, etc. They were also involved in soccer, gymnastics, and scouts. They didn't have time to "hang out" since we were so busy. Even when they were home they would have never dreamed about going out and destroying property and hassling strangers. Hopefully there will be more students that will be able to work at the new shopping areas. I know when Kohls opened in Murrieta there were many high school students who got jobs. It is our time to pull together and become a city to be proud of!


  23. I think it is a consensus that children in this community that show no respect to common areas and adults, are a problem for all. If their parents won't resolve these issues, we put pressure on police and elected officials to start prosecuting delinquent behavior, including fining the parents for the cost to resolve these issues. I agree with the previous post..that the new shopping center will be open for gang activity and more young adult criminal behavior.

  24. Before we arrest all of the kids riding their bikes at public places and those adults continuing to thumb their chests about how their kids are supervised and well mannered, lets survey how other communities have provided programs and facilities for youth.

    At this time, there are facilities and programs for the older teenagers (ages 50-90) but none for the younger ones kunder 20 years of age. An urban ill is that we have a number of kids not as fortunate as those with stable families or parent/s that provide the recreational opportunities for them. Yet, these less unfortunate kids literally raise themselves and yes, their attitudes can be surly to adults.

    Again let us spend tax money as other communities have done for recreational opportunities instead of using tax money for just law enforcement. The better answer is to have law enforcement balanced with recreational opportunities.

  25. I would bet that the kids hanging out, causing trouble and being rude are not A or B students and if they are I would be willing to bet they are not honors A or B students. They need to go home, open up their books and focus on school. When they have managed to bring their grades up then they need to sign up for an afterschool activity, club or sport. This will solve some of the problem. The rest of it will be solved by their parents teaching them how to be respectful, responsible, caring citizens. THIS IS NOT THE COMMUNITY'S RESPONSIBILITY!

  26. I work at one of the major warehouses in our area and on a daily basis I get to see rude and pushy people who let their kids run around unsupervised they tear up books, open up product and eat it and put it back, jump one the furniture and not say a darn thing. So if you want to know where the kids are learning this kind of behavior you can look to the parents. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  27. First of all, who are the idiots bashing President Bush and blaming him for the war in Iraq? I guess 9-11 is a thing of the past in their minds, and now he is at fault for our kids? If you look at their spelling, it makes more since who they are. They probably dropped out of fifth grade, or maybe expelled from school in the fifth grade? However, a lot of the people writing in hit it right. As generations change, so do the children growing up in this world. Parents can't control their children, well, some of them, teachers can't teach every child to be a productive adult. The child himself or herself, can make choices in life. Unfortunately, a lot of them are making bad choices. The good news is, most of the children will become productive and responsible adults. Remember when your parents yelled at you for the kind of music you listened to. You thought the music was great, but it didn't fit in with the previous generation. Now you listen to your childs music. My God, what it that your listening to? Sound familiar? Anyway, I don't think building more parks or skateboard parks will solve the problems. The kids causing the problems will either grow out of it, or have time in jail to figure out what life is all about.

  28. So Brian,
    Are the rest of us suppose to just live with it? This is my community too and I don't want to live with it. I had to turn down the music my parents didn't like listening too.

  29. I don't think we need to accept disrespectful behavior from kids in a public place who drive away business...like I said before, let the businesses know they are losing money....that will get their attention.

  30. I agree that Menifee should be providing an area for teens to hang out. I don't agree that their behavior is acceptable in light of others not providing an outlet for them. There are parks to hang out in or they act like responsible citizens when in public. Let law enforcement detain the snot nosed little jerks until their no-account parents or gaurdians show up to take them away. Eventually their parents/guardians will get tired of the phone calls from the sheriff and keep these jerks away from public places.

  31. I guess that I am one of the idiots that concluded George W. Bush invasion of Iraq was based on misleading information, which has costs taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. This invasion has impacted the ability of the federal government to provide domestic programs to states and local communities. Providing social and recreation programs aimed at youth would help with addressing the problem youth.

    For the record, I do not support rude teenagers. However, I try to understand the root problems of rude teenagers. Remember, we also have rude adults that have loud parties in their homes and guests that hog the parking on city interior streets.

    With many houses being foreclosed in Menifee, there will be investors that will buy these houses and turn them into rentals. Some of these houses will be occupied by Section 8 households. Some of these renters will be single head of household or low income families and their children may be leaning to gangs.

    The residents of Menifee must be able to promote programs addressing the needs of bored teenagers and at risk youth. Let us survey how more established communities have handled rowdy teenagers!

    If there is a City Recreation Department established and programs provided, will some of the posters be willing to volunteer so that youth are less incline to ride their bikes or loiter in public places?

  32. To the poster on Sept 01 at 5:21. You cannot be serious in your comment on funding for Iraq has taken away money for other programs and tie that into parks and recreation. If this is the case then I guess emergency aid to foreign countries, to states and counties in our country and every other social program do the same?

    Simply put we have parks in and around Menifee. Try going to one of those parks with a 6 year old like I do and explain all the tagging and trash that is left behind. It is ashame that it is treated that way.

    I am all for parks and recreation as a method of building our kids. However when they do not respect what they have, why would giving more be a benefit?

    It all comes down to good parenting from the start and no amount of parks and recreation will overcome that. Parents need to be responsible and take responsibility for their kids actions period.

  33. We need places for our young people to be. Temecula has their community center. There will no longer be the CSA (community service areas). My kids spent many days enjoying the activities at the Lazy Creek Park rec center (CSA 145). These services need to be replaced by the new city and YES, we as a city and community should fund these centers and activities.

  34. Here is an idea, instead of building a park for them to do nothing at, start a contest where these kids can compete. Use what they like to do to teach them. Kind of like a X Games for Menifee.Let's be a community that enables kids not one that scorns and punishes because they have no direction. Sure, it should be the parents doing this, but do you think the problem of bad parenting will ever go away? S.O.M.

  35. I'm a 40ish parent of 3 children who have plenty of things to do besides roller skating, riding bikes, and skateboarding in public parking lots! It's unacceptable that parents are allowing their children to disrespect their community like this and blame it on "lack of funding (ridiculously blamed on George Bush and Iraq a few posts up!!!) for skate parks". This is craziness! My children do NOT need a skate park to find places to bike and activities to keep them busy that do not IMPOSE on other people.

    Parents: WAKE UP, TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN CHILDREN, AND TEACH THEM RESPECT!!! Stop blaming everybody else and do it yourself. They shouldn't be loitering in public parking lots! From now on, when we see this activity, my family and I will go into the business we had intended to shop/eat at and tell them we will no longer be customers until the problem is addressed. Anybody else want to join us?

  36. do you really think parents are telling there kids to lay down skid marks on sidewalks before they come home, or telling them to grind every bus bench they find idiot....the kids do what they wanna do once there out of the house..

  37. These kids have way to much time on their hands to be loitering in front of stores and restaurants. I have been on my way to my son's football practice and driving on Newport Road when in front of Walgreens, some boys have made a jump with wood and a shopping cart. Would you want your kid playing at that busy intersection?
    Where are these parents? Where are the consequences for these kids actions? There are plenty of youth sports to be involved in or join a High School Club.
    This is just a lack of energy on the parents part.
    You will never see my kids loitering or defacing public property. They know the consequences for their actions. If you know any of these kids, speak up, call their parents, sure the kids might act like little A' Holes, so what, your an Adult.

  38. I just finished a delicious dinner of Tacos (they are only $1 on Tuesdays) from Pueblo Viejo....

    When I arrived there were the usual teens, but; as I entered the restaurant, I was pleasently surprised to see a Riverside County Sheriff communicating to the Owner. When the Sheriff exited the restaurant he then communicated with the teens and they quickly left the property.

    I was so excited that something was actually being done, I asked the Sheriff, and other patrons to check out this site.

    Way to go Menifee!!

  39. That is great news, Leslie! Glad to hear something positive about this situation.

    And to the person above (2:47) who said, "the kids do what they wanna do once there out of the house!"

    That is WHY those parents need to start doing THEIR job. It's a terrible thing to use the excuse that parents don't know what their kids are doing. If you're a parent, then make it your business to know what your kids are doing. You dropped the seed; you gave birth; now finish your job!

    I wish the cops would give a fine to the parents of these kids for loitering in public areas and creating a nuisance. Let the parents feel it in their pocketbooks! MAKE them responsible for their own children.

  40. AMEN!, the parents are responsible for their kids. If they can't keep them out of trouble, then they shouldn't have done the deed!

  41. Many of the posters are making comments about how parents should "ride heard" on their teenagers through a prism of middle class family stability and income level. In a more perfect world, these statements are very valid for other parents and teenagers in similar circumstances.

    Many of these teenagers seen in shopping centers and in front of certain stores are out there because of their individual circumstances. Yes, they need to be controlled more by law enforcement, which is balanced by more recreational opportunities and community based policing.

    In Yuma Arizona, many teenage boys are in gangs and girls are pregnant because their parents or single mother are working two jobs each just to pay the bills. The kids are left alone without parents' supervision. It is a social ill based on socioeconomic factors than values of the parents. Let us look at the root of the problem instead of making general statements.

  42. For the poster at 4:45 am. Yes you are right that times have changed and kids of today are different than those of yesterday. However, that does not excuse a parent from parenting.

    Not all of those kids we see out there are from a "broken" home. I would find that hard to believe. Point is that there are too many kids simply hanging out and doing nothing constructive.

    High school graduation rates have lowered, kids are getting into trouble with law enforcement at earlier ages and teen pregnancy is up. All of this has to stem from somewhere and I believe it comes from the changing of generations. We are allowing kids of today more freedom and abilities and blaming it on both parents working, divorce, foreclosures and so on. In all of the cases above, parents should remember their first priority should be the well-being of their children.

    You are the parent and you are in control. If you cannot control your child, look for the real reasons why and stop blaming the changing society. As a parent you can control the values your child grows up with if you participate in their lives.

    Also how can you compare Yuma Az, with Menifee? According to the statistics, there is a significant difference in median incomes?

  43. Murrieta put a free skate park in at Cal Oaks, and the kids disrespected it so much(i.e. property damage, fighting, etc.) that it became a real problem. We can and should provide parks and recreational activities for the kids in the community, but that will never replace good parenting, respect, or values. I am not saying that parents can control everything their children do, but they can do alot just by trying to teach their children respect. Our attitudes do tend to rub off on our kids, and they can make a difference. --Diane Draper

  44. I know how you compare Yuma to Menifee. It's HOT! The devil's armpit.

  45. A few months ago, I suggested to a lady from the parks department that there should be a skate park constructed in the "hole" located at the corner of Holland and Bradley. It is suppose to be a park but since I have lived here for nine (9) years nothing been done to the area, if one doesn't count graffti, breeding insects, and weeds. Or, just build a ball park, tennis court, soccer field, etc. Sounds good. Some place for the young people to go.

  46. My family and I just bought a house in Menifee on August 22nd. There are a lot of teens/tweens hanging out doing nothing here and there. But, no more than any other area. We moved from Redhawk in Temecula where we rented for 3 years. It was absolutely a nightmare with kids roaming the area. Many nights I had to sit on the side of the house and watch our cars/property. That was one of the reasons we moved away from there.

    We do agree with most of you all that state the parents should tighten up and be more involved. I also think that the community should take responsibility for what is happening. Everyone should feel open to speaking their mind when around these young folks. If there are 5 young boys in front of you at Target and they are cussing and have their underwear hanging out, why don't you say something??? Are you afraid? Everytime I am out with my family and I see a 12 year old with saggy pants or a foul mouth I don't hesitate to let them know that their behavior is unacceptable. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to provoke them or get into any type of confrontation. They just need to know that what they are doing is wrong. I believe 100% in our children being able to have their individual personalitly etc... but with that, they need to be responsible for their actions/choices.

  47. Ditto to all that said parenting is the number 1 problem. I don't care if they are 5 or 15, good values can be taught by single and two parent households. I have 4 kids and none of them get in trouble in their community or school. We teach them to appreciate their home and respect themselves and others. It is not hard...As stated before Parents be Parents and stop trying to play buddy buddy with your kids. It is not fair to them. This is why law enforcement is so active today. To the person stating low test scores, you are correct. A child that repeats more than 2 classes is subject to failing or dropping out of school today. A request to those who love their kids, give them your better and you both will be rewarded! I too will not do business with a place that will allow kids to loitter..so will join you on that quest.

    Honest Jon

  48. When I was a teen in the mid 80's in the LA area there were a number of parks and much to do, but I usually hung out with friends and neighbors at my house or theirs, never once did I think about defacing property or loitering and mouthing off to adults. Every skate park in the area is a drug infested, unsepervised place for kids whos parents fail tp be responsible parents. THE BOTTOM LINE IS WE ARE FACING AN ERA WITH POOR PARENTING AND NO ACCOUNTABILITY. BE A PARENT AND BE THERE FOR YOUR KIDS AND MODEL FOR YOU CHILDREN APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR OR DONT HAVE KIDS AT ALL.

  49. There should be a parenting test...

  50. we need a movie theater and bowling center.it would be good for the teens and the entire community.

  51. Wow, with all the self-proclaimed "great parents" I am amazed there are any problems with unsupervised children in this area. Makes me wonder, hmmm?

  52. i'm sorry--you want a sad story? well i'm one of those single moms, my husband died and i have four sons to raise--alone, with no family in this country or anyone else--my children's ages go from kindergarden to high schoolers!! and guess what? my kids sure as heck don't hang out in any parking lot skating or riding their bikes and disrespecting people! my oldest sons' friends go there to that strip mall all the time--and of course, my son has asked to go too and my answer was NO WAY!! try holding some parents responsible for their kids. i agree with the posters above who think the parents are at fault here. i don't care what your situation in life is, there is always someone else worse off who doesn't have their kids running around the city causing mayhem and being disrespectful. aren't loitering and skating all over stairs and parking spots at private places illegal? there are plenty of things for teens to do around here and plenty of ways single parents can keep their kids doing the right things. stop making excuses.

  53. The community DOES have something for these kids to do--it's called SCHOOL.

  54. From the number of posts, a nerve ending has been touched. Most posters feels that good parenting is necessary to keep the children from frequenting the shopping centers.

    "Kudos" to those parents that their kids are the examples of good behavior! However, we do have a percentage of kids that are frequenting the shopping centers and other public places. We need to find a balance between law enforcement and providing constructive activities for these youth. Let's survey how more established cities have handled similar problems.

    To respond to the poster on 9/1/08 at 5:46 p.m., I wish to state that a strong link is established between the failed George W. Bush Administration. Furthermore, McCaine & Palin can not gloss over the failure of Bush concentrating taxes on a war that he started and providing very little for domestic programs such as recreational activities. The Bush Administration is similar to head of household gambling most of his/her family income on the casinos and providing very little for basic, essential family expenses! Time for a true change. Vote for Obana and Biden!

  55. I do not want my taxes raised so they can redistribute wealth. Obama will put this country in financial ruin. Wake up.

  56. In Response to the poster on 9/6/080 at 5:31 p.m., please explain how Democrats raise taxes when President Clinton, A Democrat left a budget surplus amd George W.Bush.a Republican, has squandered the budget surplus and left us with record deficits for eight years.

    One major reason for these deficits is derived from Bush starting a war in Iraq based on lies and distortions, which should have resulted in impeachment. Because of his -incompetency, there is less money for domestic programs that normally filtrate down from the federal government to the local governmental units such as cities.

    Same as you, I do not want higher taxes. You can join me and not vote for a Bush third term (McCain/Palin).

  57. Vote for Obama and we will all have safer parks, ample recreational areas in which to have our unsupervised teens play to their heart's content, an overflowing budget for domestic splendor which will enable us parents to build HUGE facilities to drop off our kids for their 3 pm to 11 pm enjoyment. It will get us parents off the hook and be the answer to all of our problems.

    Yeah, right....what are you? A 7-year old?

    Sorry, but your posts were too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

    (Oh, and is it "Obana' or Obama - a little confused here.)

  58. In response to the poster on 9/6/08at 7:56 p.m., I read everyday newspapers and watch the "{talking heads" on T.V. to become informed. The facts hurt that George W. Bush is incompetent and has made very poor decisions that should be basis for impeachment. When the facts are validated, it is a sense of denial for you to lash out, mock the messenger, and get personal. One solution for you to overcome your tendency to lash out is read and become informed.

    Have a good night.

  59. I want to read this comment section for input on the problems of Menifee, not to read a political debate. Please start another conversation somewhere else.

    Almost everyone here is correct, parents need to step up. The last thing we need are places where teenagers can continue to gather unsupervised. The good kids are not the kids that need someplace to go, they aren't the ones causing trouble. If we provide a place for all the misplaced kids we are just inviting more problems. I would actively speak out to the city council against a skate park in Menifee.

  60. To the poster on 9/6/08 at 8:49 p.m., the political debate is interelated to the recreational needs and other socioeconomic issues in Menifee. Political discussion and response is appropriate particularly when responding to distorted and mocking comments that Repubicans types are employing on the local, state and federal levels.

    I do think that the City of Menifee should have a Recreation Committee to address recreation needs of the community particularly the youth. I believe that everyone can agree that the recreational facilities are woefully inadequate in Menifee, particularly in the north part of Sun City. Skate Board park would be a good project if operation of it is under adult and professional recreation employees that will eventually be employed.

  61. This is to me an example of what young kids do today and wow they learn it from their parents! Instead of dealing with a problem, let's pass blame and turn the issue.

    A simple discussion of kids riding bikes in a shopping center turns to a political debate of Republicans vs Democrats and who is responsible for money to fund parks. Instead of dealing with the problem of kids and their lack of respect of authority and property, parents whould rather play the blame game.

    Stop this mess of creating an excuse to justify in your mind that everything is someone elses fault and deal with the issue at hand which is good parenting.

    This is not a political debate and should be a discussion on what is best for our kids.

  62. To the poster on 9/6/08 at 10:12, you miss entire points. The problem with bicyclist is only tip of the iceberg. To simply pass off the problem as a parents problem is simply too simplistic.

    It is a multifacet problem that needs to be address from many sources such as community base policing, recreational opportunities and volunteer involvement.

    With the exception of volunteer involvement, it will take money from local, state and federal sources. Hence, the need for funds does bring up politics.

  63. Is Menifee such a big city that it's citizens cannot just take responsibilty and help instead of complain and whine about parenting? How about a little American spirit to be positive about this, go out and do something instead of pointing to "social" problems. All it takes is a couple of do-gooders to change this whole thing around. With the amount of people complaining we could all go over there and change it in about 20-30 minutes....

  64. quote: "we could all go over there and change it in about 20-30 minutes...."

    and it will last all of about 20-30 minutes. Some of us may even be handed lawsuits for harassment of minors. No thank you. I'd rather have the parents do it and when that fails, have law enforcement hit the parents where it hurts - fine them each $500 for their loitering children. Times are different.

  65. We could change it by doing it ourselves? Well, yes to an extent we could for short term. Then my guess is that it will come back but with more issues. Oh and it is not our responsibility to parent for those who do not. Times have changed but again that is not an excuse for kids being disruptive or disrespectful.

    Everyone seems to want to claim politics, community policing and lack of recreational locations for these kids actions. But without good core values what would all these things do? They will fail.

    Oh and are both political parties not claiming we need to instill these core values to our youth? I am no angel myself never would claim to be either. But I can tell you that if I ever caught my kid doing what I have first hand experienced, I guarantee it would be the last time.

    Also I have posted several times on this topic and always I have referred it back to a parenting issue only to have someone oppose it with politics, sad stories and other excuses. I guess what baffles me is why you want to come up with all the reasons, but seem to not want to take the responsibility for your kids.

  66. The debate goes on... We as a city of Menifee are fortunate to have so many parents who will not allow for their children to run loose. With those assurances, we do not hve hordes of kid with bicyclist swarming the public places.

    Yet, there are still those pesky bicyclist who are still there. Do we arrest every last one of them or fine away their parents who probably can not pay anyway? Let the parents sit in jail while their children still do the social curse by riding those bikes. It make quite a story. The street of Menifee.

  67. Actually we don't have to wait for the Menifee City Council to become official to ask that something be done at that shopping center, it's within the incorporated boundaries of the city of Murrieta and is not part of Menifee. Head down to the Murrieta city council meetings and voice concerns over what's happening, it's going to take a concerted effort between the city, the property owner, the sheriff and the teen's parents to get a response.

  68. Nevermind I was thinking of a different Albertsons, not the one on Newport, I retract the last comment.

  69. Bush, Clinton, McCain, Obama, It does not make a difference. They are not to blaim for success or failure in our country. The root of everything lies within congress and the people.

  70. I have been to these places with these so called "unruly teens" and they have the upmost respect for me. They move out of the way, greet me with respect and even open the doors for me. I don't know if maybe these kids know who the mean old folks are and have lost all respect for you, but I give them respect and get it in return. Maybe you should try to stop the whining and crying and just let the kids be kids. They can't stay in the house or school 24/7 as suggested by a poster, but they need to have things to do. The old people around the area are far more dangerous when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle than these kids on bikes. I am a parent of one of these kids and I support this activity 100%. And he is also a great student, never gets in trouble and just likes to ride his bike. Maybe you should break out of your shell and join the year 2008. You'll have a better and much easier time in life if you do. Happy riding BMXers!!!

  71. To Heather--- I too have had a good experience with these so called "bad kids"! In fact, in one instance in front of Albertsons, my son asked them why they don't wear helmets. He couldn't come up with an excuse why he didn't have it on, but promptly told my kids to make sure they ride with theirs. Now I know that's not the best example for other kids but he was nice, polite and helped my cause! Then they showed off a couple tricks (my kids were impressed) and said goodbye. What I'm saying is, don't judge a book by it's cover. They aren't out there asking for money,smoking or damaging property. Is it really that dangerous? Heather is right...some of the seniors driving are more dangerous than these kids!

  72. I am 29 years old and the mother of 2 small children. I was a teenager not that long ago and my parents never would have stood for me loitering in front of a business, jsut hanging out. If they want to ride their bikes then that is wonderful, go to your neighborhood and ride in the street. Make a sign that tells cars to slow down and build a ramp. This way the kids are not damaging public property with thier bikes on hand rails and are not in the way of people trying to get into a business and help provide sales tax to our up and coming city.

    I am glad not all of these kids are rude or destructive but they need find a better place to hangout. The original post was about how they are taking up tables at the Mexican restaurant and blocking the way for people to get in and out.

  73. People in menifee complian about our kids riding bikes on sidewalks, on schools and near businesses, but don't do anything to help them get a skatepark. Its is completely ridiculous to keep on building houses, which will bring more kids, but not have a place for them to ride and have fun.

  74. Menifee needs a skatepark for these kids to ride at

  75. Alright, so we are back to building a skate park again. While I am all for recreational facilities and believe we are way behind in youth facilities, explain how a skate park will solve the problem? If the park is located near say Wheat Field (La Piedra and Menifee) how does that help the kid who lives near Petersen Park (Murrieta and Park City)? I guess we could build several of them to make it easy on everyone.

    Or we could review what the original post was about and address the problem of kids riding bikes on shopping center sidewalks and hanging out at the mexican restaurant and blocking the walk ways with their bikes.

    I prefer to choose the second point. No matter how you look at it, it is an issue. Kids all around America ride bikes on sidewalks and leave their bikes in places they should not. I bet they even do it at their homes sometimes too and you as a parent are frustrated when you have to get out of your car to get into your driveway. If that has not happened to you, then congradulations you have the only kid in America that has never done it!

    What needs to be addressed is the fact that kids are a reflection of their parents and if they are taught to be respectful and responsible, then they stand a chance. Do any of you out there fighting for building a skate park really think that is the cure all? And do you really believe that your child would go there vs hanging out at local business locations?

    If so, and it is true I will help pour the concrete so that I no longer have to move, walk around or over your kids bike again!

  76. Parents who don't have anything for your kids to do...Then move..you knew the area you came in and now you complaining they don't have anything..I am raising 4 kids and they are active in school and sports or work...mmm yeah work. I bet your kids don't even ask if a neigbor need their car wash or lawn at mowed. Cupboard Volunteer at cupboard or at local golf places. We teach our kids listen, we whine they whine.

  77. OK, so after all that what I hear is that the city should fine the parents of unruly kids and use that money to pay for more skate and bike parks in the City of Menifee.

    My daughter asked me if she could go to Wheatfield Park and hang out with her friends, I said what are you going to do play baseball, play tennis, or fly kites? She said "no dad just hang out" I said "No, you can have your friends over here at our house and go swimming or play video games or watch a movie,or bake brownies or something but doing nothing is not going to happen.

    I believe kids should not be randomly set adrift on the rest of society. They need guidance and if the city or the school district can provide said guidance then they should do so.

    My vision is to have many more places and activities for families: Parks, Walking Trials, Movie Theaters, Outdoor eating and shopping areas.

    This may be off point but,
    I would also like to allow good respectful students to be rewarded with more free time and maybe get out of school early. Furthermore, I would like to require students that don't do their homework or study to stay longer in school until they bring their grades up, and become good students. Sounds medieval I know but I can dream can't I?

  78. I really enjoyed reading some of the posts and the broad spectrum of opinion they represent. In thinking about this siuation I was reminded of a part of my childhood I had forgotten. I remember my brothers and I would often play sports in the street after school. I remember my youngest brother hit a ball into a neighbor's yard and it broke a window. Of course we all ran away and the neighbor came over to talk to my Mom and Dad. They of course gathered us all together, had us all apologize to our neighbor and we all paid for the window my brother had broken. We also had to mow their lawn for a month and sweep their sidewalk. I was the oldest and was required by my parents, as punishment for being the oldest and not modeling better judgement, to go out and find a job with one of the local businesses. I was to not only offer my services for whatever they needed to have done (I was ten years old at the time) but I was not to accept any payment for my services. I also had to explain why I was offering up my services for no charge. I went up and down the street and asked every shop owner for five blocks. Not one would take me up on my offer. It was very embarrassing but there were a few people who asked me to thank my parents for them. They had never heard of anyone having to do such a thing. I guess times have changed, but it sure doesn't seem that long ago - 1980.

  79. To the poster 9/11 at 2:33, yes things have changed and I am sorry to say it is responsibility.

    You, your brother and friends had to pay a "debt" back to your neighbor. That was a good thing as I am sure it taught you a lesson.

    Today parents are not involved with their kids activities enough to know what is going on. Kids are kids, they will and do some stupid things and that is part of learning. But so is parenting and taking responsibility for your kids actions.

    If parents would simply put forth the effort and take involvement in the kids activities, things would be much different.

    Thing that gets me is all of the people posting here that want to add facilities as a grounds for kids behaving better. Bad behavior is bad behavior regardless of location. Skate park or not it will not change their attitude unless someone changes it for them.

  80. You All would hide behind computers and talk crap on kids wouldn't you. You know here you can say your word and not get shut down from your ignorant stupid comments. This community is not just about all the old complainers there is many diff age people moving in and if you don't like it then you know the door.

    I am a kid that was yelled at and sits near the bike shop and this is nothing but half the story so for you people to sit hear and listen to this and comment on 1/2 the story is just plain Stupid.

    A. We don't have smart mouth remarks to you unless you Come up in our faces to where we can feel your spit on our face and yell at us when all we did was sit there and take a rest. I know the exact person who wrote this cause its familiar EVERY single word. She walked up the stairs looks at us all with a mean eye went inside. Then stood in the doorway of the Mexican shop with a cell phone pretending to call the cops. After 2 minutes of standing with a phone it was obvious that she was trying to mess with us and we went on talking with out bikes out of where she walked. She then started yelling saying Why are you all blocking the door and MY husband almost fell and hurt him self really bad. We were never there when a elderly man had fallen and almost hurt himself so she just bugged cause she is old and has nothing better to do. Then we said we are not blocking. She with a angry attitude got 2 inches away from my friend and repeated What if he got hurt want me to call the cops????!!! Fed up my friend said it wasn't even me so get out of my face and go yell at someone else. He had nothing to do just sat there listening to the woman and she decided to get in his face. She then left with her food mumbling something and we didn't bother to say anything we where the mature ones and let it go.

    B. You say we jump and we rip down signs. No we don't. If your going to blame us for false things get your proof first to make it true :]

    c. Go to camp? YOU GO TO CAMP!

    d. Building a park for kids and not another park for the older people would help. Its not all about the old people anymore its everyone and from what i know theirs at least 7 different parks from dog parks to golf parks around this area and not one skate park.

    I am sick and tired of elderly people harassing us because where young and there bored and have nothing better to do then sit behind a screen and complain. This town has nothing to do and we finally find something to do and u complain about it. We don't destroy anything we simply ride a bike. we have never been told from any owners to leave so obviously we are not doing anything wrong.

    e. We ride our bikes home on the sidewalk and get yelled at. Have you seen the bike lanes? there 1 foot wide you want us to get hit??

    F. We ride for a hour and we sit down at a table and you act like that's a crime? Its 90 Flip in degree's outside what 80 year old person is going to want to ea there spicy Mexican Food in 90 degree weather? if you would rather us in the air conditioning then we will be happy to trade you spots.

    Stop being ignorant old people and actually do something to help the situation and not steam it up. Sitting here causing problems wont fix anything just cause more problems so mature up and do something good for this 1-100 age community.

  81. I sat down today and read all blogs posted regarding the loitering going on in the above named places by the young adults on bicycles. Once again, for whatever reason, I am still surprised by the huge amount of stupidity being vomited on both sides of the fence. Since the beginning of time there has always been certain groups within “society” that have had problems with “certain” types of people, young and old, race, economic status, etc. and it saddens me that in 2008 we still find it abundant even in small town America aka Sun City/Menifee. People have gone as far as bringing up age, parental responsibility, children’s responsibility, and township responsibility to the war in Iraq. Are you all kidding me? Obviously not – unfortunately. When my son was in kindergarten years ago and had gotten into trouble I found myself apologizing to the teacher for his behavior. This teacher of 40 years of service sat me down, looked me in the eye and simply said that eventually I had to quit feeling guilty or responsible regarding the road or action my son decided to take that day. The it was HIS responsibility and HE would be held accountable for his actions – which only HE could learn from them that way. She then went on to tell me that she had seen children from families that had fathers as ministers in the local community to sheriff’s, firemen and fire women and on to the honorable blue collar workers of all shapes and sizes – men and women - and found “troubled” kids in ANY given situation. It didn’t matter if they were from broken families or not – or what position their parents held in the own lives – it truly ended up being within that child what path they had chosen. But yet here you all are blaming parents, blaming core values, blaming the communities, etc. but have yet to “get involved”. There have been “programs” throughout HISTORY for OUR youth and due to many economic hardships many townships have found it difficult to provide MORE for the youth of today. Whether you want to believe it or not THEY are OUR future….. whether you want to have it happen or not. Having them arrested, calling the police, city council, with nothing but complaints WILL fall on deaf ears. Instead of pulling together as a community – you are looking for someone to blame because frankly it’s just easier to sit and do nothing but complain. Shame on all of you that are ONLY complaining. So it’s an issue – then lets find a solution. The skate park in Murrieta has had its share of problems – but so have MANY other establishments for various reasons and not just because of OUR youth. It’s not a good enough reason NOT to have something or somewhere for these kids to go, hang out and feel safe. I DON’T think approaching them with nothing but negativity is a way to handle it either. Which is something I was witness to today myself and I had to shake my head in astonishment. I wouldn’t want to be approached either out of nowhere being yelled at – would YOU? Clearly not but many feel it is their right to do so – justifying this behavior by doing a community service – what?! The person complaining was NOT a business owner – nor did ANY of the business owners get involved. If it was truly that big of an issue don’t you think they would have been involved during today’s incident? I am a business owner myself and surely if it was a patron of mine I would have intervened but NOTHING happened except for this person making it HER business to harass these young adults. Frankly I can see why it would irritate them. I do respect my elders and throughout my life have done my best to continue on with those values and pass them on to my own, but to see what I saw today was NOT justified for any reason by either party. If she didn’t want to hear what they had to say then she should have not started the argument to begin with. When you approach with an attitude – you have a higher chance of getting an attitude back. This makes me think about the movie “Freedom Writers”. Maybe those of you that haven’t seen it should rent it and those of you that have seen it – watch it again. There is good within every person – if there are enough people willing to look and lend a helping hand. There are just as many problems within the “older” community as there are with any other. Has anyone checked out the Megan’s Law website and how many “older” pedophiles reside within the city limits? Should we start picking on them next? Instead lets not be so quick to judge but band together – old and young – and find some common ground within the community. If you want to throw stones there are many but what does it really solve? History has shown us as much hasn’t it – do we really, as a so called civil society, have to repeat history BUT learn from it instead………..We ALL can make a difference for the better – how about we ALL give that a try for a change. I’m sure with enough time given a meeting can be held – attitudes checked at the door and a solution found. Is that really too much to ask?

  82. To the poster on 9/11 at 6:14. Yes there has been a tremendous amount of response to this. Maybe too much and I certainly can say that I have contributed way too much.

    However I am curious about your comments. You are 100% correct in the fact that kids will do what kids will do. But do they not stand a better chance of doing well if they are brought up a "certain" way? (I am refraining from ideals such as core values, respect and so on).

    In your comments you talk about adults arguing with kids. Well could it be frustrations of getting older and not moving as well as you used to? I can tell you that I am only 44 years old but with some significant health issues and it is somedays difficult to be as amble as I would like. I believe that regardless of age or health a sidewalk is for walking not riding or parking. I should not have to walk around or over someone's bike while they sit there idle and watch. That is lack of respect plain and simple.

    I would never agree that arguing with a child is proper for an adult. I also believe that showing disrespect to elders is not proper either. So where does that leave us? If kids are our future, do we want "the future" to be disrespectful to the community and it's elders?

    Now I can hear someone out there right now telling me to go back to my little house on the praire. Well I have never lived there and never will so save that thought. It is beyond me that so many responses have come out on this and very few people have actually offered solutions. Instead everyone wants to blame someone else.

    This started as a statement that kids are a danger when riding bikes in a certain shopping center. That is fact regarless of riding on the sidewalks or in the parking lot. Leaving your bike on the sidewalk is a danger to any pedestrian who has to walk around it and yes we do have an elderly population that deserves some sympathy as we all will hopefully be there someday.

    So with all that said, if I left my ego in check at the door for a meeting what would we talk about and how could this problem be solved? I have posted on this topic numerous times and always said that parents need to have a larger role in their kids lives and teach good values. With that in mind kids will be kids, but how do you or anyone else out there suggest we solve or curtail this issue?

  83. Reply to the poster last night at 10:30pm.

    I COMPLETELY understand the frustrations everyone is facing with this issue and lack of respect those feel they are getting from these young adults. However when I was there witnessing what I did – unfortunately people who don’t give respect usually don’t get it either (no matter which age group) which is a lesson I learned early on in life. The woman that approached these young men was extremely disrespectful and had even gotten so close to one of them she was in fact spitting in his face – which someone CAN be arrested for – “spitting” is NOT a good thing and frustrated or not – it was not a way to handle the situation.

    I do as well have aliments that keep me from being as agile as what I once was. I have difficulty moving and walking at times – but I don’t look for others to blame for my own inflictions. There have been many times I’ve gone somewhere and grown adults have refused to move to make my walking by easier. The list of disrespect in every age group has been enormous – but again unfortunately what I’ve come to accept is that it’s the age in which we live in. Do I agree with it – certainly not and at times I’ve done what I can to “teach” others why it’s important to be respectful, help others, etc. I often look at life as a “pass it forward” mentality. If I’m passing kindness, respect, etc. “forward” hopefully it will and can make its way back to me one day. I feel not only the elderly should be given “sympathy” but each and everyone for that matter. Nobody truly knows what kind of day each person has had, if they’ve had a parent stricken down by cancer, lost a job, house, etc. but everyone assumes that “their” crisis is of upmost importance and don’t really WANT to be bothered with any thing outside their OWN agendas – which is kind of why there is the problem we are facing today not only with this but as a nation. Granted I’m not the perfect person and I don’t want to come off sounding as such, but the hatred I’ve seen in my lifetime – I agonize over having to see it continuing today.

    I’ve lived in this area for over 22 years now and have seen many changes. I actually would LOVE having someone tell me to go back to some little house on the prairie but like you – that impossible to do in these days and times. I agree that the kids should NOT be riding their bikes in places that could injure someone including themselves. I also agree that bigger better bike lanes should be worked into the budget. Has anyone seen the conditions in which these kids are given to ride or adults for that matter? At some points in the roads you are taking your life in your own hands trying to get from point A to point B. with no other alternatives. That should be high on someone’s list to make sure there is adequate bike access for people to ride.

    As for leaving bikes in pathways – it is a hazard and I would like to see the owners of the businesses make room for them to park their bikes or kindly ask them to move their bikes off and on to a place they aren’t disrupting pedestrian or vehicle traffic. I’ve seen businesses do this and have had great results by doing so. The businesses are gaining revenue from these young adults buying drinks and such, so help accommodate them and your needs for walking AND parking. I don’t think it is too much to ask and this would and could avoid what seems to be the number one complaint.

    I happen to believe and have seen it work that there can be a meeting point between the generations of people who visit this area. Like mentioned yesterday – throughout history there have been many issues like this one. In the 50’s there were the “greasers” hanging out at the local diner, just as many girls were getting pregnant and some were getting shipped off to have their babies in secret, etc. What I’m hoping now is that with the age of technology that we have today – obviously here we are “blogging” about this – we can and will find some common ground.

    Like mentioned yesterday – I am a business owner myself. If I was one of these business owners – the bike shop, or Mexican food restaurant, etc. I would as that business owner take it upon myself to find a solution to create some common ground. It has been done before with success and I believe can be done again. Get a bike rack – use up one “parking” space or so for them to park their bikes, let them be social – get to know them – I think many would be surprised they actually have interesting things to say when not provoked into a fight. The only way to teach them something is to become a mentor, friend, and acquaintance – not a martyr, enemy or grumpy old(er) person. Most of the greasers from the 50’s I hope aren’t the ones complaining today – now that would actually be kind of funny. I’m personally trying not to age myself here.

    So there is a suggestion. I would like to propose that the patrons kindly ask the business owners to possibly install a bike rack so they have somewhere to park their bikes. Require that if they are to use the tables or facilities they have to purchase something to do so – that’s not too much to ask. I bet they would be more willing to purchase something and more if they were treated like everyone else. Yesterday I did see the kids with items however – not all but some – make that a condition of using the facility like mentioned. Everyone has to purchase or those that don’t cannot use the tables out-front. Personally I let them have the tables at the times they are there – it’s too darn hot for me to even want to sit out there any way.

    If those don’t want to see tax dollars go towards some kind of skate park – etc. then expect these kids to find “somewhere” to hang out – like the greasers did before them and so on. It’s a place for them to socialize like we all did at one time. There is NOTHING more frustrating then dealing with elderly people like my own mother or father that conveniently “forget” what it was like to be a kid, teenager, etc. Come on now – life wasn’t all that perfect when we were kids either – and we faced some of these same issues – so let’s think back to the greatest people WE knew and how they made us feel welcome, treated us fairly, and made it okay to be a teenager without prosecution. We can either keep trying to find decent solutions or end up agonizing over the same problems as many have before us with negative outcomes.

    How much is a bike rack? I’d be willing to donate time and money…….how about you? I bet the kids would as well…..you’d be surprised.

  84. I deleted some comments on here because they use cuss words and hate speech. Kids are welcome to comment here, but they have to keep it civil.

  85. Thanks Steve. Since I have posted several times on this topic in favor of better values taught to our kids, I guess that is an example of what I have been trying to say all along. Some kids have no respect.

  86. Exactly^^^^^^^^^ SOME kids have no respect so remember that and dont come down hard on EVERY single kid u come across.

    Im almost 18 and older then i look and i get treated like im 14 from some people cause they see me and instantly have no respect. I am almost a adult and expect you to give me the respect im willing to give you.

    -Kid from the shop

  87. I would agree that some people get stereo-typed. However, respect is earned and if people treat you with a lack of respect based on just looking at you..........

  88. Can we please get back on topic and try to quit using this as a forum to "bash" whether or not people are behaving in a way in which you believe they should .... young or old? I find it sad that after someone actually posted a SOLUTION no one had anything to say. Yes finances are tight for everyone .... but they offered their time and some money to help install a solution that would be beneficial for BOTH parties, young and older, yet no one else has either posted a better solution or agreed to help them out with this one. That is unfortunate. I would be willing to help out the poster with donations and time also to install a bike rack and also talk to the business owners in a "kind" way to see what they think about such a solution. I to believe that it would resolve what appears to be the number one complaint. I am from the "generation" of the 50's diner kids and I would like to give them a bit of what I grew up with, which was a place to hang out. When did my generation become one that thought that it was okay to be hateful, demanding and also just as disrespectful to those that didn't act a certain way. I didn't appreciate it when I was a teenager and don't believe acting as such as a senior is any more beneficial to the younger kids of today or any one for that matter. They also made a decent point of the many pedophiles that live in the area in our "senior" community. I would dislike it very much if I was to be lumped in with them just because I am a senior citizen. So please, lets be positively active here instead of pointing fingers. It hasn't done any good for any one. Again, I would be willing to help donate time and money to the business owners to install a bike rack or something to benefit young and old. Any one else out there with a positive response?

  89. To the young poster that used profanity in describing old people, your responsed took away from your arguments and support that many readers began to have for the bicyclists. In the future, present your arguments and your comments in a factual and civilized manner. As the old adage goes, you catch more flies with honey than with vineger.

    As for the older people, I have found more than 90% very supportive of teenagers and glad to be around them. Yes, there are old biddies and grumpy old men who are resentful to have kids around. Kids, ignore these grumpy types of old people and respond to the older ones that will smile and be friendly.

  90. Hey I just had a thought...

    To the "bike shop kids" that are reading this post-

    Next time you are all sitting out by the mexican restaurant and there is a bike in someone's way that they are about to walk past, move it (without being asked);or if you see a senior citizen, a parent with their kids, or anyone for that matter struggling to get in, or out, of ANY door...help them out! I'm telling you that if you just do little things like that, the complaints would stop.

    Just for the record, I am not one of the people complaining about you! I actually posted a positive blog about the situation. I'm just saying that if you see someone that needs help, has their hands full, or a little old lady that drops her purse...lend a hand. It's a win win situation! They will pinch your cheeks and think you are so cute and you will feel great inside!

  91. Hey everybody the Californian just posted an article on this today.
    See if the link works below


  92. WOW what a HOT topic! People let's work on this... KIDS: be polite, wave at people, smile, stay out of the way of cars or elderly. Don't block the way. Just do it!
    OLD PEOPLE: be polite, wave at the youth, smile :) at them and stop yelling accusations at the kids. Just do it!
    EVERYONE: Let's take all this pent up energy, and do something positive. There had to be 30 people who posted, what do you say?
    I'm game. I know we can get the kids cooperation to help. They actually don't like "hanging out" at the bike shop. BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Most of them are athletic and ride for the pleasure of the sport. Call me at 672-3660 DD

  93. Come on people choose your battles so the kids hang out so what! They could be stealing your car,breaking in your home or dealing drugs. Get a life the kids are not criminals. And you talk about respect GIVE IT AND YOU MAY GET IT BACK!!!!!!! I agree with Sergeant Elwell people forget what it is like to be a kid.

  94. Why should anyone just ignore the reality of the situation based on the concept that they are kids?

    I am all for kids having something to do. In most cases too many kids have nothing to do and therefore get themselves into trouble. But why is it that so many people on this site say that simply building a skate park will be the answer?

    We could build three or four and the kids with issues will still be the kids with issues. All I have been trying to say all along is that if parents were willing to spend more time parenting that maybe some of the issues would be minimized. Does it not start at home?

  95. I know about 20 of these kids you are talking about. In fact a lot of them live by me. Now I personally dont ride BMX [which by the way is what it is called], But I have gone with my friends while they were riding. And there is no one place where they are allowed to ride. No matter where we go, someone always says they are going to call the police on us. This includes local parks, shopping centers, and even the street where we live. So you say that we are going to hurt someone else, I have been with these boys for over a year now, and the only time anyone gets hurt, is when they fall. You want us so badly out of your way, then give us a place to ride. With good jumps, good rails for grinding, and a place stop flatland riders. You say that we have the smart mouths. I have heard my friend apologize to people as they were walking by, and have the people yell back at them. So if you really want the BMXer's out of your way, Give them a place to ride. The closest place for them to ride is 30 min away and it costs money for them to get in. Many of these boys are to young to have jobs.
    If you want them out then build a skate/bike park for these kids That doesn't cost money. That's what you should be asking the Menifee City Council for.

  96. Oh dear...what has this world come to?
    Obviously, we have biased opinions in the thread. There are "older" people claiming to be more "mature" and include irrelevant topics like the election and the war in Iraq and such to try to resolve such a petty problem.

    These are kids. These kids [currently] live in the year 2008. All they know is school, home and their hobby. I am friends with a large amount of those bikers. I am also friends with a lot of the elderly around here [I'm active at my church, which is attended mainly by the elderly]. I can see the problem coming from both sides.

    And quite frankly, building a park won't do anything. The Albertsons shopping center is the place to be. Almost as much as the Target on Antelope. There is next to nothing to do in this hot, raggedy town.

    I'm excited that they're finally going to open the new plaza next to the freeway. It's obviously a wider space than the Albertsons shopping center and it's another place for these kids to go. You'll see soon enough that these kids will disperse the shopping center.

    And if not, you DO know there are kids that eat something. They may not ALWAYS be on the bike, or maybe not ALWAYS be eating something, but some of them are paying customers as well. And if they don't bother anyone, live and let live. I know as a Sun City/Menifee resident of 11 years that that place has history to these kids.

    So really...don't make a big deal out of things that are better left alone. I know how it is with the "older" people exaggerating the stories [I should know, I live with 2 of them]. These kids are just looking for a place to ride their bikes without getting yelled at.

    Something so simple that people are taking way out of proportion. If you have any problems with me, or my response, don't post it here. E-mail me so I can talk to you one-on-one. My e-mail address is xpilixpilix@yahoo.com.

    Take care of yourselves, and eachother.

  97. I'd have to disagree with most posting, kids don't need a place to go? If they are over 16 they should be at home studying or have a job? They are kids, of course they are going to want to go and do other things. Lets be realistic here, I'm sure these kids aren't knocking over old people as they ride their bikes in the parking lot. If you don't want them there then build them somewhere they CAN go.

  98. It starts with parenting? These kids are doing nothing wrong, they are simply riding their bikes, they aren't out to cause a ruckus! They aren't riding their bikes in the Albertson's parking lot because they have bad manners. It's Menifee, honestly where else do you expect them to go?

  99. Let's just put it this way, THESE KIDS NEED A BIKE PARK.

    Not just a skate park for skaters, or scooters, a bike park.

    I know most of these BMXERS and they arn't trying to cause trouble, all they are doing is riding, and for sure staying out of trouble.

    So maybe if menifee builds a bike park, then their wont be any complaints.

    && yeah there is a few sakte parks, but they are all 30-40 mins. away, and gas isn't cheap these days!
    so stop reading our complaints and do something about it!


    So good job BMXERS!
    I'm Glad you are all staying "fit"
    and not just "SUPPOSABLY"
    Smoking, or drinking.
    Skaters also skate on private property, dont just blame the bikers.



    Street stuff (stairs)
    & Flatlanding stuff.


    Those guys are 86.7 % dedicated to biking.
    the other % goes to school (and they arn't dumb!) family, friends(biking with them too) and sleep.


    Again, good job bikers!
    Stick up for what's right!





    OWN UP TO WHAT YOU SAY............




  101. ^^^^^^^^^^^

    Totally agree with the last two!



  102. I believe that a bike park would be benifitial. I would also like to know why we don't have a program like Murrieta's boys and girls club available for after school activities. The after school program that we do have is not easily accessable and to limited? MY KIDS ARE VERY BOARD when not in school and due to the multitrach school system often don't have their peers to socialize with. I believe that excessive internet and tv use is not healthy either. What young preteen and teens need is a place they can be kids with other kids that can be supervised. When my older children were younger teens and we lived elsewhere there were programs sponsered by the city rec dept that fit this bill. Where is that here?

  103. We can all sit here and put blame on others, fact #1 is you are on this site reading about your community because you care, others are responding because they care. Fact #2 The parents of these kids that are just hanging out at these locations have no idea were all sitting here talking about this problem,and either have no idea where there kids are or DON'T CARE, There for nothing will change until the parents do something. IT STARTS AT HOME...
    I as a parent know where my kids are at all times, and 95% of the time they are with adult supervision, I have been living here in Menifee since 1993, I have children ranging from 10 to 28, and yes they all have been involved in sports, and yes they all love there Bikes,Skateboards, scooters, depending on what there in to at the time, A Bike/Skate park in the area would be great, Only if it has Adult supervision at all times, and we all know the only way to do that is to charge for admission, there for most of the parents are going to complain about that, besides that won't help the loitering problem with kids, those kids won't go to the skate park because now there is someone there to tell them when they brake the rules, So it's a catch 22...
    And just for the record.....I have 2 Grown Son's that are currently in the Military, Both have been to Iraq. And both are due to be Deployed again in Jan. I as there Mom and a United States Citizen Support our Country and our Troops. Not saying I agree with the War. But I am very Proud of them both.

    Land of the FREE because of the BRAVE

  104. parents dont really have anything to do with it?
    i mean?
    its what the kids want, and what the kids want is a bike park!

  105. well i would first like to say that i am one of those "destructive bicycle riders" and i think that all kids should have something to do besides school.This is what they love to do and it isnt anyones right to take it away.For all those senior citizens out there, how would you like it if we took away your shuffle board courts.You wouldnt be so happy, would you..Maybe now that we have become a city we can finally have a skatepark so all of us "hooligans" can have a place to ride our bikes in peace without constantly being kicked out and hassled by everyone.Dont you senoirs have something else to complain about.When you tell us to leave,we do.We dont argue or smart mouth to anyone because we know it is wrong.We are just kids and even some of us are adults, we just do what we love to do.PLEASE, LEAVE US ALONE OR AT LEAST DO YOUR COMMUNITY SOME GOOD AND BUILD US A SKATEPARK! PLEASE!

  106. TO: Skate Boarders and Bicyclists BEWARE!!!


    City of Menifee Residents will soon see what is allowed and not allowed. Been to the City of Temecula (Temecula has a beautiful skate park) and Murrieta lately? Police there do enforce rules that rude and disrespectly teenagers (and people in general) feel they have a right to over power people on their two feet and wheel chairs. Wait until you are older, wiser and just plain grown up, then you will look back and be ashamed of your selves!

    GET A CLUE!!! MANY of you deface (DESTROY) property everday and who pays for it? Well it is not you. What right do you have to create damage and run people off of the sidewalks? Sidewalks are for wheel chairs and people that walk on two legs with their critters. What ever happened to common courtesy (ADULTS... try teaching your childern manners... gee whiz, I forgot, many of them have have not grown up either)? Stay in the street and abide by the traffic laws that are set forth you. See your local Police/ Sherriff or CHP offices and read the rules of the road where you all belong.

    AND YES, a skate park is a wonderful idea and take time to creat, costs many $$$ to build, up keep and improve. Everyone needs to look at the bigger picture if that's at all possible for the peanut sized brains of this area. Did you all move from Temcuala/ Murrieta because your families could not deal with rules? To bad so sad and deal with what is coming for the future years of the CITY OF MENIFEE.

    Peace Out!

  107. To the Bicycle Rider. There are Loitering laws you need to obey. No one wants you to stop riding your bikes. Just stop riding them in Busy shopping mall parking lots or on the sidewalks in front of the stores. Be respectful to Adults. You should have learned that from your parents.

  108. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    The thing is, they have no where else to ride?
    Where do you want them to ride?

    Make a bike-park

  109. It seems that we all have something we can complain about.... "kids are rude"...."adults are rude"...etc., but there doesn't seem to be much talk about compromise. The bike riders and skateboarders want a park. The patrons want to use their shopping center. What is being done to meet both requests? It's time we all put our heads together and come up with a solution that will benefit both sides.

    Both sides will have to do some work and it will take time and commitment do get the job done.

    BIKE RIDERS AND COMPANY: You want a park???...start writing letters to your city. Maybe find out what you can do to get the ball rolling. Do something besides complain about the situation. Do some fund raising. Make it better yourselves.

    EVERYONE ELSE: Give them a hand..donate some time or money to the cause. Show them what they need to do to get the job done. It will give them some ownership in the city, something to be proud of. Do something besides complain about the problem.

  110. Look Here!! We have a problem at the new Menifee Market Place already!! Skateboarders and bicylists abusing property, running people off of the side walks and being RUDE as usual!! HEY SHAWN!! There is always compromise but we need time! The City incorporated just 14 days ago and fund raising takes alot of money to aquire a site to start. Bottom line... These kids and so called adults of these kids need to STOP defacing property period! Get in line because there needs to be alot of patience from everyone and it first starts with the adults at home who raise these disrespecting kids that think nothing about anyone but themselves.

  111. Anonymous,

    First, I apologize if I offended you with my post. My tone may have come off as pointing the finger at you and that was not my intention.
    I absolutely agree. It will take time, it is a problem, and it does need to stop.

    What do you suggest as a remedy? What would you do to prevent or stop the problem. Please don't say make their parents be responsible. We have no control over how people parent. Also, kids tend to push the boundaries when mom and dad aren't around anyway. We are a community and all have an impact on the youth here.

    Let's use this forum to brainstorm and find out what avenues we can take to solve the problem.

  112. my kids act disrespectful while there out alone, or with me and there mother in public . i must admit i would be the first one to blister there asses. to many ppl have told us over the years what we can and cant do with our kids..i grew up old school with getting my butt busted if need be. i think i a little more disipline will stop the bratty children most of you are popping out.

  113. Wake up Menifee.

    remember when you were a kid? remember when it was fun and lots of fields to play in and didn't have to worry so much about some scum bag stealing your kid? build one less neighborhood, stop building shopping centers and build a family fun center with a nice size skate park attached, oh and put in a cpl water slides too, lets not forget it gets over 110 here in the summer..invest in your community Menifee and stop lining your pockets with big developers over building the area..give a little bit back you may find a little more support from the local tax payer.

  114. Wake Up Menifee has no clue about building a new City. The City of Menifee has many hurdles to climb over and everyone is going to blame the City for everything that's not right. You can always thank the County of Riveside over most of your disappointments that you will continue to see for many years to come. It takes development to build a tax base and for the people to spend money here to add the $$$$ to our banks. Do you have LOADS of money that grow on trees? So where do you expect the $$$$$$$$$ to come from?

    See how the far the City of Temecula has come since they incorporated in 1989? That's 19 years and it took at least the first 5 years to transfer most of mess of paperwork the County had to the City. Residents don't understand the process and need to get involved before casting the stones. So where is your REAL remedy here?

  115. There are a couple of other solutions that can be looked at other than the city building a park. Relying on the city will get old fast. It's not to say that they won't come through, I am sure they will eventually.

    Solution one: An indoor skate/bike park opening up. If any of the previous "build a park now" posters are serious enough, than they should open up a park.

    Solution two: When I was growing up, we were into skateboarding. We caught lots of grief in out town for hitting the shopping centers/malls up and grinding all the curbs and buwting all the handrails. So, the local church built a steel bowl, nice half pipe and a little street section. A very small amount of thoese kids actually went to church there, but all it did was give them something to do and showed them that we care about them. Certainly one of the local churches can do something here.

  116. y dont all u guys get a life and let the kids ride!!!
    better than durgs!!!!!

  117. As a local cyclist, i will continue to wage idealogical war on your capitalist scum, gas guzzling economy. We are growing in numbers, devotion, and strength, and as we grow, you will feel our wrath, from the full bike racks, to the kids screaming at passersby from colorful bicycles. We are here to stay, and by will continue to raise hell, so cover your kids' eyes, because we are obviously having more fun than you.

  118. the liberation of albertsons shopping center is the first of many. Bike lanes for all!

  119. Unfortunately, sun city is the capital of the elderly people. They have forgotten what being a teen ager is all about. Yes, I think the kids should be more careful but I also think that the old folks have nothing else to do all day with there time than to sit around thinking how to bother the kids. Come on people, leave the kids alone. We all have to put up with the old folks behind the wheel. it is just as dangerous. Let's call it even.

  120. Laws will still be in place to enforce the rules and as usual many people young to old will still break them and argue about how stupid they are. What is wrong with everyone?