First Tree of Menifee

Just wanted to make a clarification on the sapling to be presented to the City of Menifee by the Pechangas. First, it's the "first...

Just wanted to make a clarification on the sapling to be presented to the City of Menifee by the Pechangas.

First, it's the "first tree of Menifee", not the "official tree of Menifee" as I had titled.

Second, it's the City of Menifee that extended it's invitation to the Pechangas to attend the event, and that the City requested a sapling to become the "first tree of Menifee". What I wrote earlier misconstrued it the other way around, with the Pechangas awarding us with a sapling.


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  1. I just don't get the tone from your original posting re: this tree.
    We as tax payers are not giving them $30,000 a month. We are simply allowing them to keep revenues (from a really good idea as to how to make $$).
    A reservation is like an eternal internment camp, which we created many years ago.
    Don't tell me that you wouldn't take a $30,000 stipend a month?

  2. MENIFEE'S TREE; LOVE THIS IDEA! love it, love it, love it! The Mighty Oak tree is a thing of beauty!

  3. The tone of the original post was sarcasm.

    The city is simply using the sapling as a way to start a new relationship with the Pechangas, who do in fact own land in Menifee, they even have a burial ground here.

    The $30,000 is not taxpayer money. It's a reference to what each Pechanga earns from the casino profits. Basically, we pour money into the slot machines, and they split the profits with everyone in the tribe. It works out to about $30,000 a month for each man, woman, and child.

    The "Internment camp" analogy doesn't apply. No indian is forced to live on a reservation. They can live in the same places we live, and work the same jobs we work.

  4. Incorrect, the per cap is not given to children. They start earning the $35,000 per month when they turn 18 years old.

  5. Steve O' is just jealous becasue the Indians sent out to better their lives via the white man pissing away his earnings in a casino.

  6. Nah, I'm just jealous cause it'd be nice to open a casino of my own!

  7. WOW!!! are you people serious?

    How about we send this post and the original post to the Pechanga band and see if they take offense to any of it. OOPS... I already did. :)

    One thing you can capitalize on in this society... human greed and lust for money..... its a profitable business and anyone who recognizes this fact will become very rich. Lets contrast shall we... las vegas garners billions of dollars from its operation yet we see people all around that "community" living in the streets in abject poverty... Pechanga casino earns a lucrative amount and distributes it amongst their people.

    The folks that spend their money in the casinos are not the victims as one can take away from the initial post, rather, they are the enablers of an operation that simply capitalizes on the human element of greed and lust for money....

    You have managed to twist a symbolic gesture of good will to one that addresses the underpinnings of racism. Very well done.

  8. I cannot begin to believe Steve's post.

  9. Underpinnings of racism? How did you get from me wanting everyone to have the same freedoms and priviledges that indians get, with being a racist?

  10. Because this is Menifee... And the residents here drive me nuts with their comments. You can have a simple blog talking about sign removal, and look what it turned into with the whole Menifee Lakes HOA mess. Or Prayer at City Council Meetings. How many comments are there between people and religion? I am embarassed for our City that people outside of Menifee read all this garbage.

  11. Why would you want the same "freedoms".

    I wouldn't - I want to KEEP my land. The last thing I need is the Gov't coming in to snatch it up from under me.

  12. Wow. I can't believe this original article or the comments posted after the fact. Almost all the "facts" that the people state in their comments are wrong, the only correct fact being the "oak tree is a thing of beauty". I don't know where anyone got their "facts" from but I will tell you that they are wrong, and the most annoying one is calling the people the pechangas. Pechanga is the name of the reservation. The people are listed officially with the government as Luiseno. But it seems to be all the same to everyone here, so who cares right? Lastly no one ALLOWS the tribe to keep their revenue, it is a business like any other, and the tribe, as owners of the business, profit from it. If this bothers anyone, then don't solicit the business.
    I just came back from the casino tonight. I LIKE going there. I like the HBO fights and I got to see Bob Dylan play there.

  13. Maybe it's more correct for me to say that my beef is with the State of California. Everyone should have the right to build a casino, so long as it is with respect to local zoning. There should never have been a compact that grants a monopoly to tribes for casinos.

    I agree, my wife and I enjoy the casinos, and I support tribes operating them. But this ain't the 19th century anymore. Either allow everyone the freedom to build casinos, or don't allow anyone. That makes it fair and equal for everyone.



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