Don Harris to Speak on Menifee Valley Talk Radio

Don Harris, a board of director on the Menifee Lakes Master Association will be a guest on this Sunday's edition of Menifee Valley Talk Radio.

According to Therese Daniels...

Mr. Harris will be speaking about some of the malevolent strategic tactics of the existing board to manipulate the election to its favor. Is this really representing the titleholders?

Whether voting in a major national election such as the Presidency of the United States or simply choosing the next terms board of directors in your local HOA it remains imperative to obtain as much information pro or con as possible. Knowledge is the best defense against unscrupulous power seekers.

I will be sending more on this before the end of the week. Since so many HOA's are near their election time, I am concentrating on this subject this Sunday.
You can hear the show live, this Sunday at 7:00pm, on the Internet at...

Considering the recent discussion on the MLMA, it's sure to be a well-listened show.

(Update: Oct 16, 2008, 10:52pm: from this point forward, commenting is turned off for this article)


  1. Things I'd rather do than listen to Don Harris.

    #1- Root canal work.
    #2- Be dipped in Acid.
    #3- Vote for Obama

  2. Hey I think you should do those things.

    I have access to some muriatic acid I will sell you cheap.

    I can reccommend a really bad dentist for you.

    And I would think twice about the Obama thing, could last a long time!

    Ha ha!

  3. I'd rather go "fish" at Maybe Don will join me; I understand he knows a great fishing hole in Murrieta.

  4. I am so glad that i moved away from Menifee Lakes. Don Harris just keeps adding insult to the wounds there. Why doesn't he just go away and leave the nice people of Menifee Lakes alone. The beach club was a much more pleasant place to go to after he was fired. Don take your toys to another sand box to play, because the people of Menifee are pretty sick of you.

  5. Hey Don Harris, before you take your toys and find another sandbox to play in, how 'bout returning all the stuff you took that belonged to the association!

  6. The last three posts are all from RICK SAVARD.


  7. Remember Mr. Savard,

    We're not playing in a sand box. Isn't that what you said to Judy Hyneman?

  8. Don Harris has chosen to be in the media?

    This is a complete breach of the MLMA Board Code of Conduct!! Check it out at and review the Code of Conduct available there. This guy is out of control!

  9. Harris- you are amazing!! You inject yourself into public matters by becoming a candidate; yet you cry when you are scrutinized. You remind be of the school yard bully who finally gets what he deserves. Cry big boy, cry.

    BTW- did you run this by your Defense Attorney? Are you sure you won't say anything that will cause additional damage to you? Be careful. Be VERY careful; as this show will be recorded!!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. The last three posts are from Rick Savard.


  12. Personal attacks that offer nothing constructive, I'll delete it everytime.

  13. Harris- how many retired Marines do you think will be listening to this program?

  14. Someone seems to have a fetish for a "Rick Savard". Seems logical that it must come from Don Harris. Is Rick Savard one of the people who has a Restraining Order against Harris?

  15. What could Harris possibly say that we haven't already heard before?

    There are three standard responses from Harris:

    1. "That's a lie"
    2. "My brother is an Attorney"
    3. "and the Courts will decide"

    I would prefer to listen to a mime on your radio show, rather than Harris!

  16. Harris is NOT qualified (nor authorized)to represent the MLMA Board!

    1. He was awol from meetings for most of the year!

    2. Hasn't participated in anything productive or beneficial to the community.

    3. Continues to act for his own self interests, which is a breach of fiduciary duty!

    4. Continues to expose this membership to liability by his actions and behavior (which has resulted in at least two Restraining Orders)

    5. Does NOT have Board approval to speak "for the Board".

    6. Harris is a disgruntled contractor who SUED his own membership! He has sued MLMA, the Riverside Sheriff's Dept, five ( yes, 5) members individually of this association, A Deputy of the RSO,Riverside County, and Sheriff Bob Doyle (RIC458659).

    7. Harris is disruptive in the few board meetings he does attend and continues to breach the code of conduct required of all board members. ( Harris actually "flipped off", gave "the bird" at a little old lady who attended the last meeting!)

    8. Harris does not know how to tell the truth.

    No, Harris does NOT represent the MLMA Board and he is obligated to make that known!

  17. Wow, this is some crazy stuff. I'm so glad I didn't buy into Menifee Lakes. You guys have a real problem.

  18. Harris is NOT qualified (nor authorized)to represent the MLMA Board!

    1. He was awol from meetings for most of the year!

    A. He was threatened and Intimidated by the Association Attorney that if he showed up he would be SUED. I understand Harris had to go to court to get a Judge to rule that he was able to attend board meetings, and committee meetings.

    2. Hasn't participated in anything productive or beneficial to the community.

    A. I have attended the meetings, and I think Mr. Harris participated and made very constructive and productive contributions.

    3. Continues to act for his own self interests, which is a breach of fiduciary duty!

    A. This is a judgement of yours. I understand that a court will determine this, not you.

    4. Continues to expose this membership to liability by his actions and behavior (which has resulted in at least two Restraining Orders)

    A. The Association Executive Committee continues to expose themselves, the rest of the board, and the entire community to liability by its continued harassment, abuse of process, and threats against Harris.

    5. Does NOT have Board approval to speak "for the Board".

    A. I don't know anything about that. I don't think he needs anyone's approval to speak for himself. Sounds like another "control" issue to me. What is the current board afraid of?

    6. Harris is a disgruntled contractor who SUED his own membership! He has sued MLMA, the Riverside Sheriff's Dept, five ( yes, 5) members individually of this association, A Deputy of the RSO,Riverside County, and Sheriff Bob Doyle (RIC458659).

    A. I understand that he dropped the association once elected to the Board. The individuals sued will have to answer for their choices I guess.

    7. Harris is disruptive in the few board meetings he does attend and continues to breach the code of conduct required of all board members. ( Harris actually "flipped off", gave "the bird" at a little old lady who attended the last meeting!)

    A. I was present at the meeeting. He did no such thing. Boy you are really reaching the bottom of the barrel. You are disgusting!

    8. Harris does not know how to tell the truth.

    A. Seems to a lot of people just the other way around. People like you just love to throw accusations around! The only things you keep referring to are either baseless, undetermined allegations which have yet to be heard by a court. And your observations (for TWO years now) that a couple of wackos took out political restraining orders (based on lies told... at least according to Harris) and a lawsuit that has not been active against the associatin for over a year.
    Get a Life!

    No, Harris does NOT represent the MLMA Board and he is obligated to make that known!

    A. I don't think Harris wants to represent THIS board! I don't think anyone in his/her right mind would want to represent THIS board.

  19. Question: What is the one common denominator of the false allegations against the 2006 MLMA Board and the same false allegations against the subsequent 2007 MLMA Board?

    Answer: Don Harris

    Different Board, Same false allegations!

    BYW: The "bird" was flipped to the sweet old lady in attendance at the last meeting(not the 75 year old woman protected with a Restrainig Order against Harris, another older senior). Just because "anonymous" says he didn't see it, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Too bad for Harris there were multiple witnesses to it and have filed complaints which will be acted upon!

  20. Well neighbors, you see what we've all had to live with far too long. Whether or not the public knows, likes or dislikes Mr. Harris, common sense tells us these men are out to slaughter before they let go. Read into them folks - their evil ways are pretty obvious: Bar Harris (by threats from assn-paid atty) from attending the meetings of the board to which he was elected by the homeowners and THEN publicize that he's willingly 'missed' all these meetings?? Have little old ladies apply for restraining orders (makes him look more beastly if its elderly feeling threatened)? direct their hired-assn-paid lake manager to apply for a restraining order to keep him off the lake (sure, to keep his job as lake mgr, Durante only did as directed because durante has his own set of problems!) No, Mr. Harris is not the beast they want one to believe; He's paying dearly for trying to stand up to the board he was elected to; most of us would have tucked-tail and run. Their sick obsession reiterates it's sick self by these harris-attacking posts over and over. If you have a sense of decency, be thankful, be REALLY thankful, you don't have to be exposed to these men and their demonic ways. With these pit bulls running the board and literally holding the community captive; NO one wants to speak up for fear they will become their next Mr. Harris (that is AFTER they destroy this one). Bullys thrive on getting hold and conquering a mr. harris; that's their outlet. Is that right Mr President?? Is that why you let them bully you and make it appear you're one of them?? Or it it just a weakness of yours? Remember, after all this; YOU, as Pres. will go down in history as running a rogue, destructive dictatorship. Books could be written on what all these men did by threats and actual harm to take over this board. Meanwhile, we, as homeowners have no security and no place to go to complain. Pay dues and don't make ripples. Big deal, our ONLY liberty is that we get to walk around the lake, that is, IF we carry our issued picture-badge to show the old lady riding the cart that we are REALLY members of ML encampment. Yes, this elderly litter-picking lady is our paid lake "security" to check badges and keep 'foreigners' away! Would you feel secure to have this little old lady riding a cart with her baseball cap on protecting you? Oh, I forgot, she has a camera to take your picture if you refuse to show your ID. Yet, our dues must be paid to support this mess! Their vendetta has passed into years now - how sick is that? They continue to "fiddle" while "Rome" (Menifee Lakes) burns (goes to pot).
    Actually, there are only two pit bulls controlling the show, the rest are just their puppets and doing as they're told. We who live in ML stopped going to homeowners meetings after we heard over and over "you're JUST a homeowner" in response to whatever we tried to say. Then why waste our time to go? Its one of these pitbulls that, before he took over the board, people talked about because he used to sit in the audience 'lip-syncing' his infamous bad, bad word to the speaker and heckling any homeowner who looked at him. Do we have any writers who want to write a best seller; ML saga would be agreat seller. Note: NO, I am not Harris.

  21. Things I'd rather do than listen to Don Harris:
    1) Have my fingernails ripped out
    2) Drop a Bowling Ball on my big toe
    3) Vote for John McCain

  22. Regarding the short Novel written by "no, I'm not Don Harris"(yea, right!), Actually, a "novel" is currently being written.

    It's called CAUSE OF ACTION. In it is the whole "story" that portrays a disgruntled Contractor who seeked revenge against the Board who terminated the contract.

    It lists all the damage this disgruntled contractor did to the association. Vandalism, theft, fraud, it's full of DRAMA.

    The "story" isn't quite done yet, however, it should be available to all, very soon. Stay tuned.

  23. I have lived in Menifee for almost 19years, and was a member of the Beach & Swim Club every summer. If you were lucky not to have any interaction with Mr Harris, you were one of the lucky ones. Over the years we saw many sides of Mr.Harris, some sticky sweet, some nasty and evil. He is good at putting on Mr Nice when he thinks he needs to for his best interest. However, Mr Harris has been known to have a bad temper, one example was when he had a confrontation with one of his lifeguard employees. The argument escalated to the point of Mr Harris actually striking this young man. Mr Harris knew he was wrong, and waited in front of this young man's home, waiting to talk with his parents about what had happened. He needed to make sure they did not press charges. To his benefit, they did not. Why? Because their son was not perfect, and had already had some issues with the law, and they did not want to make things worse for their son. Mr Harris was off the hook. The reason why I tell this story is to give just one example of why Mr Harris was a High Risk has a paid employee of this Assoc. He has even agreed that at times he has had an anger management problem, but said he has gotten therapy for it. Regardless, he is a ticking time bomb, and many of us are afraid of him and afraid to attend any meeting in which he will attend.
    Mr Harris will deny this story, but I got it first hand from these parents.

  24. Of course you and many others are afraid of Don Harris. He harasses people (multple restraining orders) and he is a Duck Killer.

  25. Would love to know who wrote the allegation about Mr. Harris striking one of his employees. That's a laugh.

    I used to work there, and I think I know the incident. I was working with another lifeguard, and that lifeguard began to physically fondle a female lifeguard, and try to get her to do nasty things with him. I remember her crying and going in to see Mr. Harris.

    The culprit was brought in, and was fired. I remember he threatened to tell everyone that Mr. Harris 'put his hands on him'.

    This is probably just another story he cooked up to make Mr. Harris look bad. But I am a witness to both sides of the story.

    I was there, and I never saw Mr. Harris touch the lifeguard. This is the same lifeguard caught by Mr. Harris bringing alcohol to work.

    It is amazing how most everyone who has something against Mr. Harris has had a run in with him over.... yes... THEM doing something wrong, and not liking being confronted about it. I found Mr. Harris to be a good boss. Sure he was tough, but if you did your job, there was never a problem.

    Mr. Harris, how are you? I hope everything is going ok for you.

  26. Not From MenifeeOctober 01, 2008 4:12 PM

    Two comments said something about books being written about the whole fiasco between Harris and the MLMA board.

    Seriously? What are you going to do, take the manuscripts down to the copy shop next to Cathay and have the pages spine-bound? Are you going to go door to door to sell them? That's real cute and all, but don't waste your time.

    Do you think people care that much? Who is going to buy a book about some small-town two-bit power-hungry HOA people who can't seem to play nice? Here's my message to all you people: NOBODY CARES!

    All of this fighting and controversy you have engaged yourselves in will ultimately benefit you nothing and NOBODY will give a rip about it.

    So have your little fits within the two city blocks of your kingdom, scream and cry and fight for your little vendettas, and just know that outside of those two blocks, nobody cares.

    Nobody cares over on the east side of the 215, nobody south of Antelope cares, nobody east of Menifee Road cares, nobody driving down the middle of your kingdom on their way to Hemet cares, Nobody, not even most of the people in Menifee Lakes cares about your complaints, your cute little fits, and your adorable temper tantrums.

    Get over yourselves, you bunch of self-absorbed babies. Have you read the paper lately? Have you even left Menifee lately? Did you know that HOA neighborhoods have a reputation for being undesirable? Do you know why? Because people like you post signs and knock on doors and manipulate their way into office, then proceed to go on these bat-$@*t insane rampages at the expense of the community - a community of people who DON'T CARE!!!

    Go read some history books and realize you will never be mentioned in one. Then read about some of the fascist dictatorships and other insane party leaders who were eventually outed by their own people or killed by others who came in to stand up for the rights of their constituents. Don't go thinking for one second that even the MSJC cops have you on their radar, because nobody even cares about your little tyranny.

    So tonight when you're at home watching TV, doing nothing productive with your life, do yourself a favor and consider that the world would be the same without you. If you never came out of your house again, nobody would come knocking. Nobody would care where you went. In-N-Out would open and the Target would move across the freeway, the sun will rise and set, Bush will continue in his idiocy, fish will eat mosquitoes off the water at the Menifee Lake Pond, and the earth will continue to get warmer tomorrow. Nobody, not even the ants invading your kitchen tonight, will care about what you did, or didn't do, at the MLMA except you and your little bully buddies and Don Harris.

    What a sad, sad little bubble you live in. Stay at home so nobody pops it.

  27. To the former Harris employee,

    Were you one of the two Harris employees that helped him shred MLMA documents under his control, just prior to his departure?

  28. To anonymous @ 4:29

    Are you a self centered troll who is going to scream and yell like an entitled little child who just won't stop until you get your way?

    Just checking.

  29. Hi there Harris:

    Remember me, I'm the Retired Marine whom you called a liar!

    Well, it's been roughly 24 hrs since you said the minutes of the Restraining Order Cases against you would be deleted from the Superior Court website, and guess what?


    I also found additional stuff at this website.

    Why did your wife file for a Restraining Order against you? What is "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PREVENTION"?

  30. Don, PLEASE,please don't do the talk show on Sunday night. PLEASE.

    I am asking you to do yourself and your family a favor and leave this alone.

    You are getting hammered in these exchanges and this anti-harris group will destroy you on Sunday.

    This has gone too far, leave it alone and cancel, PLEASE.

  31. From where I stand, the MLMA Board Candidates look like a bunch of lowminded bottomfeeders. To all the people throwing around personal attacks and using this forum to try to prove they have bigger junk than the other people, go find something else better do to, like serving your community by taking down all of those freaking signs everywhere.

  32. From where I stand, the only MLMA Board member throwing around vile and defaming baseless attacks is shown to be Harris. No other Board member has posted a thing!

    Don't let one rotten apple spoil your perspective of the functional MLMA Board.

  33. to 'wanting peace'....

    send me a personal email or call me and we can talk.


  34. Thanks for pointing out my mistake, anon @ 7:26. I meant to call anyone - board member or candidate, or other "interested party" lowminded bottomfeeders. The rest of us frankly don't care.

  35. what a bunch of menifee drama people here, you should all chill and have a drink, water your garden and mind your own business

  36. Harris, you still owe me an apology. The minutes to your Restraining Orders are still available on the Superior Court Website!

    What's the problem!!??

    Do I have to post those minutes again?

    Man up and admit you lied and move on!

  37. To the Lifeguard who worked for Mr Harris.
    I know he was a tough boss, in fact I'd heard that he was actually a tyrant with most employees. Making some of the girls cry. I'm not sure young people should be treated like young marine cadets, but that's the way he ran his business. I guess if you didn't like it, you quit or got fired.
    My son has worked for Ken Durante for the last 2 summers and he has much better people skills and knows how to motivate and encourage his employees. They all respected him because he earned it, not because he bullied them into it.
    You know some people should just not work with the public. It takes a calm, secure, level headed person to deal with all walks of life. People can be difficult, but you have to learn to deal with them in a manner that gains you respect, not a restraining order.

  38. How did my name get dragged into this??!! I haven't posted one thing to this blog until now.

    Harris, I think you'd better realize that I am not the only one who knows what you've done and your methods. Obviously, there are many others.

    Leave my name off this blog. I don't think this is the proper forum for any of this, in addition to the fact that there is ongong litigation and upcoming mediation.

    Have you checked with your attorney on whether you should be participating in this sort of thing? I think he would tell you to knock it off. This is not helping you or the community.

    Really, what do you hope to accomplish? Even one of your two supporters ("wanting peace") is asking you to stop this garbage.

  39. Mr. Savard,

    I think you will find one or two posts from Harris at the most here.

    While I doubt that your only identifiable post is the only post you have made,
    there is nothing in Harris' post which does any harm to the community.

    I think you will find, if you trace the "IP's" as you supposedly told Harris you can do, that all other posts are from people in the community or outside of the community who are just sick of you and roach, menifee truth, the MLMA board and all of your 'buddies'.

  40. @ anon October 02, 2008 10:41 AM:

    RIGHT ON!!!




  43. This post is for the man or woman who claims to be a 'retired' Marine.

    I do apologize for saying that you were a liar in regards to the information that you found on the internet that 'references' two restraining orders taken out by Pauline Petrie and Ken Durante of WATER RESOURCES.

    Your first set of instructions was inaccurate. It did not work as you stated.

    I therefore emailed the webmaster, and posted his respose. His response would indicate that you had lied.

    Before I had a chance to get back to you, you accused me of "fabricating' the webmaster communication and thereby called ME a liar.

    Further, you persist in debunking the "former" Marine title afforded to those Marines no longer in active service. I sent you to the official site for the U.S. Marine Corps, where there is a special Titled Section for "FORMER" Marines.

    You have your apology.

    Will I get Mine?

    Don Harris


  44. Mr. Harris: After enduring what these men have put you thru over the last years, I have no doubt you can make it through this broadcast. Just know ahead of time these professional destroyers will be cocked and primed to attack at all costs. I'm also sure, given the community-wide pitiful reputations of these men, and how they have AGAIN turned a simple little community election into an outlet for their slaughtering, sick, blood thirsty, hungry tactics, many people will be tuned in for the next chapter. For goodness sakes, watch your back when you leave that evening, these 'boys' have no conscience. Most of us wonder; where in the world are these men's (boys) families during all this war? WHAT are they teaching their kids by their actions? Rest assured Mr. Harris, you have lots of friends here; more than you suspect; some are just afraid of becoming their target. So speak clearly and precise and settle a lot of things everyone is wondering about, and then let it rest; no man could do more. Man just can't rebuild as fast as they tear down. Shameful.

  45. To anon 11:24 (harris)

    Just what exactly have "these two men" done?

    In all the postings, all I hear from Harris are extremely vague, allegations of "some" things they have done.

    Are you saying they are "evil" because they put up political signs? If so, call the SIGN POLICE!

    If I remember right, and believe Harris has admitted such, everything "these men" have done, has been a reaction to an action of Harris.

    "These men" only became active in the MLMA political scene AFTER Harris was terminated and his gang bamboozled the associastion into a recall because of the 2006 Board's decision to terminate Harris' contract.

    God Bless these guys who came onto the scene and stood up to Harris and his antics. Without them, Menifee Lakes would be under the control of a Contractor whose behavior warrants Multiple Restraining Orders.

  46. Want to know how to tell when Harris is lieing?

    His lips move.

  47. If I remember right, and believe Harris has admitted such, everything "these men" have done, has been a reaction to an action of Harris.

    Actually: I don't think Harris has addressed that issue. But one of his previous employees said something like

    "people who lie about Harris are those who have violated rules, laws, etc. and have been confronted about it by Harris".

    Also, if we can believe the posters here who are lambasing Harris, the restraining orders were not issued while Harris was a contractor for the Association.

    And unless my web research is faulty,

    My research shows Both SAVARD and ROACH also had TRO's issued against them, for placing Mr. Harris' wife, 8 year old daughter, and minor son in fear for their lives.

    Funny how those things get turned around isn't it?

  48. "Funny how those things get turned around isn't it?"


    Is that was said to Harris when his home was raided by the Sheriff's dept, when they confiscated all his computers, in the RSO's investigation into the crimes against and it's email account?

  49. Oh that's a good one! hahaha

    I heard that nothing happened. Other than a little more of the harassment from Savard and Roach.

    I heard that the charges were dropped by the DA "in the interest of JUSTICE"

  50. Has anyone seen the tacky bedsheets and signs centered around the upcoming election for the Menifee Lakes board? Well Menifee Lakes board has again started their malicious, destructive campaign against any candidate that they know will refuse to jump when they pull their strings to do what they dictate. Yes, folks, the board at ML has no conscience in how they accomplish their antics to keep control. They exist on vindictiveness vendettas and grudges, keeping the community reeling in destructive, threatening fliers in mailboxes, smearing sheets hung on builders' signs, signs posted anywhere they can find to put one. Their sick smear tactics should be evaluated before they actually do some real damage. Anyone in their right mind should know the ones they're set to keep off are the only independent thinkers who stand up for the homeowners; Think about it - that's why they don't want them. Its not the nature of these mafia-minded men to sit back and allow the homeowners to freely choose the ones they want, they're AFRAID they may get a free spirit they can't control, who will reveal the 'secrets' going on with the board. Yes, they excel in smear campaigns, or personal damage, to instill fear in the community. Neighbors, don't assume by looking at the serene lake for which it prides itself that it is as peaceful as it appears; it may as well be protected with concertina wire.

    By Anonymous, at September 26, 2008 9:05 AM

  51. To "glad to be out of ther"

    You were so right! Here is the article I found the North County Times:

    Staff Writer

    VISTA ---- A Rancho Santa Fe attorney pleaded guilty in Superior Court on Wednesday to illegally connecting to a sewer line, which caused thousands of dollars in damage and polluted a creek that flows into San Elijo Lagoon.

    David Peters, 42, was ordered to pay $93,000 in fines and damages, sentenced to three years probation, and must do 200 hours of volunteer work, officials with the district attorney's office said.

    The charges will be forwarded to the state bar association, which will determine if it could affect his standing as an attorney, Deputy District Attorney Evan Miller said.

    Peters was not immediately available for comment Wednesday.

    Peters is a partner in the Encinitas-based firm of Peters & Freeman, which specializes in representing homeowner associations.

    According to the charges, Peters dug a 400-foot-long trench from his Rambla De Las Flores home, across a creek, to illegally tie into a Cardiff Sanitation District sewer line. Miller said it was a shoddy connection and caused sewage to pollute the creek.

    As part of Peters' guilty plea, he is required to pay the Environmental Protection Agency, the state Department of Fish & Game and the county Department of Land Use for their investigations, Miller said.

    Peters was also ordered to pay the Cardiff Sanitation District for damages to the sewer line and San Diego Gas & Electric for unrelated damages to power connections, Miller said.

    Encinitas public works director Lin Wurbs said the illegal sewer hook-up caused about $20,000 in damages.

    "It completely destroyed the integrity of our pipe," Wurbs said. "We want that part of the line replaced so we don't have ground water infiltration and sewage leaking into the creek."

    Besides contaminating the creek with sewage, the poor connection allowed ground water to seep into the sewer line, Wurbs said. That meant the San Elijo sewage treatment plant was treating water it otherwise would not have to treat, she said.

    Specifically, Peters pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of vandalism, unlawful discharge into a sewer, water pollution and diversion of a natural stream bed.

    Mervin Hee, a patrol supervisor with the state Department of Fish & Game, said digging a trench across a creek stirs up silt and interrupts the water flow, which is harmful to fish.

    The creek the illegal sewer line crossed empties into San Elijo Lagoon.

    Kevin Johnson, president of the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy, said that bacteria counts creep up in the lagoon every once in a while, which could be due to illegal sewer connections. But it is not a "voluminous problem," he said.

    Contact staff writer Spencer Soper at (760)943-2313 or

  52. The community wants to know if its true that the embarrassing ML CFO has taken the liberty of writing off $45,000.00 while at the same time initiates so MANY legal actions to sue our homeowners? What was in the $45K; dues or what? I must be missing something. What criteria did he use in that decision or is just another of his 'bad decisions'? Here our captive community is, everything controlled by savard,stamper,and roach (they appointed the themselves as the 'three person executive committee') to let the others 'know who's boss'. People, remember these names along with the ones plastered all over of the ones they know will dance only when they're told.

  53. I think all financial records are available by right to each ML homeowner.

    If you are a homeowner, just ask the folks at your Property Management Company (The one that GAVE Jerry Stamper $5000.00).

    I think they have to give them to you.

  54. To anon at 1:15pm

    Actually that is a lawyer joke...

    But I guess if you can apply it to harris, we can apply it to Savard, Roach, Stamper, ($5,000 Stamper), Vejar, Cameron, and Schnoor as well.

    Heck, I think you are ALL a bunch of liars!

    Hey, I will put up $500 towards the contract for a lie detector. Then both sides can ask questions for a half hour and we can ALL see who's lying!

    Any takers?

  55. Nice to see the 'signs' thread is gone. Thought it would never end.

    When is this one going to be over.

    Hurry up and write a couple more articles Steve so we will drop off the end of the earth :-)

  56. You people are out of control.

  57. I wonder how Therese will interview Harris; will she actually conduct the interview from his room at the mental ward?

  58. You will just have to tune in to find out.

  59. This group likes to use the county clerk records as a whip, pushing us to check out ALL the county court records on Harris, (even providing steps to get there along with the case numbers), we finally seems he's not the only one disclosed; appears Savard needs to clean up his own act. If his outright drive to destroy another man's life and family resulted in the crumbling of his own, was it worth it? Life's lessons are like a boomerang; what you do to others, good or bad, will return to hit you. How far is this man going to go before he satisfies his own drive; THAT's what we're all wondering! Sad, he doesn't realize that he has yet to pay the full price just to be known in the community as the bully conqueror in another man's demise! In his insisting that everything is from Harris.. NO, I'm NOT Harris; I'm just sick to death of being exposed to all this man has done/IS still doing in our community!

  60. I'm sorry, but again, just what exactly has this guy Savard done? I've seen the political signs and they promote four people. Vejar, Moffitt, Cameron, and Schnoor.

    So much to do about this guy Savard, but personally don't get it. Is he even running for the Board? I thought the other four candidates were, Hynemon, Haris, Splateflora, and Sylvestor. Sounds to me that this poster has it in for him and is using this website and the election as an excuse to hurt him.

    What are you being exposed to that we are not?

  61. If you don't live here, it does not matter.

    If you do live here, you already know.

    A lot of people believe he is behind an effort to destroy the reputation of Harris.

  62. Well, I do live here, have for a decade, and I don't know what you are talking about. That is why I asked you to explain what you have been exposed to. You make a big deal about "all the stuff" this guy is doing, yet you totally dodge identifying anything.

    I also said that I knew who were the candidates in this election, and "Savard" isn't one of them. While I could understand the political attacks of a political opponent, this guy doesn't appear to be your opponent. So what gives?

    Are you looking for a sympathy vote? You know, "poor me"? Well, I certainly don't want weak people protecting the assets of this corporation that I am a member of, and you appear very weak.

    Grow up! If you got a problem with "Savard" go to his house and confront the guy.

  63. Once again,

    Don Harris here. If anyone wants to know anything about any issues surrounding me. Let him/her call me, like a grownup, instead of hiding behind anonymous posts.

    I am tired of those pretending to be me, pretending NOT to be someone else, pretending pretending.

    If you have any concerns or questions, call me. 951-623-4421; or eamil me

    Don't do either if you don't have the guts to identify yourself.

    Otherwise, as the young boy from Callie Said...

    "TAKE A HIKE".


    The real Don Harris

    I cannot stand COWARDS

  64. Question: How does Harris know the ANONYMOUS kid from Callie was a young boy??!!


  65. 623-4421

    To all the COWARDS!!!

    I have not received a single call!

    Everyone is afraid to be known for who he/she is....


    Don Harris

  66. Relax Don. You seem to be having one of those "anger management issues" right now.

    No, we just don't like the idea of having our conversation with you secretly recorded. There will plenty to talk about tomorrow night.

    Take your medicine and calm done.

  67. that's "calm DOWN"...

  68. I always find that reading helps me to calm done. Don, I suggest you visit and read the truth about Menifee Lakes.

  69. You know, I did. And I can say with confidence that each and every statement that attributes motive is FALSE.

    I can say that each and every allegation is either false on its face, or a severe distortion of truth so much as to be a lie.

    Of course, like you, they have tried to cloak themselves in anonymity.

    Once again COWARDS. LIKE YOU.

    Don Harris

  70. Dude, I think I just figured out who is telling the truth and who is not. I just went to
    and pushed "disgruntled!"
    This website has all kinds of stuff to support whats been said on here about the things Harris done. It appears as though Harris HAS screwed the MLMA HOA because if you click on to the red words, there is all kinds of backup showing what he done.

    Harris, if your reading this, you should be ashamed. Right now, I do think you ARE the liar here. How do you explain you self?

  71. How dare you ( Harris) call any of us COWARDS. Post a valid phone number and maybe you'll get your phone calls.

  72. Harris, you said that you can say with confidence that each and every statement [on] that attributes motive is FALSE.

    What exactly does that mean!?

    Are you actually confirming the acts stated, but dispute why you did them?

    Who would care why you did them? But thanks for confirming you did rip off Menifee Lakes Master Association.

  73. Harris, you should spend less time making "anonamous" posts to blog sites and spend more time talking and being honest with your wife.

    How come she didn't know you were running for re-election to the Menifee Lakes Board?

    I'm guessing you got some major decisions to make right about now.

    Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy(funny you've haven't learned that by now?!).

    Try being honest with everyone for a change, including yourself.

    Just trying to help.

  74. I have been away for a while, but I have to say, either you people are on drugs or drinking or something!

    Can't you read? Or is that part of the 'trash harris' code... "we can't speak intelligently, read with understanding, and hear what we read" "we must make ourselves idiots to believe what we say"

    Heck, even idiods couldn't believe this junk.

    I believe Harris, mainly because someone could not have planned and plotted the way you guys say it happened, without someone knowing about it.

    You have made a house of straws it appears to me.

    Watch out, they crumble pretty fast; sometimes with just a single straw removed.

    I got a call earlier this evening encouraging me to do whatever I can to get off work, so I can be in court when they have the hearing on the alleged violation of the restraining order by Harris. I was told there will be some big surprises that I would not want to miss. I don't know if they have something real big on Harris, or if Harris' attorney has something up his sleeve. But I am gonna be there, for sure.

  75. Anon @ 12:28am,

    The "apetizer" for the hearing can be found on the "digruntled" page of

    Just remember to click on to the red text of that page!

  76. Take a look at the Duck Kill Contract posted on

    Notice that Harris signs it as Menifee Lakes Master Association? Harris was Professional Aquatic Safty Services or known as P.A.S.S. He was NOT MLMA!!

    Take a gander at where Harris notes where the future correspondence with the Exterminator Company is to be sent; Harris' HOME address!! Not the address of the association.

    What a plan eh? Harris enters into an unauthorized contract,to remove domestic ducks after his last day as Lake Manager,

    a) when removing Domestic Ducks had NEVER been done before

    b) without Board approval/knowledge

    c) requests that all correspondence is mailed to his personal residence.

    Explain to me, Mr. October 05, 2008 7:51 AM, how ANYONE could have been aware of this sham and parting shot at the community!

  77. people,

    do whatever you have to do to get off work and show up in court. It promises to be a show worth seeing.

    all the stars will be there including David Peters (the association atty) James Harris - (obviously harris' atty).

    Peters says his case will take two hours plus! WOW can you imagine what they have on harris that would take 2 hours plus to present?

    I want to see what kind of defense Harris has.

    Let's meet in the parking lot at 8 am on October 8 for a tailgate party.

    I will take bets on either side, and will update you on the odds as we get closer to trial day.

  78. Menifee Truth/Lies- give us a break trying to advertise your site which is full of half truths. You two boy go play on the freeway and give the community a break. To the person asking questions about Savard who lives in the community, if you do, you don't attend your HOA meetings because Savard is the acting CFO who is handling a million dollars HOA account and he doesn't even have a college education. So it's pretty hard to address issues when you've not witnessed them for yourself. Don't be a cow and follow the herd.

  79. Thank you Menifee Lake Residents. Woke up one morning to see my community littered with Menifee Truth signs. It made me sick to my stomach. I later noticed ALL of the signs were down. It was illegal to have them up in the HOA anyway, so thank you homeowners for saying Enough is Enough. Believe it or not Jim Roach and Rick Savard (both HOA Directors), you can't spoon feed the community or maybe you can-the old people in Palmilla, who were told that Don Harris was on the lake shooting the ducks, lol.
    Hey Don, have Roach and Savard called yet?? What's wrong with being recorded if you're speaking the truth anyway?? No foul no harm, right.
    One more question: by the way, Roach,Savard, and Stamper- how much association money have you used suing Harris? Wake up people, they are using Association money/Association attorney as their way of getting back at Harris and we're paying for it!!

  80. That last post is very scary! Inviting someone to committ suicide on the freeway? Some one call the Cops!

  81. Hey Bluestar,

    1. Of all the things to get "sick to your stomach" over, it was political signs? You are one strange dude!(BTW- political signs are not illegal, look it up!)

    2. You ask "what's wrong with being recorded?" Well....IT'S AGAINST THE LAW!!!

    I know Harris had a history of illegally recording people and meetings, but that doesn't make it legal. In fact he was OFFICIALLY reprimanded for this by a previous MMLA Board!

    3. You should be concerned about association funds. Get Harris to return the funds and property he bamboozled from the association and the MLMA will be whole again.

  82. OH MY GOSH!!!

    Having just visited this and reading the 'disgruntled" page, and clicking onto the red words, I am OUTRAGED!!

    Harris you are a wacko!! Walund, Rozzer, Beckendorf you are just as wacko to support this guy!

    Oh, I forgot, JUDY HYNEMAN is another candidate and is Harris' running mate! Oh Dear!

    What was going on here in 2006? Peyton Place? This is so out of control I am shaking!

    Shame, Shame on you Harris and you followers. Oh my!

  83. Menifee Truth Garage is not considered political (signs). You obiviously think you are greater than you are- NOT!! If you don't speak mistruths recorder or not, you have nothing to worry about. And for once and for all, if Harris broke the law, he'd be in jail...stop the bashing and the lies, the community has had it. Hey, I understand that the Truth (Roach and Savard) had their computers taken by law enforcement also. Don't hear them admitting that do we. Understand that Harris had his computers returned and was charged with nothing. Just another lie from these people who are so afraid of Mr. Harris appartently.

  84. Bluestar, totally agree with you concerning this stupid website. People are so simple-minded at times and believe the most crazy things-thus moving like cows and following the herd. Anyone with half a brain knows that these guys and their site's only purpose is to create grief. I was really hoping for a RECALL to clean up the Board. Spoke with residents of Sun City where Roach is known for being exactly that, a ROACH who never dies and has his other buggie friends do his dirty work-like wasting our Association money--understand something like $50,000 thus far. That's what we should all be concerned with. If Harris broke the law, why isn't he in jail?? Bottom line, because he hasn't broken any. Good luck to you Mr. Harris, looking forward to hearing you speak this evening to all this nonsence.

  85. FOLKS, menifee lakes is tired...REALLY tired...READ INTO THIS MESS!! What's so very sick is that Savard, Roach (AND Stamper who is board president and COULD PUT A STOP TO ALL THIS!) are STILL rampant in their psycho-driven-rage to literally annihilate Harris before our eyes. Put it together, doesn't take a rocket scientist to know they are running scared and pulling out ALL stops, digging up anything and everything they can (stuff they have driven into the ground and worked to death already)...ALL BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO CONTROL AND CAN'T STOP HIM FROM BEING ON THE RADIO! WHAT WILL HE SAY WITHOUT "THEIR" PRIOR APPROVAL?? How dare he even think of doing that without THEIR permission?!? So here they go again...its the same Harris that has been brazen enough to talk back to them...and after all... the community knows Savard and Roach are the only kings in Menifee Lakes!! How dare ANY of us not agree with them ! Come on neighbors, this mess has been going on for several years now and its as strong, sick and dangerous as ever. That's what speaks volumes and should be evaluated before it goes any further. They're so quick to accuse Harris of anger problems; what is THEIR problem to be literally controlled with an evil plan of a man's demise, all from their vendettas and grudges that are eating them alive?? So harris may have an anger problem (don't most of us at some time or another?); I'll take harris' anger problem anytime over the sneaky-cowardly, killer-instinct of these two. At least I could see what I was up against. Surely, SOMEONE needs to get these men some help! MENIFEE LAKES - STAND UP - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! How would you like to be exposed to their never ending tactics as Harris has been? Hate, love, like, dislike, or just tolerate him.....NO MAN deserves to be treated like this! Homeowners, its your dues they're wasting in their personal battle of destruction! We're smart enough to see how clever they think they are by steering unknowing people to their website who may not realize the ENTIRE story from the beginning; (yes, THEIR SITE, SAVARD & Company; how stupid do they think we all are?) where they are then exposed to a bunch of garbage (same old putrid garbage by the way) they've used from the start of this war! Its no wonder why Menifee Lakes' reputation has gone down the simple: because they have no time to do anything except to look for new ways to get harris... WITH the atty that harris' dues are going to pay for !! They think thats funny...real funny, but we're all paying for it. Folks, Savard and Roach are hiding behind the association atty 'they' hired as soon as they 'took-over' the board! Homeowners lost all respect of having a say in anything from that time on. They become brave when they're hiding behind the atty...Yes, the atty Roach had already used in defeating Sun City folks, where by the way; he owns 15+ rentals in Sun City which is why he fought so hard and dirty over there. Is it any wonder, since he already had atty Peters in his pocket, that he wanted him over here in ML? It's a shame that society has to be exposed to a war like this, but its also a shame that they cart a few elderly women around with them to do their dirty work, all for appearance sake. Now, for you folks fortunate enough to be 'on the outside looking in' on us folks stuck in Menifee Lakes, would you trust YOUR investments and values in care of men who find time to be in a never-ending, raging war of destruction like this?

  86. Thank goodness for good people like Rozzer, Beckendorf, Walund and Hyneman for standing up for Harris as "My Gosh" states. Just want them to know if they visit this blog, that there is a lot of support out here for Harris-we did put him in office after the Recall didn't we. We are not fooled by these foolish men and their hatred.
    God Bless you Mr. Harris and may his strength strengthen you and your family through this terrible period.

  87. The two last blogs were wonderful!!Just hit everything on the nail. Nothing more to be said. My hat goes off to you.

  88. Harris, do you really wish to expose Beckendorf, Rosell, Walund and Hyneman? I'm surprised that you would publicize your connection to them.

    Did you forget a "little" incident last year involving an assault with a caustic chemical? Wasn't one of the perpetrators fearful of losing her Nursing Position because of her involvement?

    I know, maybe can post the Riverside County Sheriff's Report made on this assault.

    I remember this incident and know there were photos. Cool.

  89. SAVARD, give it up; your 11:49 a.m. post gives you away in its gutter wording. Seriously, I really am concerned for your state of mind and would help you if I could, but you make "reprobate mind" appear mild in comparison. If I had to choose whose problem I would rather deal with; Harris's anger or your evilness, I'd have to take Harris's.

  90. TO the 11:02 poster of today: YOU THINK THE COMMENT ABOUT THE FREEWAY IS SCARY ? LET ME TELL YOU WHAT IS REALLY SCARY: SAVARD telling Harris that he would provide the gun if he would commit suicide with it. Yes, SAVARD did exactly that. So we're not coming off the cuff when we say these two, SAVARD and ROACH are scary! What more do they need to do before people start listening to us? Have you ever been followed and harrassed by these two? Have you had scary notes left on your car, on your door in the middle of the night to let you know they'd been there, your power cut off on the side of your house; lights shining in your bedroom windows in the middle of the night; the list could go on forever ! That's not to mention the vulgarities that spew out of SAVARD's mouth steadily! Then have to have someone like this in charge of your HOA with controlling and wasting the dues while your community goes to pot? Come on, we need help in this community! Must Harris pay for these sickos forever? He has endured more than any man should ever have to endure; and yet today, he'd give his enemies the shirt off his back; he's that caring.

  91. "Poor Poor Pitiful me!"

    The Sheriff's Dept has it in for me.

    The Judges don't BELIEVE with me.

    People don't understand me.

    CALL THE WHAMBULANCE YOU BIG CRY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. I have in front of me, the Menifee Lakes Financials.

    CFO Savard has Championed the expenses to the tune of being UNDER BUDGET BY $111,000.00!!!!

    Did you hear that? $111,000.00 under budget thru August. I would urge all MLMA members to get a copy of the financials and confirm the above.

    Harris you are so out of control with your false allegations and story telling. Get a life!

  93. SAVARD: Again, do you think we're stupid? You champion anything except violence and dirty-pooling someone? Silly man. Your $111K UNDERBUDGET you're bragging about.......Could that be BECAUSE one of the first things you little men did was to cancel the $120K security contract homeowners had paid to protect our homes?? You SHOULD be $120K underbudget as result of cancelling that, where's the remaining $9K - gone towards atty fees you've wasted? Sure, you've fooled some of the assn by hiding behind Moffitt to translate even the simplest financial report for you; but give us a little credit; we're professional people who can see into you! You know if it wasn't so pitiful, your jumping in here with that is almost funny. What does Don Harris's being on the radio have to do with the budget? You're grasping at straws, your act is up. Take a hike...or rehearse what lies you're going to be calling in with.

  94. Harris:

    This is precisely the third post I have made on this entire blog site. I "signed" each of them.

    You need to realize there are others besides me that know about you and the things you've done. These people also apparently pay attention to whats going on in the HOA. The new group seem to be quite plugged in as well.

    Stop blaming all of this stuff on me. Stop your obsession with me and stop defaming me on this blogsite.

    I need your fax number please. Would you send it to my personal email at



    PS And yes, I will try to be available for the internet radio show to keep you in line. And BTW, why did you have an attorney call Therese Daniels to warn her about what she can and cannot say?

  95. What a big fat waste of time that was!! Don's lies continue and the drama goes on..........what else did we expect???

    Signed.....another tired of the drama......Homeowner !!!

  96. Thank you Therese; the illustrious board just gave the community a good dose of what has literally destroyed the Menifee Lakes community. All on ego trips, all of a thug-mindset that scares the normal person, out to show which one is 'king of the mountain'. What an ironic twist of fate; Mr. Harris sounded like the only sane one of the bunch. Moffitt, Savard, Roach (and their puppet Gladys) proceeded to show their true colors; again, scary! Gladys, you should be ashamed; has life taught you nothing?

  97. Enjoyed hearing from you Mr. Harris this evening. You obviously are not the wacko others try to make you out to be. You handled yourself well. I am so embarrassed for our Association. Our Vice President Jim Roach and CFO Rick Savard were an embarrassment to our community and their hatred for you so clear. The older man called George, I understand that he was the past CFO who was recalled. I certainly hope that he doesn't get seated, could bearly understand what he was saying. I don't think he understood what he was saying himself. As we age, sometimes its better to keep our mouth's shut to save us from rambling. Anyway, again way to go, and you have ALL four of my votes.

  98. Hey Wasted,
    Anyone arrested, for if there was an assault someone should have paid for it. Sounds like another lie to me. To bad he didn't just break your face or maybe he did. Chemicals huh, sound a little wasted to me.

  99. I have to agree, what a joke of a guest. Not willing to talk because of litigation? Why have him on? He said nothing!

  100. Let's see if I heard this right...2 separate physical assaults exercised...inflicting physical harm upon 2 separate victims, BUT by that SAME Harris guy? Hey, that looks like a PRIME candidate for someone requiring ANGER Management counseling! No wonder his wife requested a TRO for Domestic Violence(official RVSD County Court document)...perhaps she most likely followed her women's intuition and was afraid that he just may bring his 'work' home with him!!! According to the chronological RVSD County Court case documents...looks as though he didn't learn anything in any Anger Management least as of earlier this year with his latest assault upon the current Lake Manager!

  101. Is Harris confused?

    During tonite's radio interview and during the dialogue regarding the HOA dues in arears process, Harris chastised the current BOD for being somewhat 'dictators' by adhereing to the exisitng CC&R's and Bylaws. In contrast, Harris proposes to exercise his future BOD responsibility in SELECTING 'how and which, but NOT ALL' individual Homeowner(s) monthly dues arears...should be taken to task. How ironic it seems that his proposal seems to be an even greater threat to the general HOA membership in possibly having the ability given to him for exercising a 'selection' process determined by a sitting BOD. This proposed 'selection' process is a very dangerous road to venture down! If both you and your neighbor are in HOA dues arears, but you are not in that current sittng BOD's 'favor' WILL be most likely be taken to task while your neighbor slides! Monthly HOA Dues are a basic revenue stream for our HOA!

    Just an afterthought! Perhaps Harris is really just planning to resurrect 'surfdom' as he could 'pool resource' his desired 'security guards' by having the Homeowners in arears work off their 'owed' dues by driving his neighborhood around while HE sleeps at night! Personally, I find better satisfaction in reporting my own 'security' issues immediately and directly to Law Enforcement and not relying on a paid 'third party' drive around that can't legally 'do anything' neighborhood security guard! Want to become part of a security resolution - SAVE the HOA some $$$'s and take pride in protecting your own property!

  102. I think the previous poster missed the point. Harris was advocating a compassionate approach to folks with overdue dues. As the informed woman who came on said, These are extreme times. And sometimes extreme times call for
    unusual and sometimes extreme measures.

    I remember not so long ago,when you could buy autos with zero interest for up to 4 years on a car loan. Recently one auto manufacturer guaranteed to subsidize the purchase of gasoline for all of its new car buyers to keep the cost of gas below 3.00 per gallon to the new car owner for up to a year, maybe longer. This was a creative way for the industry to realize that we are in an economic slump.

    I appreciate Mr. Harris view. It is refreshing amid most of the monthly complaints issued to our HOA regarding the overly strict, and "collection' mindedness of this board, and property management company.

    Mr. Harris was simply advocating measures that would FOR example freezing all penalties on late dues for six months accruing the principle owed only. Don't we pay Avalon or somebody 25$ in late fees every month we are late?

    That fee could be forgiven outright, and dues owed that were in arrears could be amortized over the next year or so.

    It is called relief. These people are not deadbeats. They are good people who have fallen on bad times.

    I Heard Mr. Moffitt brag about how each year there is bad debt written off by the CFO. This year is is $45,000. How much of that was owed by homeowners whose homes were foreclosed on?

    If so, writing off the amount owed on foreclosed homes only benefits the banks and mortgage companies, (like where one board member works), investors (like two board members- who own multiple properties) and realtors (like the board president). These write offs benefit special interest groups to say the least.

    The attitude expressed by Mr. Roach that when you fall on tough times, "THAT'S TOUGH!" was very revealing.

  103. As one who listened to the show last night, I did NOT hear anyone say "that's tough" on the subject of past due assessments.

    What I did hear was one who insists on adhereing to the Governing Documents.

    I heard that filing for past due assessments in small claims is the last possible recourse, and done after all other possible remedies have been extinguished.

    Mr. Harris' position of letting delinquent members "off the hook" is a breach to his fiduciary duty as a board member! He is obligated to protect the assets of the association. Period.

    The "slippery slope" was all ready in action on this ridiculus idea; it was also suggested that the association should not "go after' those who have brown lawns. After all, "these are "trying times" and we should be charitable to those who can't afford their water bill."

    So let's summorize. Don Harris supports screwing the association out of their dues, and not maintaining your property, all in violation of the MLMA Governing Documents.

    A vote for Don Harris is a vote for turning Menifee Lakes into "ghetto".

  104. Don Harris' having a compassionate approach?

    What a joke...he is only out attempting to get the sympathy vote! Those are the ONLY votes left for him to try get. No one else in their right mind would continue to support such a disgruntled and vindictive individual.

    Evidently you have not been confronted by Harris when he disagrees with your own personal viewpoint!

    Agree to disagree...oh, please read the RVSD County courts records. Afterall, they are FREE to read and paint quite a true picture of his calculated actions to date!

  105. Oh give us a break. Big words Fiduciary Duty.. Our BODs need to follow it themselves before casting stones. No one comes to our Association Meetings why, because we don't want to be a witness to the Harris bashing. Fiduciary Duty means not wasting our Association funds with stupid lawsuits. Roach, Savard, Stamper, Schnoor,Vejar, and Lake Manager: you've wasted funds trying to kick Harris off the Lake- how did that work- it didn't and how much did that cost the Association? You kept him from attending Board Meetings which the Association had elected him to do-and the Court threw that out also-how much did that cost us?-you invited the Association attorney to our Association meeting to comment on the court case- but really it was to embarrass Harris infront of his community- but that didn't work either because only your gang was there, so this fell on deaf ears-how much did we pay for that? People wake up, this BODs has done nothing but try to pat themselves on the back for a job well done and that's not the TRUTH. They cut security, closed the boats this summer, wrote off $45K in debts they could have collected from the banks,have sued 58 families, and have spent up towards $50k on taking Harris to Court-and they lose everytime!! So "ANONYMOUS": direct your fiduciary duty comments to our current BODs minus Judy and Don for these two are all about Our Community.
    Thank you Steve for offering this site to the community and thank you for looking out for the radio host last night. The last thing she needed was to get caught in our BODs Court web.

  106. Good Morning all,

    Wasn't that show a hoot last night? I am glad I tuned in. I got to hear first hand how childish the adversaries of Mr. Harris really are.

    I think a review of the facts of the show will indicate that the board has wide latitude in how it deals with issues.

    For example, they can set the threshhold at which law suits are filed in a dollar amount.

    They can establish a policy which is specific to the economic hardships of people in the community, until the recession eases a bit.

    FIFTY EIGHT LAW SUITS against their neighbors!!!

    What will the law suits do except embarass and humiliate folks who would pay if they could. And the association has cleared the first hurdle in foreclosing on those homes!!

    Even Credit Card companies have programs where your interest is frozen, and the principle carried for an extended time with no accrual of late fees if say, you become unemployed, or temporarily disabled, or sick for an extended period of time.

    The assoiation board can make, and should make specific TEMPORARY guidelines which would take into account the economic condition of the homeowners that have fallen behind.

    As one woman eloquently presented last night... there is no specific obligation on the part of our board to collect all dues owed. Or else how could the CFO write off $60,000 / $65,000.00 / and $45,000.00 respectively in assessments? Of course they could do something. But it is clear that the 'hard line' approach is in place or else why 58 lawsuits?

    Notice that when Mr. Harris asked if the amounts included in the claims included the late fees $25 per month I believe. That would mean that simply by eliminating the late fees on those accounts that are being considered for law suits, and perhaps reducing the principle by a percentage, and amortizing the balance, delinquent homeowners could manage to catch up.

    This was never answered by VP Roach. Wonder why?

    Does everyone realize that the late fees are exorbitant at 55% of the monthly dues?!!! Dues are 45.00 Late fee is 25.00 So at least in excess of 33% of every amount asked for in court is simply late fees!

    I never heard an answer as to whether or not this fee was included in any payment plan?

    The point is, the 'attitude' demonstrated was less than what neighbors should demonstrate to neighbors IN THE WORST ECONOMIC CRISIS IN AMERICA SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

    The different approaches to this issue by Harris and the current VP are indicative of the two philosphies maintained by these two. As I understood Harris, the association should operate as a representative government, with input solicited and incoporated into board decisions. While the current board, and several others in the past have maintained that THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST, and everybody else better agree or else! This is really the basic difference. All other issues proceed out of this basic difference in philosophy.

    A few boards such as those headed by Christopher Carnes, Dick Goward, Don Beckendorf, Janie O, were intent on getting input from the association.

    Unfortunately the past TWO boards have shown that they are not only NOT interested in what the homeowners have to say, they IGNORE the homeowners when they DO voice an opinion.

    The differing approaches by Harris and other members of the board on this issue does not demonstrate a lack of fiduciary duty on either part. It demonstrates TWO different approaches, that's all.

    The problem is that when anyone disagrees with the current board, they are made out to be 'bad guys'.

    We saw them do this with a board member other than Harris who dared to criticize and offer 'another ' solution to a problem.

    It seems that there is a philosophy among some, including the RECALLED CFO that everything has to be "THEIR WAY" or "No way!!"

    And they use our money to prove that THEY are right and everyone who opposes them is wrong.

    I believe the listeners were able to delineate the two approaches. It will be interesting to see how they vote!

  107. Sounds like people are waking up. Are we to understand that the CFO decided to "write off" all these thousands of dollars; while at the same time sue/take to court so many delinquent homeowners who are already having hardships just trying to stay afloat? What was in the thousands of dollars he "wrote off" - delinquencies from bank-owned properties which only benefits the banks OR, if its individual homeowner delinquencies, then how did he decide to write off some and sue the others? Like everything else they do, homeowners are condemned for asking questions concerning their crazy actions. I'd like someone to clarify WHO gets all late fees that are recovered, the management company (who set the $25 fee with the board's concurrence) OR our Homeowner's operating fund? First, how could anyone in their right mind agree to a $25 late fee for being one day late on a $45 charge? Mercy sakes, the more this mess goes on, the more mismanagement surfaces, and the more mind-boggling it becomes. If this board was taking care of the community business instead of being consumed with destroying to satisfy their egos, the community would not be in the mess its in.

  108. As Vice President of this association, I realized a couple months ago, that I had forgotten to send in my dues for the month.

    I was indeed, one day late.

    Did I regret being charged $25.00 for being late by one day? Sure.

    However, it was MY fault, and I took responsibility for my tardiness, and paid the late fee.

    Lesson: Avoid the KNOWN late fee by paying our dues on time!

    Jim Roach
    MMA V.P.

  109. Mr. Roach do you and your wife own a property on Via Amante in Menifee lakes?

  110. Mr. Roach do you and your wife own a property on Via Amante in Menifee lakes?

  111. Okay haughty VP, so you are happy with the late fee; now answer the questions about WHERE do the late fees wind up? How was the forgiving of $45K decided and for what accounts? Can you not just answer homeowner questions instead of diverting with your own scenario?

  112. Don,

    1. The late fees defray the cost of the late letters and the collection efforts. As I said, even I got "dinged".

    2. These amounts are considered "receivables" and therefore on the books as "assets". It would be misleading to the members to see these amounts as "assets" knowing that it is unlikely this amounts would be soon paid.

    Look at the minutes for this subject, found in your June 17, 2008 Board Packet. You will see that this was unanimously approved by the board.

    This is purely an accounting procedure and in no way are these amounts forgiven. These amounts are placed as a lien on the property. WE CONTINUE TO BE OWED THE MONEY.


    Don, if you are still confused, please call our CFO Rick Savard or even Finance Committee member Richard Goward.

    Additionally, I'm not too sure I like the idea of you calling me a "haughty". That's a little strange.


    Jim Roach MMA V.P.

  113. Roach, what's "really strange" is your obsession with Harris is getting more and more spooky, may want to have that checked. We are not all Harris! These are general questions flying around the community that you're all going to be held accountable for. We all know that the CFO is NOT capable of being responsible for association funds; with Moffitt tutoring him, its even scarier. You men may think you rule the roost, BUT word around the community is that your heyday is up; you'll be held to account. The more publicity you get, the more questions crop up. You KNOW everyone except your FEW groupies have stopped even thinking about wasting time with coming to homeowner meetings. Your 'show' is a joke. So NOW that you know I'm not Harris, answer the questions in a clear precise way and quit spinning. So you don't like 'haughty'? If its any consolation, that was very kind compared to other things I've heard to describe you by others.

  114. You talk pretty tough, hiding behind the skirt of anonymity!

    Jim Roach

  115. Mr. Roach do you and your wife own a home on via amonte?

  116. Boy,

    We must all be idiots, if you believe the posts from Jim Roach (or someone pretending to be Jim Roach)

    If something is an 'asset' on your books that is for a reason. It is an asset because it is owed to you. That is the way the IRS wants it. You are supposed to report "accounts receivable" as assets.

    Now if you have a reason for writing off the debts owed to you or your company or corporation or whatever, it is usually, as Mr. Roach pointed out, to remove them from the asset side of the ledger.

    This offers some specific tax breaks, and this is important for a non profit corporation. The problem is that if you are NOT really writing them off, then you are lying to all government agencies that would have an interest in your finances.

    You can't have it both ways. If you are really writing them off, as the Association finances indicate you are. Then you HAVE written them off. PERIOD.

    Now, IF you get the money back, you have to claim that it was an unexpected income, and you have to report that to the IRS.

    But generally you will have ALREADY taken the tax break in the year you wrote them off.

    NOW, IF the board can make a decision, or rather the CFO can make a decision to "WRITE THEM OFF", there is no prohibition against taking a forgiving approach to those having a tought time making ends meet.

    There is absolutely NOTHING preventing the write off of the late fees.... 33% of all amounts owed for late payments, or no payments. And there is no prohibition agsint 'forgiving' a percentage as someone has suggested.

    Perhaps the IRS should be informed of the duplicitous practice of writing off money which you really have not written off.

    Mr. Roach, we are not persuaded that your reporting of these matters is complete.

    How much of the $65000 that we heard Moffitt say he wrote of in his last year has been repaid?

    How much of the $60,000 that he wrote of in the previous year has been repaid?

    What was the make up of thes amounts? Late dues, vs. fines etc and late fees?

    How many of the homes representing the $45000 that Savard wrote off were in foreclosure?

    How about for the previous years?

    IN fact for the past ten years, how much of the amounts written off has been repaid?

    "not satisfied"

  117. Like I said before, the more we uncover about ML BoD's mismanagement, the more we find things misconstrued and messed up. Stamper, if you're Pres, where on earth is the leadership skill you claim to have? WHY are you not stopping this mess? Where is your shame? Can you not control 'your' board? Doesn't look good. The community is almost afraid to lift another rock for fear of what or who's hiding under it, or where we've been shafted again. If these men would put as much time into having someone oversee and show them how things SHOULD be done, as they do trying to destroy lives and abolish what's left of the community, association business would not be so messed up. But nope, that would take their being willing and smart enough to admit they are not the know it alls they want everyone to believe. Now, FOR the MUCH AWAITED TALK SHOW: another thing they were chomping at the bit like a pack of animals to turn into a lynching-Harris fun-time...Well, again their plan really backfired on THEM!; EVERYONE'S talking about how they blatantly demonstrated just who REALLY has the anger problem...and it WASN'T Mr. Harris, it was THEM, acting like the little people they are with the stupid duck calls and lack of manners. We ALL recognized immediately the nasty, lack-lustre, brassy voice of Savard, ready to attack, who JUST couldn't wait until the show started before trying to tacky. A normal person would have been embarrassed, but not him. WHY does he not see how disrespectful to the moderator that was? BUT.... after everything was said and done; it was a very revealing show and the community was enlightened to more than these men wanted OR realized. i.e., NOW, we ALL know Harris is not the only one who ever sued our association board like they keep hammering him with. Seems RECALLED Moffitt ALSO has a record of filing lawsuit against our association board, (obviously they didn't want THAT known)....BUT again, it came back to haunt them! DO THEY STILL want to insist on sending everyone to query the county records?? These little men like to delve into personal lives from the public records to see what they can use to harrass their targets with. Evil? Sick? Inhumane? Yep, all the above. So THEN, after all dirt they have done, HOW can they really say anyone supporting Harris is nuts?? No folks, we support Harris because we KNOW the never-ending, evil, sick hell they have put him through simply because of old grudges and vendettas that they are not sane enough to let go! They're just bullys who have no other life. Its very obvious, Harris is one of few who will not cower down and cater to them and they can't accept that. In their craziness, they have seen to it that Menifee Lakes has lost all respect from the community; we're ashamed of them. WHO in their right mind would want to admit they live in this battlefield? But as one poster said before, they want us to think they're doing it for the good of the community?? Yeah, right. I've lived in HOA communities before, and have always enjoyed harmony in the communities....NEVER felt ripped off as we do since Savard and Roach crawled out. Now we're all saying "never HOA again!"

  118. The Menifee Valley Talk Show was not as you describe! It was fairly mellow. Did it have some heated times? Yes, but whenever you have opposing viewpoints you will get passion!

    Don Harris helped me decide how to cast my votes.

    Don Harris was ignorant of facts, called his opponents names, and refused to answer legitimate questions posed to him.

    For this reason alone, he failed to get my vote, and encouraged me to vote for Vejar, Moffitt, Cameron, and Schnoor.

    Thanks Therese Daniels for an enlightening show!

  119. After reading the recent postings as of late, it really sounds as though you pro-Harris folks just couldn't wait any longer to continue with your rhetoric! Or, is it that some of you RVSD County Court records educated ones have begun splintering off and the only ones left are the windbag diehards who just don't know any better.

    You pro-Harris diehards have again assured us that you haven't changed at all from back in 2006.

    Now, Shame on you for bashing Roach and Savard! Doesn't that sound a bit much like the same of which you folks are and have been complaining about?

    Roach and Savard's sharing the truthful knowledge of Harris activities is not to be considered as their personal opinion... because it is FACTUAL and PROVEN throughout numerous Court documents and legal deposition.

    Please read the RVSD County Court records and EDUCATE yourselves before you spout any more support for Harris!

  120. I noticed that Mr. Roach failed to answer the question posed to him twice about whether or not he and his wife own property on via amante in the belcanto tract.

    The name on the lawsuit filed by the association against the owners of that house is SUSANA and JAMES ROACH. Amazingly this is the same name as appears on the title for their home in Lake Ridge Estates.

    Either we have two "Roach's" in Menifee lakes where the wife has the same name as the "other" Roach, AND the husband has the same name as the 'other' Roach; or the Vice President of the HOA is being sued for FAILING TO PAY ASSESSMENTS on his rental property!!!!

    Would Mr. Roach please address this issue?


  121. To anon at 3:18 yesterday.

    You have been listening to uninformed people, or are yourself part of the "boys"

    As someone mentioned on another post, you cannot just assume that allegations are true. That would be a reckless disregard of the truth.

    In California, as the rest of the U.S. people are not just "considered" innocent until proven guilty. They ARE innocent until PROVEN guilty.

    So far Harris has not been PROVEN guilty of ANYTHING!!!

    I suspect that remarks made by Savard and Roach and others who by their public statements and private statements have stated as fact those things which are only allegations, and yet to be proved as factual are opening the board and the association up to more law suits.

    Whoever you are. A simple perusal of law suits etc. Shows only that two people were successfull in getting restraining orders against Harris. That same research will show that Harris also was successfull in getting Temporary Restraining Orders against Savard and Roach, for putting his family in fear.

    Other than that, and the interim victories which Harris has obtained in having the court determine that he was/is entitled to use all facilities. And was/is entitled to attend all meetings; and the successfull demurer of George Moffitt and Susan Vejar to the complaints filed against them ; there has been nothing adjudicated.

    I am sure you are aware that no charges were filed against Harris in either the Alleged violation of restraining orders in Feb of 2008 or since; or in any other alleged criminal or civil tort action.

    So you are OBLIGATED by law to consider Mr. Harris INNOCENT of all other charges, allegations until he is PROVEN guilty.

    Now that does not mean you are free to believe what you choose. But it would be wrong of you or any others to just CONCLUDE that because you THINK he is guilty, that he is.

  122. I will be happy to address any concerns a member of Menifee Lakes Master Association may have, including the issue mentioned above. Unfortunately "anonymous" does not ID a member of this association.

    Please identify yourself and I will immediately provide details of this issue.


    James Roach MMA V.P.

  123. Wow! The Menifee Lakes HOA Board... Wow! If your property values just lost money, then I suggest getting a brand new set of board members. Wow! Jim Roach, Jerry Stamper, etal. What a mess. All board members should be recalled for bringing down this beautiful community. Can you see anyone wanting to move into this community with these arrogant board members tripping out with their huge egos? What a shame!

  124. Oh my, here we go again!

    Will the three people who do not like it here in Menifee Lakes please leave! Harris, Lucy and Sue, you won't be able to bamboozle a recall like you did in 2006. We are now all aware that it takes more than two disgruntled members to initiate an expensive recall!

  125. I live in Menifee Lakes and I've read all the back and forth here and don't know quite what to think. I'm sure I'm not alone.

    I have met Don Harris and never really had much of a problem with him, but I did just read through the website that was referenced above, and I have to say, I'm a bit concerned. There seems to be quite a bit of backup documentation this website provides and unless they just fabricated it, doesn't look good for Don Harris.

    I am hoping that Don Harris is still looking at these comments and will answer a few questions I have.

    1. Did you really call and ask for water to be added to the lake after you weren't serving as the manager?
    2. Did you really ask for and were you really paid for your services twice in September?
    3. Did you really sell and accept money from the HOA for the lifeguard stands that appear to be all along owned by the HOA?
    4. Did you really sell the vehicle the HOA owned and keep the proceeds?
    5. Did you really take the lake and pool blueprints and keep them for over a year?
    6. Did you really sign the contract to have the ducks removed on the date they say and as they show in the scan of the contract?
    7. Did your house really get raided and did they really take all of your computers?
    8. Were you really involved in hacking into email accounts and websites they talk about?

    I guess anyone can say anything they want, but since they've provided backup for most of these things, as much as I don't want to believe it, its really hard not.

    Mr. Harris, can you please square these things away for us out here that originally thought you were wrongfully let go, but are now questioning.

  126. Aren't they great at "labeling" anyone who says anything they do not want to hear? They really think they know it all don't they.

    Anyway, the part about the recall is baloney.

    You can get a lawyer to say whatever you want him to say. The previous law firm interpreted the bylaws and CC&R's to allow for the recall effort exactly the way it was done. You will notice that it was not challenged at all by anyone. They tried to keep the results a secret. But a Judge in Riverside Superior Court said that the recall was done properly, and therefore stood as successful. The board was duly recalled.

    If there was a few delegates who wanted to start another recall, it could be done exactly the same way. The language of our governing documents is clear. Now, probably because of the new atty the 'boys' have brought in, there would be additional argument, and it would cost some money; but it would probably stand after all the legal was done. But the atty would have made his money, and the board would have spent thousands more of ours....again.

    Probably just to save money it would be easier to get the actual signatures, though not required by our documents. Getting 85 signatures at this point would be a walk in the park. I bet each of the 58 homeowners SUED by this board would be happy to sign.

    But I suggest waiting until after the elections, and then recalling the entire board, as it was done last time. That way, we could be done with them all at one time.

  127. What about the V.P. and the non-payment of assessments? I'd like to know what that is about!

    I can understand the V.P. waiting for the member to identify himself, so would that member please repost with his name?!

    Sounds juicy!

  128. Yeah, I want to know about that too.

    Hey Roach, don't hide behind formality.

    Are you and your wife being sued by the HOA for not paying assessments?

    Yes or NO is all that you need to say.

    You don't need to know who the person asking is. That's rubbish!

    Answer the question!

  129. To the poster @ 12:50pm on October 10 who wrote about "recall'; you are ignorant.

    It is a FACT that the recall effort in 2006 was initiated by only TWO members!

    It is a FACT that the Law supercedes any HOA bylaw that requires less than a petition to be signed by 5% of the membership for the purpose of requesting a "special meeting" for the purpose of recall!

    No, any recall can not be done in the same manner as in 2006; mainly because Menifee Lakes now has great leadership as well as a truly Professional Management Company and an outstanding Legal Counsel that won't allow itself to be bamboozled.

    The idea of recalling this board is a joke. The association is way under budget, to the tune of many tens of thousands of dollars, the dues are primed to stay the same into next year, the facilities look better than ever. Assessment collection is outstanding. THE BUSINESS OF MENIFEE LAKES MASTER ASSOCIATION has never been better!

    You insult us by your complete B.S.

  130. WOW! These Harris fanatics are harsh and ruthless!

    The V.P. offered to explain the assessment issue as long as he knew that the person asking was a member of his association; and this person continues to hide behind anonymity? Not cool!

    This website is read by people from all over, outside the Menifee Lakes area. The V.P. does not owe anyone other than a member of his association an answer to this very personal issue.

    The guy seems genuine in his willingness to explain, show him some respect and give your name. If you turn out to be a member, and he still doesn't answer, THEN criticize him.

  131. You know I have listened to more than a couple of people on this list who 'claim to be non residents' who have tried to bash Harris.

    The case is available for all to see. It is not a secret reserved for ML residents.

    It is case number TES033224 and the defendants are Susana Roach and James Roach. And their address is a menifee lakes address.

    The claim is for $585.80 for unpaid assessments, late fees and collection costs.

    The hearing date is set for January 14, 2009.


    That is the same exact names as VP Roach and his wife. Is this just a coincidence? Maybe.

    What are the odds that there are two Roach's with the same wife's name (even to the spelling) and the same husbands name?

    If it is NOT them then just

    "say it ain't so Jim"

  132. OH please give us a break.

  133. C'mon guys, cut the guy some slack. So he couldn't pay his dues? Are you for the 58 lawsuits, or are you against them?

    I'd like to see his explaination too, considering he is the V.P., but he did ask for a name in order to respond. How hard is it to put your name to a demand?

  134. I've been following this "drama" for a few days, even though I don't live in Menifee Lakes.

    I have to say, it does beat watching T.V.

    I'm dying to get the answer from the V.P. as to why he is being sued for not paying his dues!

    PLEASE, someone from that association post the demand for an explaination and give your name!

    You kinda have a duty to find out what is going on. Maybe the other guy, Harris, will be brave enough to ask and write his name.

    This is getting good!

  135. I voted for Harris because he promised to stand up to these guys.

    C'mon Harris, stick it to him! Ask him why he feels that he shouldn't pay dues like everyone else!

  136. (e) Special meetings of members for any lawful purpose may be
    called by the board, the chairman of the board, the president, or
    such other persons, if any, as are specified in the bylaws. IN ADDITION, special meetings of members for any lawful purpose may be
    called by 5 percent or more of the members.

  137. With regard to recall, and the tremendous costs associated with conducting a recall election; the Corporate Code REQUIRES those who wish to recall, gather signatures of at least 5% of the membership who agree that a special meeting for purpose of recall be scheduled. This REQUIREMENT by Law, supercedes any HOA bylaw or CC&R.

    The problem with Menifee Lakes and the blunder in 2006, was the miscommunication between the Property Mangement and Legal Counsel.

    Indeed, only two members initiated the recall in 2006. This "initiation" was in the form of a demand letter. The Property Manager at the time called Legal to ask what to do about the "petition" to recall she had just received.

    Not knowing the facts, but relying on the Property Manager's description and supposed experience, Legal assumed there was truly a "petition" and also assumed that that petition had been signed by 5% of the membership.

    Thus, legal instructed Property Management to conduct a recall election.

    The folks in Menifee Lakes paid tens of thousands of dollars on a recall because of poor communication between their Property Manager and their Legal Firm. Is it any wonder why both have since been fired?

    And yes, the recall was indeed, initiated not by 5% of the membership, but only two members.

  138. It amazes me that this post continues to grow even after it no longer appears on the running page!! That tells me that this is a hot topic for those who live in the MLMA. Either that or it is a great place to post your frustrations about the infamous crazy guy "Don Harris" or the nutty boys club running the Board.
    For those of us on the outside looking in, it is a soap opera worth watching!! From the early days of the Duck Killings, to the racist graffiti sprayed around the Lake, it truly is a spectacle to behold.
    This is better than Reality TV !!!

  139. At the risk of once agains stirring the hornet's nest; I have spend a fair amount of time researching the issues surrounding the recall effort. Here is what I have found. Certainly if someone wants to refute it, that is an option, but I would hope they would show references to the actual documents rather than just pontificating.

    The Menifee Master Association is governed by each of the following sets of documents.

    1. Articles of Incorportion
    2. Bylaws
    3. CC&R's
    4. Civil Code 1364-1365 (Davis-Stirling Act)
    5. Corporations Code 7110-8910. Dealing with Non Profit Mutual Benefit Corporations.

    Each of these has a place in understanding how the Association (Corporation) is to be run.

    The Menifee Master Associatin is organized as a'representative government' system utilizing the Delegate District system of representation.

    The community is divided into ten districts. Each district elects a delegate, and in so doing authorizes that delegate to represent them as a member in all matters to be voted on by members. It is not necessary that each member vote individually on all matters that come up for a vote of the membership.

    Thus the term "voting power" which is seen throughout the documents.
    There are some issues which require an actual written vote of each member, providing at least the opportunity to vote given to each member. However, even in those instances, the results are tallied by the district delegates and reported by the district delegates.

    The system is somewhat akin to the national system of representative government. Some similarities exist that warrant comparison to the Electoral College, and the House and Senate.

    I will leave it to any interested parties to research the same documents I have. All of the HOA governing documents can be found on line at under the title of 'governing documents'. And the Corporations Code and Civil Code can be found at

    Understanding the basis set up of the Menifee Master Association makes it easier to address the issues of 'special meetings of the association'.

    Under the governing documents, in particular the bylaws; A special meeting of the Association (not the board) may be called by a 'request' presented to the President of the Board "signed by delegates representing 5% of the total voting power of the association"

    This does not require a petition. There ARE associations where a petition is necessary; but not with delegate district systems. This is the purpose of the delegates.

    The Menifee Master Association clearly state that the vote of the delegate shall except where the governing documents state otherwise, SHALL count as the vote of those represented by the delegate.

    This happens all the time in the House of Representatives, and in the Senate of the U.S.

    So it is here, or why have the delegates at all?

    The governing documents give delegates the right to call a special meeting of the Association by presenting a signed request to the Board President, signed only by delegates. But the delegates must REPRESENT at least 5% of the Association.

    According to the Bylaws, this would be consistent with some others who have the right to call a special meeting of the Association for any legitimate action.

    For example, The President of the Board (ONE PERSON) may call for a special meeting of the Association. He needs no other authorization than the fact that he is the president. Period! Nothing more.

    The Board may by a majority vote (4 members) call for a special Association Meeting. No petition, no individual membership voting etc. Just any 4 members at any time, and for any legitimate purpose.

    Any combination of delegates whose delegate vote represents at least 5% of the association voting power (membership). No requirement for a petition, or any individual voting on the part of the membership.

    And finally, IN ADDITION to the above, a petition with signatures amounting to 5% of the total membership. Or in the case of Menifee Master about 85 signatures or so.

    You can see that the framers of the Menifee governing documents wanted to make it fairly easy to call a special meeting of the Association for any legal purpose.

    How does the Corporations Code and Civil Code play in?

    They are used basically to frame rules and regulations for the operation of a Non profit 'mutual benefit' corporation, which is an option for associations. The Menifee Master Association was formed as a California Corporation, but a specific type of corporation. A 'non profit mutual benefit corporation'.

    There is a specific section of the Corporations Code (above) dealing with those types of corporations.

    These codes are the law. That keeps Associations from just doing whatever their various boards want to do. IT is a structure.

    The Corporations code dealing with non profit mutual benefit corporations does reference the %5 rule,but states that it can be used as another means of calling the special association meeting. IT does not limit the association to ONLY the 5% rule. But it guarantees that even if there is no other provision in the bylaws for homeowners to have a special meeting called; a petition with 5% signatures of the voting power will get the job done.

    So, when TWO delegates presented a request to the President of the Board in the summer of 2006, there may have been only two signatures. But the two signatures were of duly elected delegates. Those delegates represented (that is their functional duty) well over 5% of the voting power of the association.

    To make sure the matter was submitted to legal counsel who ultimately interpreted our governing documents in light of the Civil Code and the Corporations code, and determined that the requirement was met. It was then the PRESIDENT of the board who called for the special meeting of the Association.

    When the matter came before a magistrate in the summer of 2007, the argument was made that proper procedure had not been followed and that the recall effort was not lawful because the special meeting was only called for by two people.

    It was noted by those who were in support of the recall effort that the two people were REPRESENTATIVE of well over 5% of the voting power of the membership.

    The magistrate took both arguments into account, reviewed the briefs submitted by each side; and RULED as a matter of LAW that the recall was done properly, and that the results could be tallied and enforced.

    He ruled that the recall stood.

    There was no appeal. There was no challenge to his authority.

    I would encourage any and all who are sincerely interested in this topic to do the work and read for yourselves. I have listed all of the pertinent documents and how to access them in this post.

    Please for your own edification read the bylaws at the very least if you are a homeowner in Menifee Lakes.

    This Delegate District system that was written into your governing documents is a very powerfull form of Representative Government.

    It is the only thing that keeps your association from being ruled by seven people solely as they see fit.

    If you are seriously worried about the right of 2 delegates representing at least 85 homeowners to call for a special Association meeting: think what it will be like when the entire Delegate District System is gone!

    It has been reccommended by the association attorney that this system be done away with.

    What do you think?

  140. What do I think?

    I think Don Harris doesn't know what he is talking about.

    To suggest that ONE (1) member of this asscoiation, who just happens to be a Delegate, has the power to expose the entire membership to the costs of a recall election,

    1. Defies LOGIC and,

    2. Defies LAW.

    The MLMA Governing Documents were written two decades ago. HOA Election Laws (Civil Code 1363.03), becoming Law after MLMA Docs were written, supercede many elements of MLMA (and other HOA) Governing Docs. Specifically the issue of recall!

    Why are you having such a hard time grasping this? It does NOT matter what the MLMA Governing Documents say-the Corporations Code and Civil Codes supercede our Bylaws and CC&Rs!

    Seriously Don, do you really expect us to believe that Gladys (Belcanto Delegate) has the power and right to call for a recall; just because she represents more than 5% of the membership? This is absurd!

    Give the membership some credit, we are not the fools you take us for!

    The newer HOA Election Laws were written to make Elections FAIR! Are you telling us that you feel it is fair that Gladys should be free to disenfranchise the membership if she alone doesn't agree with them?

    Your recollection of the Hearing on the matter of the recall is not accurate. The Court refused to decide whether or not proper procedure was followed because he felt that this was a moot issue. The Court did NOT validate proper procedure!

    The District Delegate system is a sham. If you were to read carefully, it is ripe to abuse. It is written right there in the Governing Documents that the District Delegate can either represent the votes of the members, OR ignore those votes and vote as that delegate wishes.

    For example, Say it was proposed that MLMA purchase a piece of property in the area. And the Delegates went door to door in their respective tracts and conducted a vote for this proposal. Let's say in Belcanto, 80 were for it, and 80 were against it. The Delegate ( Gladys) has the power and right, (according to the MLMA Documents) to either represent those votes as 80/80 or 160 opposed, or 160 in support of the proposal. It's all up to that Delegate.

    Depending on how the Delegate feels, he/she now multiplies her/his personal view by the number of votes from thier own District.

    Don, you are correct that this is a "very powerfull form of Representative Government". But is is NOT fair and therefore not in the best interests of the membership.

  141. The Delegate system has already been manipulated and abused.

    While I agree that the original Lusk Information Center was a very wise purchase, the way MLMA purchased that center was fraudulant.

    The Law REQUIRES that the membership vote on Capitol Expenditures in excess of 5% of the budget. This amounts to requiring a membership vote (election,ballots,etc.) and approved by a majority of the membership or 927 members.

    It was a sham to have the 10 Delegates decide the fate of this monumental purchase, that impacted every single member of the association.

    In fact, it has been reported that the Delegates themselves reported voting NOT representative of their tract (district), but reported a vote, that represented what they personally desired.

    The purchase of the Information Center was correct; the way it was purchased was illegal and a sham.

    The previous poster is 100% correct. The District Delegate system is ripe for fraud and abuse; and definitely NOT FAIR.

  142. Agree, the delegate system works ONLY if the elected delegate truly solicits/queries his/her track to obtain a majority of homeowner opinions; AND is open to quote the homeowner consensus of opinions, regardless of his own. The sham of the delegate system has been that in our 6+ years as MLMA homeowner; NOT ONE TIME has ANYONE, delegate or otherwise, EVER solicited for an opinion on ANYTHING! In fairness to any delegates (when there were such "critters") in those 6+ years of attending homeowner meetings, we also saw that whenever a delegate did speak up on anything, he/she was either dismissed, chastised, or spoken to condescendingly with the board's outright disregarding that our CC&Rs mandate the delegate system IS TO BE recognized. So past-delegates, I can't blame you, why solicit and relay info if it only gets thrown out without consideration; plus having to be embarrassed with their put-downs?? To get us where we are: If things weren't bad enough....THEN came Stamper and his crew, and the community was pushed from the skillet into the fire; no one wanted to be involved in ANYTHING anymore that would require being exposed to, or vulnerable to, these three men. SO, NOW... I QUESTION THE VALIDITY (OR SENSE) OF THE ASSN ATTY RECOMMENDING THAT THE DELEGATE SYSTEM BE DISSOLVED!! BECAUSE HE DIDN'T SEE IT WORKING? OR, BECAUSE IT WOULD TAKE THE BOARD HAVING TO RESPECT A HOMEOWNER'S OPINION, RELAYED BY A DELEGATE, ON ANYTHING? WHY WOULDN'T THE ATTY QUESTION JUST "WHY" THE SYSTEM IS NOT RECOGNIZED AND WORKING; AND, RECOMMEND THAT SINCE IT IS MANDATED IN OUR CC&RS, IT BE IMPLEMENTED AND OPERATED AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE! If this board had any smarts AND really does have the good of the assn at heart (Remember they've 'torn' everything apart for 'our' good!), they would use this delegate system as a tool and see that it is again implemented to get in touch with the community. What's so hard to see about that...WHOOPS, they'd have to set aside their vendettas and do something 'community-minded' for a change. They keep saying they HAVE to follow the CC&Rs (sure, when its convenient for them), how about abiding by ALL the CC&Rs, whether it suits you or not, including the delegate system? BOTTOM LINE: Homeowners have been abused/frightened away from all community involvement; NOW each track NEEDS a committed delegate that will stay active in their track; abreast of what their homeowners think; and acting as a strong liaison back to the board. Yes, we all know where we all are now with no delegate system, NO positive community involvement, and no interaction with the board if it can be prevented. BOARD: its up to YOU to reach out and stop badgering people around! If you simply can't do that, be man enough to get your fannies off that board!

  143. Hold on a minute, big fella,

    You ADMIT that the Delegate System is a SHAM and open to abuse; then you gloss right over that valid point to critcise Stamper and the current Board with more baseless allegations and vile rhetoric.

    Every homeowner is mailed a newsletter every month that encourages input. All that is needed is a phone call to Avalon. The number is noted on each of those newsletters.

    Heck, it can't get any easier than that; but hold on, the new community website also has a section totally devoted to the homeowner to give input.

    And...Homeowners have the ability to attend a meeting and they are invited to speak for 3 miutes to discuss anything. I have NOT seen any board member show ANY disrespect to ANY homeowner during a board meeting! (exceprt when Harris "flipped" the "bird" to a delegate-is that what you are referring to?)

    And... the homeowner can easily write a letter to the Board thru Avalon.

    And... the homeowner can send an email to the board thru Avalon.

    And... the homeowner can talk directly to any member of the Board, outside the scope of a meeting.

    Your arguement that the delegate system, or lack there of, somehow eliminates the membership from providing input is without merit!

    BTW: The fact that you never provide details to your vague, meritless allegations is not lost on those who read this post.

  144. Speaking of violating CC&Rs,

    Harris-what is up with Judy Hyneman's over size, illegal political banner that hangs from her balcony and totally trashes the atmosphere of our beautiful lake?

  145. Harris,

    Is this another "anger management issue"? You sound VERY upset!

    It is IRONIC that it is you who is suggesting that Stamper and "his crew" have "torn apart" anything; when you have admitted to "disassembling" functional MLMA equipment to make it non-functionable!

    Harris you crack me up!

  146. Dear Lord, how harris does occupy these men's minds 24/7 (no pun intended). He has totally consumed their thoughts and mindsets...however loose it may be. Can they not admit that there are others in this large community who have a little bit of common sense (and remembering) as to what goes on around here! We are not all Harris! Now, since they insist on revisiting the recall saga over and over; its AGAIN time to clarify: Yes, the board was subject to a recall. BUT, Do you wonder WHY it took so many, many long, tedious, drawn out months for a judge to render his verdict that "IT PASSED"? (YES, it was legally declared as PASSING; why can't they just accept that and get on with something beneficial??) In plain language, it took so long simply because the recalled board was fighting tooth and nail with Savard, Roach (who JUMPED INTO THE RING to 'save the board') along with Stamper trying to get it declared anything but passing. EVERYONE, including the 'absentee' board president at the time, actually asked and wanted to know where in the world Savard and Roach came from since they had never been seen at a homeowner's meeting or active in any homeowners committee before this! So that leads one to believe they were really not interested in anything except a good fight; or maybe because they're neighbors of Moffitt and Schnoor. NOW, for their repeatedly claiming there were only TWO delegate names on the recall request: WRONG ! Originally, there were THREE, yes THREE delegate names requesting the recall. Unfortunately, one withdrew her name after Savard and Roach discovered some negative, embarrassing information on her from their infamous, dirty-handed searchings of the county court records where they spend so much time. Next thing you know, they request that she meet with them at Bogey's to discuss a 'personal matter'....... Next thing she does is withdraw her name from the recall request...hmmmmm....wonder why? Would that be called intimidation, coercing, or is there a better word for it? What would any decent citizen think about men of this caliber? NOW that we all are aware that there were three original requesters instead of two; can the recall rest and stand as it was officially declared by the judge? That dead horse is tired !

  147. What does the posting at 8:45PM have to do with the present topic?

    I guess that since you diverted from the Delegate issue, we are now all in agreement that the Delegate System is a farce.

    And what about Harris' running mate, Judy Hyneman and her ridiculusly huge banner? Are you against violating CC&R's or not?

    I am willing to bet that you are in total support of Judy and her illegal banner because it serves YOUR purpose. Typical of those who speak out of both sides of their mouths.

    BTW-It was NEVER said that there were only two "delegate" names on the bogus recall request! What was said, was that there were only two MEMBERS who signed the letter! Lucy and Sue were members, Jayme was NOT!!!!!

    You are typical of the three members who support Harris- you see what you want to see, because you CHOOSE to to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to the TRUTH!!!!

    Jayme rescinded her support because she finally saw Harris and his group for what they are. She was not intimidated then and she was not intimidated when she attended the "fabrication" party held at Lucy's to cover Lucy's ass when Lucy assaulted a candidate in the 2007 election. ( Lucy, remember that "open phone line" trick?)

    Yes, it was amazing to hear Judy state, "sometimes you just have to lie"! What is even more amazing is all you ladies (Lucy, Sue, Judy, and another) condoned this B.S.

    What does the Good Book say about "false witness"?!!!

    Do me a favor and explain why you are still supporting a known liar and one who requires two Restraining Orders, and one who damaged functioning MLMA eguipment, and sued us, and continues to sue fellow MLMA members, and the RSO, and the County, and Deputy Guzman, and.....

  148. anon @ 8:45pm,

    I'm totally confused.

    The Menifee Lakes recall and it's costs were directly initiated by only three people?

    Please explain how that is fair.

  149. The delegate district system is the Rule of Law for this community, like it or not.

    It works when properly implemented.

    The current board has less accountability than the district delegate system. So if there is danger in one, there is much GREATER liability in the board as it is operating now.

    Just take the security issue.

    This board thinks nothing of spending our money wihtout justification, and cancelling services without justification and then claiming they are 'saving us money'

    As an example they have spent more money chasing Harris than it would cost us to have security in the communtiy for SIX months.

    Are they spending our money wisely.


    The fact that they discount the delegate system is indicative of their desire for unbridled power.

    They have already violated Davis Stirling so many times, that it is a wonder no one has sued them.

    I think a RECALL is in order, and we will be working towards that goal as soon as the elections are over.

    Take note people: When someone comes around to get your signature on the RECALL petition, this is your chance to rid our community of these poisenous men and women.

    Clean them ALL out; and let's start new.

  150. Harris:

    Is is not "whether or not" anyone likes it; the Delegate system is an antiquated system that has been effectively handcuffed by new HOA Election Laws.

    Your anger is mis-directed. Be mad at those responsible for changes to the LAW, not this Board or the Law Firm of Peters & Freedman.

    Your "accountability" speech is nothing more than words that make no point.

    Comparing your issue ( Harris) and the security issue is comparing apples to oranges.

    The ONLY "security" allowed in our Governing Documents is that which protects MLMA Facilities!

    The Board is REQUIRED to protect the association's assets. If that means "chasing Harris" around to recover the damages he caused, so be it.

    Violated the Davis Sterling Act? This is what you charged the last Board. I challenge you to name these "violations". (again, baseless allegations!)

    Look at you, already looking for a way to disenfranchise the membership in this year's election. Already calling for a RECALL! Before the results of this election are even known! You are pathetic!

    You wanted a recall in 2006 in order to "take over the board" so that you could manipulate your way back into your position as "Lake Manager".

    Now, in 2008, you want a RECALL in order to "take over the board" so that you can manipulate the Lawsuit against you, by having your pals drop all action against you.



    You are motivated by only two things, and both are self serving:

    1. You want your old job back as Lake Manager, and

    2. you want to be relieved of responsibility for the damage you caused to this association.

    When will you realize that the membership is on to you?

    Don't forget to name the Davis-Sterling violations and while your at it, why not give us your opinion on that incredibly HUGE banner that your running mate, Judy Hyneman has hanging from her house which violates the Law!

  151. We want to hear more about how Lucy assalted someone in 2007. That's got to be just another great story to add the the many wild stories about the coo coo Lucy.
    Folks who know her.......know what I am talking about right???

    Menifee Lakes Resident

  152. Coo Coo Lucy? We have our own name for Lucy;


    But I agree with your description, Lucy has to be "Coo Coo" to support a freak like Harris!

    As far as the "story"; it's in the hands of the Riverside District Attorney's hands and should be available soon!

    See the pattern?

    Harris, Lucy, District Attorney!!??

    Some bunch eh?

  153. This is don harris. I have to laugh at Rick Savard James Roach.

    They complain constantly that anonymous posts are 'credited' to them when they claim they did not write it.

    Well, I have not even visited this page for days. And wow! look at all of the posts that are 'credited' to me.

    The only thing I have to say here is that Unless or Until charges are filed against someone, AND they are PROVED GUILTY beyond a reasonable doubt....

    All of you who allege criminal acts agains mr or lucy or anyone are just blowing smoke!

    Lucy was never charged with any crime involving spraying anything. That is just pure bunk.

    And I heard in connection with that allegation that James Roach was drunk, slurring his speech, and stalking Lucy as she walked through his neighborhood passing out fliers. I heard that he charged at her and put her in fear of physical harm. I heard that he threatened her. I heard that she warned him to stay away, and that he refused. I heard that she sprayed mace or pepper spray at him.

    I heard that She tried to get a restraining order against him because she was so afraid of him.

    Now that's what I heard.

    So my suggestion is, and I am sure that the smart people will take it, is to let this page die. There are only a couple of people posting who I believe are either board members or aspiring board members.

    And truthfully, WHO CARTES what they have to say.

  154. We've read Don Harris as describing members of Menifee Lakes as :

    a) IDIOTS,
    B) JERKS,
    C) LIARS,

    I'm sure I've failed to list all the adjectives used by Don Harris to describe the very members he is obligated to represent.

    Then to top it off, Don Harris actually says that he truly does not care what the membership has to say!

    Harris, you alone have done more damage to your chances of being elected than any one could possibly have hoped for.

    Thank you!

  155. Say goodnight dick.

  156. You mean "Goodnight Don" right??

    Funny how Don thinks that only the Board Members have it out for him. He's in so much denial. Don wake up buddy......lots of hard working, decent citizens are afraid of you and what you bring to this community.
    If anyone needs to exit the scene, it is you. You are a huge liability to all who are subjected to you and your unstable ways.
    GET OUT............
    P.S...Lucy has always had a few screws loose to say the least. She's been a disturbed women for as long as I have known her. Her made up stories and drama's preceed her and I wouldn't believe a word she says about any kind of action that may have taken place.

  157. Having just received the MLMA newsletter, which reported the incredible financial success of the past year of Menifee Lakes, I have to ask:


    Everything Harris has stated over the last few days is total BULL!!

    Under CFO Rick Savard and the balance of the board, the association is $82,500.00 UNDER BUDGET!!

    Past due assessments totally $250,000.00 have been collected!!

    There is NO INCREASE in dues expected for next year!!!

    In the current economic times, with many HOA's filing BK and having a very difficult time, Menifee Lakes Master Association continues to be "head and shoulders above the rest"!!

    Seriously, this is outstanding!! How in the world can Don Harris be critical of this Board?

    I tip my hat to Savard, Roach, Stamper, Vejar, Schnoor, and Hyneman!! Great job guys!!

    Harris, if you don't appreciate the hard work and the results of those responsible for this great news, you really need your head examined!!

    Better yet, go away!!

    Those of us who live here don't need someone like you disrupting the team of fine board members who obviously know what they are doing.

  158. It is easy to see who the spinners are here.

    Friends if you are budgeted to spend $120 thousand dollars on security and you cancel security, leaving the community once again in the hands of the gangs, no one on duty after 11 on the lake, no one to patrol our streets after dark. Causing an immediate decrease in property values; WELL you DID SAVE 120 Thousand dollars. But you did not save it by wise money management and good contract supervision; you saved it by cutting services. A third grader could to the same!

    If you want to save more money, shut down the boat rental operation. That will save you another 5 thousand dollars.

    Then you just OVERBUDGET. You cannot blame harris for that. Durante had all last year to establish his own operating budget. But to make him look good, his buddy George Moffitt padded his budget, padded the budget for the lake... because they had over charged all of us on our dues.

    Then when items come in under budget you can sing the praises of the contractor.

    But for the second straight year, and even with an increase in entry fees, the beach club has yet to generate the INCOME that Harris generated year after year.

    What this means is that fewer people are using the beach club.

    And by the management cutting lifeguard service below what the health department and the planning division of RivCo require for SAFE OPERATION of the beach Club you can 'save money' there too.

    But remember how the beach club looked this year? Remember all of the CAT FECES in the water? REMEMBER how cloudy the water was most of the time?
    REmember how there was almost NEVER a guard in the water at the base of the slide? Remember how filthy the bathrooms were? NO toilet Paper, urine on the floors etc.

    Remember how many times the slide did not even operate?

    Remember that during the few times the boats were open, there was never anyone at the boats to help?

    These are all ways to "cut money" and appear to come in under budget.

    But as my old friend used ot say, "The figures don't lie.... PEOPLE LIE"

    Don't believe the lies friends.



  159. As my old retired Marine friend has said, Don Harris is a proven liar!

  160. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  161. Harris,

    Don't you have something better to update that dating profile?

    C'mon, 49 years old, please! And aren't you married with children?

    You really need another hobby!

  162. It's 10:38PM

    Time for another "anger management issue"!

  163. If Menifee Lakes really wants to save money;

    GET RID OF HARRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Just a little hint...

    We already have 50 signatures!!

    38 more and 'off we go'

  165. I want to sign the petition,

    who do I call? what number?

  166. So let me get this straight.........

    1. Harris, Lucy Walund and Sue Beckendorf are already attempting a recall before the election has even taken place.

    2. Harris, show me proof that our property values have gone down without the security contract. I suspect my property values have dropped because of the economy and the mortgage mess. I doubt it has gone done because of non armed security guard driving down my street at the same time every evening in a small pickup truck.

    3. Where are these "gang's" that are running around Menifee Lakes. I am on the lake almost daily. I am still looking for those "crips".

    Harris, you are running for another term on the board. If you and any other person is running for a position is elected by a majority of the membership then great. Do what you were elected to do.....serve the entire community. If you or any other member for that matter is not elected, then it is over. It is a decision that was made by the members at large.

  167. As I understand these posts, it is NOT ok if Harris gets elected.

    Savard and Roach and their buddies will continue to hound and harass him, until he resigns or is driven off.

    Now I am starting to see people saying things like "get rid of Harris". or "Harris needs to get out of Menifee". These are lynch mob mentalities. Misinformed people getting on board with the 'crowd' based on what they read etc.

    I just read in the newspaper that the LA courts are going after the web posts that made similar encouragements to a girl who ultimately killed herself. Apparently the law is beginning to take more seriously the blogs, and web sites.

    But in any event, I understand the NEW RECALL EFFORT is based on Savard, Roach, Stamper, Vejar, and Schnoor and the irresponsible and biased way in which they have pursued Mr. Harris. Also failure to communicate accurately to the association members and some stated Davis Stirling Violations. I have been told that the Attorney's background is also an issue, and his pre election ties with Savard and Roach.

    So I don't think the RECALL is dependent on who gets elected or not. I think the RECALL effort has already begun. One of my neighbors was already asked to sign a petition. My doorbell hasn't rung yet. But I suspect it will and when and if it does, I will report back to the blog whatever I can remember.

  168. I am curious,

    Have all of you forgotten the encouragement to suicide sent by Savard and Roach to Harris ? Have you all forgotten the bragging about having guns by Savard and Roach? Have you all forgotten that his wife and children were in fear for their lives, and that a Superior Court Judge ordered them to surrender their guns? And that they were under stay away orders for three months?

    Have you all forgotten the vile emails sent to Harris (we got them sent to us last year) where they accusd Harris of being homosexual? A pedophile?

    Have you all forgotten the internet "research" they did on Jayme Haliday referencing some crime she supposedly committed? Have we forgotten the remarks made against Tom Zegan and the vile emails sent to Tom by Menifee Truth (owned and operated by Savard and Roach)?

    Have these people found God in the past year and a half? Have they changed? WE don't think so. They are doing the same things now that they did then.

    We think they are sick and sordid men and women.

    But this community elected each (except Vejar... who was recalled then re-apponted).

    Now they are wanting to keep her, put George Moffitt (RECALLED) and their partying buddy Pat Cameron back on with Schnoor.

    It could happen, there is no doubt. These people run very dirty campaigns, smearing anyone, even folks they do not know such as Mr. Spatafora (referred to as SPLAT A FORA by the mudslingers) and of course JUDY HYNEMAN is now on their hit list.

    Are these the kinds of people we REALLY want running our community?



    START NEW!!!





  170. Hey Harris,

    If you are so hell bent on another costly recall, why don't you post your name, phone number, and address so those who wish to sign it, can?

    I believe this was requested a couple hours ago.

  171. I'm sure I speak for many, who won't even consider a "charge" of allegation without a name. So if the "anonymous" complainer wants us to believe him, he had better put his name to the complaints.

  172. To Blogger of 11:18am.
    I just wanted to say that you cannot compare what happened to that young teenage girl on "MySpace" to what bloggers post on a public website. Myspace blogs are made or can be made directly to the person you are directing them to. These posts are open for all to see and are also approved before they are allowed to be posted. That's why you don't see vulgarity or other forms of abuse on this site.
    Telling someone to Move away, or Move on is in no way compared to telling someone to take their own life.
    It's not news to Don Harris, that residents would prefer him to go away and stop all the trouble he has caused by continuing to stir up the community.


    He knows the community is on to him and his lies.

    He knows the community is aware of the damage he has done, and the costs.

    He knows that the community is so aware that he is only motivated by self-interests.

    He knows that his chances of being elected are nil.


    To openly broadcast his desire to circumvent the results of an election in which the results won't be known for weeks; is testimony to his self interests at the expense of the memberships interests.


  174. Harris-

    Your insistance that this (new) recall is being pursued by way of petition, and that you currently have 50 signors and need only 38 more,


    Thanks for exposing Lucy Walund and Sue Beckendorf as the two culprits in the recall scam of 2006.

  175. Harris is very good at throwing his friends "under the bus"!

    If you haven't seen it already, Harris' lawsuit against the remaining Board member of 2006 requires him to expose which Board members relayed to him what was said in Executive Session.

    To do this would implicate those two Board members as breaching their fiduciary duties; which would cause them to become personally liable for the costs associated with this breach.

    We've seen Harris' deposition. We know who these two board members are.

    Carnes and Beckendorf are friends of Harris. Carnes and Beckendorf are now in serious trouble.

    Two more friends of Harris who have "experienced the bus".

  176. You know this has been the rhetoric of Savard and Roach and others right from the get go.

    If nothing is said 'behind closed doors' that is improper, slanderous, defamantory or otherwise then there is no need to get all huffy when someone talks about it.

    Just FYI there is NOTHING in an executive session that cannot be subpoenaed if there is NO ATTORNEY PRESENT.

    Case law has already determined this.

    Mr. McFarlane, Ms. Coon, and probably ALL of the board members will be asked UNDER oath what each said or did not say at executive session.

    But don't you all get it? It is ok that McFarlane Slandered Harris, it is ok if she lied to other board members to further her own personal interests, it is ok if she just decided to blast him across the board to 15 people in an email.

    All of that is ok. But let Mr. Harris's attorney subpoena someone to testify under oath... and boy do the 'boys' get worried. Because the REAL truth just might get told. And then what would happen to their smear campaign?

    Wait until all of the future deponents are deposed, there will be some MAJOR surprises and revelations. And we'll see what the 'boys' and 'girls'
    have to say then.

    In the mean time. Everyone should try to look past the 'smoke and mirrors'. It is a good mental challenge every time you read one of the posts on this or any other thread.

    I would not be surprised if Savard, and Roach and 'mystery men with guns' get supboenaed and or deposed.

  177. THIS BOARD is desperate. They know the community is on to them.

    That is why they don't want Harris on the Board, or Judy Hyneman or Phil Spatafora. Because they know that if even one of them makes it on... the gig is up!

    They know the truth about the padded budget. The so called 'savings'. The failure of the board to return to the HOA the money it has collected but not spent! This in itself is a violation of davis sterling.

    The 58 lawsuits against their neighbors perpetuated by this board gone wild

    A board member who it appears is being sued for failure to pay dues and late fees.

    Cancelled Security

    Boats shut down for no reason.

    Under staffing at beach club

    barbecues witout permits

    OSHA violations

    HAZMAT violations

    Support for a lake manager shown to have lied when he applied for the job

    Partying after dark at the beach club, with alcoholic beverage and the lake manager. PRIVATE PARTY...

    A board given to slander, defamation, falsification of evidence, conflicts of interest

    Spending your money to defend a contractor who has assaulted a board member, verbally abused a board member and falsly accused a board member.

    A highly paid contractor who plead guilty to misdemeanor vandalism and unlawfully tapping into a sewer line

    A RECALLED board for alleged improprieties (financial as well as procedural)

    People given to skipping out on board meetings for everything from going to bogies to playing softball

    Yes people are on to a very small group of evil minded, foul playing, smearing, lying sickos with nothing better to do than to pursue harris (and others) with our money for what amounts to NO CLAIMS at all!! Just to give more money to their 'dinner' date Attorney.

    Yes we have the notes where a sitting board member plans to have dinner with the association Attorney. What does that tell you?

    We also see in the notes who is the REAL subscriber to plenty of fish!

    Wonder if he renewed his subscription yet

    OH YEAH we are on to you!!

  178. Where have you been?

    Savard and Roach ADMITTED in a court of law that they sent an email to Mr. Harris encouraging him to "blow his brains out" at Hamilton Point gazebo. They even offered to let him use one of their guns.

    Furthermore they admonished him not to make a big mess because ken durante and his assistant would have to clean up the mess!!!!

    This email was sent to harris at his home, where his wife and children could read it.

    The courts felt pretty concerned... enough to issue an immediate restraining order against Savard and Roach and not lift it until their lawyer showed up in court three months later and assured the judge that they "were just funnin' your honor"

    Please... I was there I saw the court documents. People were mailed a copy of this email last year, which was quickly followed by one from "concerned citizens" who said it was a lie.


  179. OMG You guys tried to blame the last recall on Harris. Now you are going to do it again?

    Wake up!! If you were so POPULAR there would be no movement to have you recalled already.

    You have just shown your real colors during this election. You have reminded everyone of your dirty, smear campaign last year to get elected. You bamboozled the community last year. And you may do it again... but it does not matter because you will be RECALLED.

    We are tired of you guys. Get real!!

  180. Harris,

    The ONLY candidate that has been exposed as a crook and a liar is YOU!

    Phil Spatafora and Judy Hyneman may not be endorsed by some, but they have not "earned" the exposure you have.

    In fact both Phil and Judy have denounced you. They want nothing to do with you! In fact they both said some pretty nasty things about you.(that's gotta hurt!)

    You really should check with those you advertise as being on your "team". We did, and neither want to "play ball" with you.

    Why don't you just go back to phishing for young girls on dating websites and leave the good people of Menifee Lakes alone.