Third High School Planned for Menifee

The Californian reports that a location is being looked at for the site of a third high school within the City of Menifee... http://www.nor...

The Californian reports that a location is being looked at for the site of a third high school within the City of Menifee...
The land is east of Interstate 215 in the southern part of the 180-square-mile Perris Union High School District, the boundaries of which dip into Murrieta and end south of Scott Road.
But it looks like it's going to take several years before this school is built.

I know some parents living on the east side of the 215 that are not very happy about sending their kids to Heritage High, when Paloma seems closer.


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  1. That would be perfect!

  2. Hopefully the school boards of Perris and Menifee will FINALLY work something out BEFORE this high school starts so that it falls into the Menifee School District, NOT Perris!!

  3. Just another example of why unification is dead. Perris has the initiative and is going to move forward on building a THIRD high school within the city limits of Menifee. You think Perris is going to give up 75% of their comprehensive high schools to another district?

  4. Schools do not "fall" into districts. Perris, I imagine, is planning and paying for this High School. It will be theirs, right? If we are attempting to unify Menifee Union will more than Paloma be affected or do they have to do separate deals for each school? I am sure there is a bond planned for this school soon. Any word on how they will be financing this school?

  5. I agree with the above poster. In fact, it would be much easier if Perris Union swallowed up Menifee Elementary. Scary, but true.

  6. I for one would like to see the perris district demographics to understand why this school should be located in Menifee. I would protest that Menifee high schoolers get split amongst 3 high schools for bussing reasons, while we are still part of the Perris District.

    Seems counter productive to the future release of Paloma Valley to Menifee USD. What good would it be to have the Menifee high schoolers bussed back from North of 74 to Paloma Valley while driving by Heritage. Wouldn't that mean they would also be bussing in kids from other areas to Menifee?

    I must be missing something. Where are the new students that warrant this new school? If it's in anticipation of the growth of Menifee, then why not let the new Menifee K-12 handle it?

  7. Yes you are missing something. It's not about the Students, It's about the Administrators.

  8. The way this third high school has been explained is that it would eventually fall into k-12 menifee unified if they were ever to unify, or if unification occurs before this high school is built (extremely unlikely) than menifee would pay perris back for the cost of the land

  9. Perris Union High School District is just that... A HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT!!! You really think Perris is going to sell Paloma, Heritage, and School #3 to make itself a one high school show again? Perris is not draggin its feet. It is moving forward. Perris High School District is here to stay.

  10. Why can't they unify Menify K-18 with Murrieta USD,So we can be out of Perris USD?

  11. What does everyone have against Perris anyways? Many recent members of the Perris School Board were actually residents of Menifee or Sun City!

  12. There are so many misconceptions in this blog its hard to know where to start.

    First. Unification is not dead it is progressing. It can't go any faster or slower. It did start about 8 years later than it should have but that's because no one chose to champion the issue till lately.

    Next. To say that Menifee will have to buy Paloma or any other land from the Perris District makes no sense thats like saying that the City of Menifee will have to buy the streets from the County. The tax payers own them already and pay taxes to keep them up. The only change is who runs the schools or streets. No matter how many schools are built and paid for by us the tax payers while Perris governs the 9-12th graders. All of them that fall within the NEW Menifee Unified School District will be governed by the new unified school district from the unification point on, No purchase necessary.

    AND, They reason that Menifee can't build its own high school is because its not a K-12 district when unification happens the Menifee Union School District K-8 will cease to exist and the NEW Menifee Uinfied School District K-12 will be created. Until that time the Perris district governs the 9-12th graders. They can't stop doing their job and fail to prepare for the future 9-12th grade students. When the county knew the city was coming they didn't instantly stop building streets they continue the work until the city is in place. Any school inside the NEW K-12 district will then belong to said district.

    As for demographics, Mieke, the county plan for Menifee is for it to build out at 250,000 many of the housing tracks are already approved (although stopped at present due to the economy) but they will start up again eventually. When this school is built the Bell Mt. Students that go to Heritage HS will go there instead of HHS. HHS will be filled by students in Romoland and Nuview Districts, So Menifee students will not be split in 3 but only in 2, one HS on each side of the freeway.

    Almost every High School in the resent future has been built with BOND funds. Since we are paying for 5/8 of Heritage HS it makes sense that when the next High School is built in Menifee the rest of the Perris district will pay for 3/8 of it. This is all based on assessed property values. As I have said before I would be happy to meet with a group of motivated citizens to help educate them on the details and help them support unification 951 378- 5458 but no one ever calls. Some times it feels like people just want to have something to complain about and spew misinformation.

    The Perris District has no say in whether or not we unify. To say "You think Perris is going to give up 75% of their comprehensive high schools to another district?" is irrelevant. They are not "Their" high schools, they are ours, we pay for them. If the Petition is sent to the state (and it has been) and all 9 criterion are met (there is some question about this) and then the people vote for it (I hope they will) UNIFICATION happens. I don't believe that people would vote to unify the Perris USD and have them "swallow... up Menifee". So its not easer, don't be scared. The Perris District (if by this you mean the administration) has no say on the matter. Actually, lately the Menifee administration is more hesitant about unification that the Perris administration.

    For the last 2 posters:

    Murrieta USD is not intrested I asked them.

    You are right 4 of 5 members of the Perris School Board are Menifee residents. It's not about being against Perris, Its about local control and having a single streamlined district rather than two overlapping government agencies. A waste of tax payer dollars.

    Actually what makes the most educationally and finically sense is to create a Menifee/Romoland Unified District just like the Corana/Norco Unified District where I grew up. If I had a group of 15-20 active parents helping me rather than just myself we could make it happen. But like I said people aren't that interested.

  13. Fred, you were my teacher in high school, I actually piloted the AP Stats program with you the first year. My name is Brett Crider, I don't know if you remember me. I am a teacher now also (I know scary if you remember me) and I am getting ready to move into my house in Heritage Lake. Although I am working in Moreno Valley, I would love to work with you on this even though I have no kids in the district. I am not sure what it takes or what you need. It is a wonderful idea to create a romoland/menifee school district since it will benefit romoland greatly, and serve the best interest of Menifee as well. Please fill me in on what you are looking for, I know it sounds cliche but I am swamped with being a teacher, being the "leader" of my teaching team, running a lunch dentention program, and homework help before school. Yes us teachers do care about your kids!!!! I promise you. What kind of help are you looking for and what would it take.


  15. Fred,
    I would like to help with this. I just need to know when you want to meet. Maybe post a meeting time and date on this site. I have a son starting High School in the 2009 School year.

  16. To Anonymous, at August 09, 2008 11:50 AM. You are the problem with the people of Menifee. We have a very serious gang problem with the large population of white supremacists you people have invited into your neighborhoods. As for low test scores why don't you think before you talk, the tests scores people look at are the schools in the area and have nothing to do with the district for the most part. So as long as your school is doing okay (which means you as a parent need to make sure your kids are doing what they are supposed to be doing) How else does the association with Perris affect you, and how are you even associated with Perris? You think the district title on your kids diploma makes a difference it does not. I graduated from Paloma went to UCR got two bachelor’s degrees and am now teaching and have finished my masters. You are the ignorant people that make Menifee a horrible place to live.

  17. To Anonymous,August 10, 2008 10:43 AM. I am not the writer of the previous comment but the comment is just an opinion. Agree or disagree there is no need for name calling. It is clear your education didn't help you in the tact department. Are all your supposed degrees suppose to impress? They don't!!!! Don't be hater.

  18. Where did I call him a name? Because I called him ignorant and he is? The way he bashes perris for no apparent reason shows he has no class and tact. I was just helping him out in letting him know his opinion is not valid based on the information he/she provided. So how does perris affect us in Menifee? I would love to know? Does anybody have a good answer?

  19. I had 2 sons who went to Paloma HS, and 1 who is now attending Heritage HS. My middle son begged to be Home Schooled, not because of racial gangs, but the violent, crazy white supremist(sp) groups that are haters of ALL. My son by the way is a blond haired/blue eyed kid who was harassed and threatned because he had friends of many colors. How said is that state of affairs? How could I not fear for his safety?(my son was home schooled his last 2 yrs) There is a long history of these groups in our area of Menifee and down south in Fallbrook, etc. Just ask kids who have gone to Paloma, and they will tell you these group do exist. You might ask, as many of us wonder, where are the parents of these kids?
    There is also a group of gang-wantabes, called the VC Crew. Ask your High schoolers about this lovely group of hoods. We've got some issues folks and somehow we need to start addressing them and find a way to get tough with the help of local law enforcement.
    We have Perris to the north of us, Hemet to the East of us, Lake Elsinore to our West and Temecula/Murrieta to our South. Each of these surrounding cities have their own GANG issues, so it's hard to think we won't be effected in the some kinds of ways. Having a community who is tough on gang activity, supports the removal of any and all gang graffiti is a start. Those of you who knock Home Owners Associatons, you should know that Menifee Lakes has a 24hour removal policy that they have stuck with for years. You'll see graffiti go up and before you know it's gone. This my friends, is a huge help to discourage these punks from disrespecting our homes, business and school with their stupid tagging. What fun is it to tag if your tag is painted over by the next day? So for those of us who do not have associations, we need to make sure the city helps us to clean up our streets as well.
    We need to work together and just not put up with this crap ola!!!

  20. Well said. Leaving Perris district would do nothing to improve the quality of our lives and/or schools. It would merely be a change in labeling (An expensive one at that!)

  21. to one of the previous posters: please tell us more about the gangs at paloma. i have an 11th grader there and he has never heard of the VC crew. he also just told me there is not really that many gangs or gang activity that he is aware of... ??? my kids are blue eyed and light skinned too but we are also mixed race and spanish speaking from a spanish speaking country but not mexican and have a chinese surname--and we've not had any problems at paloma with gangs, yet. why isn't anything being done about gangs if they are such a huge problem at paloma?

  22. Mother of High school kidsAugust 11, 2008 1:59 PM

    Stop blaming the schools, these problems are everywhere, I had problems in school with fights and getting picked on and I live in Mister Rodgers Neighborhood! Give your children and good moral up bringing and they should be able to make through! BTW the school is not much different from real life, and you can't shelter them forever!

  23. Perris has just had a bad reputation for so many years. I'ved lived in this area now for 6 yrs and even before I moved out here, I knew about Perris and what was coming out of it. Granted things may be changing, but it may be awhile before the name of Perris has a good reputation associated with it. You have both good and bad in every city. Just in the past few years the amount of graffiti has increased in the Menifee area also. And as for the gangs at Paloma Valley they are there. My son graduated 5yrs ago and he was always talking about the Mexican gangs and the Skin heads or the White supremacist gangs and how there was alway trouble. Thank God I taught my son to think for himself and not be a follower.

  24. In response to: Gangs at Paloma.
    Be glad that your 11th grader is not aware of the gangs or the VC Crew. That means he's one of the lucky ones who is not targeted by their hate. Many of the VC Crew are now out of Paloma, but roam the streets of Menifee (especially near the Wheatfield Park/La Paloma Parks) looking for kids they can harass and threatned just because it's fun.
    I might suggest that as a parent of a Paloma student, go to the campus during lunch. Now that is a real eye opener. Many of the students group together in their own races, which is not surprising, just a note. There is protection and comfort from being with those you can most relate to. The skin head groups like to keep it this way.
    The school officals know all too well about the problems, and they do a pretty good job of keeping things safe along with the help of the campus police. But once these kids leave campus, they are on their own. I tell my kids to be smart and not to leave themselvs vunerable to the likes of these hoodlums.
    Side note: Several years ago they even arrested a parent/volunteer at Paloma who worked with the Football Team. He was a known skin head and had an arrest sheet a mile long. They confiscated guns/weapons/skin head propaganda. Anybody else remember this ?? Around 2002/2003 ??
    What does any of this have to do with Perris? Not a darn thing, just a side note that we have our own problems here, and we can't continue to blame the likes of Perris for our own issues.

  25. Everyone Is talking about unification, gangs etc. Do you really expect anything to get done by our school district? Have any of you taken your kids to Menifee Valley Middle school or picked them up In the last several years. What a joke, double parking, vehicles running for a half hour or more, people parked everywhere. You can't get out after you pick up your child because no one will move or let you move Into traffic. Why can't the School District come up with parking, traffic control or a road out. Of course It would help If people would show a little respect. This has been going on for years and next year when we go to a traditional school year It will be worse. You think the School District can get things done, think again.....

  26. To the post above. I've worked as a crossing guard off and on for 4 years with Menifee district. It is a ZOO, my advise, drop your kids off 10 minutes earlier. Stay clear of the phycho soccer moms, that are setting great examples for there kids. Two years back I was struck by a crazy mom doing a illegal u turn form the curb, of course this makes her at fault, but she tried to place the blame on others, which is typical!If anyone knows any cops, ask them to hang out my a school during drop off and pick up, things change real quick!

  27. I would agree with a Romoland/Menifee district. But not Perris. Perris issues are too extreme. From Gang violence, to the harboring of illegals and corruption in and through out the City. Yes we have our own set of problems, but they are ours. If Unification occurrs let it be for all the right reasons. People here from Perris to get a better life and it is better, but we as a community must embrace them and show them how we operate.

    We are not a gated lets do better with what we have and encourage others to do the same.

    Honest Jon

  28. why can all the people from perris go to paloma in menifee but the people from menifee can't and must go to heritage?

  29. Regarding gangs in Menifee:

    I've lived in Menifee for almost 5 years now. In that time, I've met some really great people in this community. I've also been introduced to some horrible things that take place in our community and those that surround it.

    I had the opportunity to serve on a jury last year. The case was regarding an alleged white supremacist gang member who fired a gun at another gang member after a fight on his property. The defendant in the case just happened to be the same person referenced a few posts above this one about the Paloma football team. What I saw in court during those 4 weeks was quite shocking, and really opened my eyes to some of the things that go on in and around Menifee that a lot of residents never even hear about. Most of the witnesses and associates of the accused in this case were prior felons, or were currently incarcerated for various crimes (murder, attempted murder, assault, etc.). Even the defendant's eldest son is a gang member serving a long prison sentence in Pelican Bay. Both of the defendant's sons went to Paloma High School.

    For those who would like more details, there are some links below. The County Sheriff and the FBI know all about what is going on in our community and it's surrounding area - and they say this type of activity is on the rise. The links posted here are referencing one individual and those he associated with (family, friends, etc.). There are many more around us like him, as well as individuals from other hateful groups who aim to promote similar illegal activities. The intent of this post was not to bash Paloma Valley High, the school districts, or the (soon to be) City of Menifee. The intent was to inform citizens in this area of some of the activities that are taking place around us every day.

  30. The cities of Murrieta and Temecula have their own school districts. Why can not Menifee have its own district. Murrieta and Temecula districts broke away from the Elsinore School District about twenty years ago.

    I am afraid if Riverside County and the State disapprove the petition that Fred Twyman refers then private schools may be established for the unhappy parents in the Menifee area. We could have a dual school system similar to the ones established in the South.

  31. To Michelle. Thanks for the advise but 10 minutes doesn't cut It. We have to take our daughter 20 minutes early and get to the school at least 30 minutes early to pick her up. Your right about those soccer moms.....What a pain, no respect, always In a hurry and they are always wright. The problem Is they are the leaders of our society and the teachers of their children.

  32. Keep in mind you have a city councilman that works on the Paloma Valley HS campus and eats lunch and walks around the campus with the students everyday. I have worked on several other school campuses and have never been on one that has so little racial tension or ever fights between friends. Given, most adults are frightened at seeing 1600 students eat at one time, LOL but Paloma is a very calm place to be. We have great students, some a little lazy but nice kids. If any one would like to eat lunch with me on campus I would be happy to show you around. Please contact me at 672-6030- x3017 we could always use more parent volunteers to help with handing out books, serve on the school site council, and chaperone dances or sell or take tickets at foot ball games. I'm not saying that there aren't any issues but most run along the line of helping students deal with the death of family members, divorces, suicidal tendencies, boy friend girl friend break up, possible drug use. All stem from the lack of good adult relationships. When i went to school I was expected to go to college and was the first member of my family to get a degree. The culture in Menifee seems to have the bar set a little lower. Many students say that there parents think college is too expensive. With MSJC in our town there shouldn't be a student in the school thats not working on preparing for college. They may decide not to go but they should all work hard in high school and take advantage of the free education to be college ready.

    Let me say it again Unification doesn't cost a penny in-fact it brings more money to the students of Menifee. I would be happy to explain again if you are willing to listen to facts and rather than fears. 951 378-5458

  33. Oh yea always come way early to school. Don't be tardy. Students can study or get tutoring from teachers or friends

  34. Fred,

    May I say that Menifee is not the only area with "low expectations" regarding its students. My niece and nephew both graduated from a Murrieta high school, and neither one is going to college; my niece went to Cal State San Marcos for a year (part-time) and dropped out. My nephew took a few classes at MSJC and quit. None of their friends are in college or have graduated from college.

    Like you, I was also first in my family to graduate from college (although it took a long time with life events in the interim), and we have raised our sons to go to college. One has just graduated from Cal Poly, and one is in 8th grade and knows he is going to college.

    I don't understand the general attitude of "college is too expensive". There are lots of ways to attend college without going broke; you don't need to go to an Ivy League university to get a good education.

    On a side note, with the all- college-prep, all-the-time curriculum at our high schools these days, you would think there would be more college-bound students. If there aren't, maybe we need to rethink the curriculum and bring back more vocational training like we had when I was in high school back in the Dark Ages! A high school diploma doesn't open many doors career-wise anymore.

  35. Paloma Valley High school has many issues, especially those racially motivated, unfortunately you had in 2005 teachers, coaches and faculty that were white supremist supporters. As one poster noted Paloma does a poor job screening who works with your kids. If you are Hispanic, Black, or Asian you are labeled unless prove yourself otherwise. But the Whites get a free pass to do and say what they will. But, even that is about to change..because Change is coming in this country and in your community, with or without your approval. So, bring on the private schools, like they do down south to separate the White's from people of color, you will still be paying for the public schools. It would be more cost effective to simply have teachers's that are ethnically sensitive and parent's teach their children to respect all people and not just those who look or talk like you.

  36. Change like "Obama" ?? Pleeeeeezzzzzzzzz spare us all !!!!
    White's get a free pass?
    You wait cause change is coming?
    Racism comes in all colors !!!!

  37. A football/baseball MomOctober 13, 2008 10:22 PM

    all i can say is GO HERITAGE!! This is our second year there, that school has the best teachers, staff, parents,coaches, students and most important, our Principal,Mr. Grant Bennett, who came from Perris Unified.
    The school in the past two years has unifed all races, there is no "color" or "race" at this school, just teenagers all coming together to take care of their extremely expensive and beautiful school! And to start their traditions and continue a Legacy for generations to come.
    If you haven't taken a walk thru the campus, please do so, I am more than sure that Mr. Bennett would love to show you around!
    Personally I Am thankful my children have the opportunity to be a part of this Legacy, I don't mind driving the extra few miles, (13 round trip) for my child to get the best of the best.



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