Menifee City Council Campaign Contributions

The Press Enterprise published some more facts about campaign contributions into the Menifee City Council....

The Press Enterprise published some more facts about campaign contributions into the Menifee City Council....

They looked at more contributions from developers into the hands of Darcy Kuenzi, Scott Mann, and John Denver.

They noted that Wallace Edgerton took in no contributions, and Fred Twyman didn't report any because he had less than the $1,000 reporting threshold.

The Press Enterprise also put some emphasis on the fact that GST Consulting contributed money to Kuenzi's campaign, and that the Menifee City Council later hired GST Consulting to be their financial consultant.

But I don't think there's really anything to read into that. GST Consulting was the same company that did the fiscal analysis for the Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee, as well as the Wildomar Incorporation Now group. I tend to think that GST Consulting would have been hired anyways, if they didn't contribute.

The Building Industry Association of Southern California contributed quite well to the campaigns of Kuenzi, Mann, and Denver. The BIASC is a lobbyist that represents the interests of home builders, with some 2,100 builders represented. You gotta wonder what kind of return on investment will the BIASC be getting back from those three.


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  1. How many Consulting firms were interviewed?

  2. At least 4. I was at the meeting the night they interviewed.

  3. Unfortunately there are no regulations in terms of who can donate what to whom, except that you have to report it.

    I called the agency dealing with that and they said, "sorry" there is really nothing preventing it.

    I think the observations noted above are certainly not without value, but unless some impropriety occurs that implicates some kind of "personal profit" to one of these donors they are basically for information purposes only, and at best will influence whom we vote for at the next election.

    I mean if Jerry Stamper can get away with taking a $5000 dollar check from not only A property management compeny, but THE property management company that manages the HOA he presides over as President of the Board; well then the implications are very clear.

    We should all remember these things for the future, and keep a close eye on those NOW elected officials to see how they vote on upcoming issues.

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