No Correlation Between Campaign Funding and Project Approvals

Borre Winckel, executive director of the Building Industry Association of Southern California's Riverside County chapter, was quoted in the Press Enterprise recently by saying that there's no evidence city council members grant favors to developers that donate money to their election campaigns...

"There's never been a correlation between campaign funding and getting more (project) approvals," he said. "There's no evidence that if one is a campaign donor, your projects get approved."
So then if developers are giving money away without expecting a return on investment, how about they give me some?


  1. "never been a correlation" Impossible anyone that knows statistics knows that can't be true. It may be a week correlation but the odds of a zero correlation is next to impossible.

    What he means is that the study has never been done that he knows of. I bet he won't be the guy paying for the study to be done though.

    I will see what I can find. Its a good question for the students.

    Fred Twyman
    Statistics Teacher
    City Councilman