Boundary Changes Coming to Menifee Middle Schools

Menifee Union School District is planning to change the attendance boundaries for its middle schools...

Menifee Union School District is planning to change the attendance boundaries for its middle schools.

The opening of its third middle school in August 2009 is what's driving the need to redefine boundaries.

As of this moment, the district doesn't have any proposed boundaries.

The goal of this meeting is to gather input from the public on what their wishes and concerns are. Betti Cadmus, the district's public information officer says that the school board will be taking all public comments to heart.

If your child is preparing to attend middle school next year, now is your time to speak out on which school you'd like him/her to attend, or forever hold your peace.

The new middle school will be located off of McCall Blvd, east of the I-215, by the corner of Sherman Rd and Chambers Ave.

There will be two meetings...

  • August 28, 2008 (Thursday) - Menifee Valley Middle School, 5:00pm to 6:00pm

  • September 2, 2008 (Tuesday) - Bell Mountain Middle School, 5:00pm to 6:00pm
It appears to me that if you live in far northern and far southern part of the district, there isn't much discussion on which school you'll attend. It's those students living in the center of district, perhaps along Newport Rd, that could swing either way into one of the three schools.

Below is a map of the existing boundaries for Menifee Valley Middle School (purple), and Bell Mountain Middle School (orange)...

Menifee Middle School Boundaries Map
Click map to enlarge

  • I-215 Freeway is the boundary separating the two existing middle schools

  • It almost looks as if Newport Rd could be a theoretical boundary defining the new middle school. However, much of the community north of Newport Rd, and west of I-215, is 55+, and may not provide enough to students to create a balance between the three schools.

  • The new middle school could create a lot of traffic along Lindenberger Rd, and perhaps even Antelope Rd (going over the hill past Ryland Oasis).

  • The new City of Menifee needs to complete Menifee Rd, at Simpson Rd, to alleviate traffic along Lindenberger, and prevent traffic from building up along Antelope.


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  1. Just to open a can of worms, would anyone object to Ridgemoore and Freedom Crest going to the new School?

    Quail Valley, Evans Ranch, and Chester Morrison going to Menifee Middle.

    Cali Kirkpatrick South Shore and Oak Meadows going to Bell Mt.

    I personally prefer keeping existing school boundaries in place.

    What do you all think?

  2. My 6th grader is in mvms and my 4th grader is in ridgemore im not sure how i would feel about the move i already drive far for mvms down a one way road that can take up to a hour both way if you go at the wrong time. i also waount like to drive furter down mcall (a 35 mph zone) just to hit another one lane road. if therse thing were adressed i think i would like my kids to go to a new school.

  3. I agree with the poster before me. The street issues need to be addressed NOW! Menifee has horrendous traffic tie-ups for such a "rural" community. It does not matter which way you go, N,S, E, or W we have rediculous traffic tie ups. The boundaries for me are fine as Twyman suggested but lets take care of the traffic mess. One way in and One way out of a school is inexcusable. We should not have to see U turns in front of schools while children are crossing or lack of sidewalks that temp kids and parents to jay-walk across busy streets. PLAN THE TRAFFIC ROUTES FIRST! Please!

  4. I agree with Mr. Twyman everytime you change the boundaries you don,t listen to what we want anyway you just have a meeting and then do what you want.
    and when are we going to get our high school?

  5. First, I want to applaud the school district for taking this approach and soliciting input from parents regarding the boundaries for the new middle school. I know they (the school district) took a lot of heat from a lot of parents, myself included, because the changes to the elementary school boundaries earlier this year caught many of us off guard.

    Second, if I correctly understand what he's saying, I think Fred's idea makes perfect sense - set the middle school boundaries according to existing elementary school boundaries rather than draw up new geographical boundaries.

    I don't know that the occupancy of each elementary and middle school is, but it seems to me it would make more sense to do the boundaries in this fashion:

    Quail Valley, Ridgemoor and Freedom Crest to the new middle school

    Evans Ranch, Chester Morrison and Menifee Elementary (after it re-opens) to Menifee Valley Middle School

    Callie Kirkpatrick, South Shore and Oak Meadows to Bell Mountain Middle School.

    I don't have a student currently in middle school or that will even be entering middle school, at least not for a few more years, so any changes to existing boundaries aren't going to affect me. But I saw first-hand back in mid-January/mid-February, if you have an idea and you share that idea with the school board, someone will listen and will address it. Somebody else may decide the idea isn't feasible, but they will listen. So as Steve said in his post, this is the chance for parents to get out and voice their opinions - I encourage all parents to do so.

  6. Good modification Todd. It's all about balancing student numbers but I like you placement better than my original post.

  7. This is not going to make any one happy. None of the Elementary schools are even close to this Middle School. It is off McCall, East of 215 behind the Storage Facility.

  8. I think Todd's plan sounds perfectly reasonable.

  9. Todd and Fred's plan both sound good. Hopefully the transportation and traffic issues will be settled before all the changes are made. Unfortunatley it is not the school board that controls the road improvements, so start attending the city council meetings if you want to see results.

  10. To Todd and Fred-
    It would be difficult for Quail Valley to go to the new middle school as there is no direct way to drive there. In looking at the map it would be shorter for them to go to MVMS. ~Robert