EMWD Receives $4.9 Million Grant

The Eastern Municipal Water District, our local water district, today announced that they received a $4.9 million grant from the Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority (SAWPA).

The grant money is actually EMWD's share of a $25 million grant awarded to SAWPA by the State Water Resources Control Board. The money is to be used for projects that fall within the Santa Ana River Watershed. The $25 million actually comes from the Proposition 50 water bond to help water district reduce their reliance on imported water.

The EMWD said it would use the money to help offset the cost of its already existing project to expand its San Jacinto Regional Water Reclamation Facility. This facility is one of five such facilities that the district operates to capture runoff water, treat it, and then deliver it to parks, golf courses, and other customers who buy reclaimed water. Reclaimed water can be used for anything but consumption.

The San Jacinto facility currently processes about 8 million gallons of reclaimed water per day, with a total capacity of 11 million. The expansion project will boost that capacity to 27 million.

The water district has plans in place to boost the capacity for all five of its reclamation facilities, including the one in Menifee (La Ladera Rd and Honey Run Rd).


  1. Interesting article. I wonder why they are not currently processing the other 3 mil gals available to and how they plan to utilize an expansion? S.O.M.