Attendance Rises at Menifee Union School District

During the school budget meetings six months ago, declining attendance figures were partly to blame for Menifee Union School District's ...

During the school budget meetings six months ago, declining attendance figures were partly to blame for Menifee Union School District's budget shortfall.

But in the past several weeks, attendance is climbing.

Betti Cadmus, the public information officer for the district, reports that week after week, student enrollment is on the rise...

Jul 17th - 8,442 students
Jul 24th - 8,455
Jul 31st - 8,466
Aug 07th - 8,497
Aug 14th - 8,536

Betti credits new families moving into Menifee as the primary reason.

Each student that attends brings in thousands of dollars each year for the district.

The home foreclosures and short sales have perhaps reached a saturation point where Menifee is looking very attractive to those in higher rent communities in San Diego and Orange Counties. Or at least, that's my take anyways.

All these younger students moving in will make it tougher for unification to become reality. Probably the biggest reason why Menifee Union couldn't bring Paloma Valley High School into its fold is because we couldn't qualify for state financial assistance. In order to qualify, 25% of the total students in the newly unified district had to be Paloma Valley High students. We had something like 23.9% at the last unification meeting in June. Now with more K-8 students coming in, that percentage will likely drop further.

Note: The Californian reported on this same news last week, but said that enrollment is down, when compared to the same time last year.


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  1. Where are the new schools being funded by Measure B going to be built? When are they going to be started?

  2. The new middle school is already coming up. Drive down McCall and take a look. It is just East of the hospital on the North. It is back a ways from McCall, but you can see it from McCall. It should be nice.

  3. Ooop! The new middle school is West of the hospital--not East.

  4. The new middle school is not from Measure B funds, is it?

  5. The middle school is a big part of the bond money.

  6. FYI... Enrollment now stands at 8,572, up another 36 students as of August 21.

  7. It's my understanding that the new middle school is not being built with Measure B funds. The funding for this school was secured prior to the passing of the bond.

  8. The elementary schools funded by Measure B will be in Lake Elsinore and in Murrieta. One way back in the Canyon Hills area where kids are currently being bussed to Quail Valley and the other in Murrieta to take away from Oak Meadows. They should open for the 2010 school year. The district has said these are necessary to sustain the modified traditional schedule.
    The middle school is not funded by this bond.

  9. I've been told we have an elementary school in the City of Murrieta because Menifee School District's sphere of influence extends into murrieta. But that doesn't seem to make sense to me. Shouldn't Murrieta School District provide their own schools in their city? Does anyone know?

  10. Unfortunately, schools districts and cities boundaries have nothing to do with each other. Schools districts have to cover ever square mile of land so that students know where to attend school. Cities don't since the county land fills in the gaps or governs the unincorporated areas. When a city incorporates the school boundaries have already been in place for decades. The city of Murrieta when out of its way to annex the land along the 215 when they should have stayed down at Clinton Keith. So its the cities fault that the Oak Meadows area is not in Menifee anymore.

    Yes a small amount of Measure B funds went to complete the new Middle school. Most is for the 2 elementary schools.

  11. Does anyone know if Menifee will ever change the start times of the elementary schools back to a reasonable time? 7:30 is so early! All the surrounding districts seem to make it work starting at 8:30 and even 9:00. I hear teachers, parents, and students complain about it a lot, but I never hear of any changes proposed. My kids are always tired and complain about going to bed when it is still light outside. Does anyone else feel this way? What can we do?



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