Jerry Bowman, MUSD Candidate Statement

The following is a statement from Jerry Bowman, candidate for Menifee School Board... I would like to formally use this statement to announ...

The following is a statement from Jerry Bowman, candidate for Menifee School Board...

I would like to formally use this statement to announce my candidacy for the Menifee Union School Board.

I am proud to say that I have been recently appointed as a Trustee, to fill Mr. Fred Twyman’s remaining term on the Board, necessitated by his resignation. I am currently meeting with the District leadership and visiting all of our outstanding schools in order to quickly get up to speed.

As a parent, a retired educator, and currently an Educational Consultant, I bring over 30 years of experience, along with the understanding and commitment necessary to be a valuable member of the Menifee Union School Board.

I have a Master of Arts in Education and hold a California Standard Life Teaching Credential with specialization in Secondary Education. (Psychology, Sociology, and Mathematics) I also work, as a consultant, with other school districts and schools (Both Elementary and Secondary) to help implement Professional Learning Communities, Improve Student Achievement, address AYP and API concerns, and provide teacher training.

I am a proud resident of the new City of Menifee, a proud U.S. Army Veteran (82nd Airborne Division), and a proud father of three daughters and one granddaughter. I have one daughter (Taylor) who is in middle school, one daughter (Alyssa) who is in high school, and one daughter (Jenna) who is a high school teacher/leader.

My experience has taught me that all decisions made in education must address the "Whole Student" and be based on improving the student's achievement, experiences, and future. If we do not "Put Students First", then we will have missed the mark.

In Menifee we have several issues that need to be addressed:

  1. Future expansion, financial well being, and unification.

  2. The issue of student transfers and transportation.

  3. Future population increases over the next 15 years.

  4. Guaranteeing that all students receive an education that is equal to or better than is provided in surrounding districts, regardless of which Menifee school they attend.
In my opinion this is accomplished by continuing to:

  1. Hire the most qualified teachers.

  2. Work at improving the quality of the education our students receive in Menifee.

  3. Listen to the concerns of the community and make decisions accordingly, sometimes case by case.

  4. Pursuing the work towards unification.
We need the Menifee Union School District, to be where students want to transfer to, not from!

"Put Students First" on Election Day! Vote for Jerry Bowman.


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