Starbucks Store Closure List

Starbucks posted their listing of stores that are closing. The closest stores to Menifee are two in Hemet... SANDERSON & STETSON, 3511...

Starbucks posted their listing of stores that are closing.

The closest stores to Menifee are two in Hemet...


There are several closures in Riverside County, Orange County, and San Diego County.

You can see the full list here...

As for the Starbucks store slated for Countryside Marketplace in Menifee, my guess is that it will not open anytime soon. I tried to contact them before on this, but they don't answer. In fact, they didn't bother to publish a list of store closures until pressure started building up from various employees, customers, and media.

But then again, if the company thinks Menifee is a town they can turn a profit in, I'm sure they'll open a store.

All Starbucks stores are corporate owned; they don't franchise.


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  1. Where can I find the latest news for closure stores?

  2. Maybe the mom and pop shops can come back.

  3. If you look at where the stores are that they are closing, it was poor planning to begin with.

  4. They are closing the Hemet locations because it takes two days to get there even if you live 3 blocks away. Remove some of the stops signs already. Jeez.

  5. There are till mom and pop shops. The just sell other prands likes Peet's and Tully's. Drive around Murrietta sometime you will see small shops. What kills most small shops isnt Starbucks its the lack of qualified baristas and poor bean selection. As a person who has had several friends in the business and some who still own stores throughout the country I dream of the day Menifee can add some real quality cafes with real quality roasted beans and pastries. I am not a snob i enjoy good food. I have lived in Menifee for 2 years and i am sick of the mass produced factory coffee in Starbucks. You should try the coffee place off of Scott and Antelope next to Albertson great little place, nice staff and decent coffee and pastry. No i dont know the owner nor am i that person. Well thanks thats my 2 cents.

  6. To the poster above are you talking about "IT's A GRIND"? The girls in there are very sweet. The coffee sure does beat "StarCraX". Only I wish they were a lot closer then Scott Road...

  7. I am a coffee shop owner myself but my locations are currently located on Fort Riley, Kansas, an Army base. They have been in business for 2 years.

    I agree that Starbuck's coffee is poor quality and over-roasted.

    With regards to your comment about why mom and pop coffee shops don't open up here, It is very hard to find quality coffee and the margins are very slim for mom and pop shops. In short, we loose money hand over fist when compared to chains.

    The rising cost of milk and coffee is hurting us. At my shop we have an excellent brand of coffee bean, the best I have ever had and it is sold wholesale only. But they recently bumped up my prices to over $10 a lb! It is cheaper to buy organic coffee at Sam's Club.

    So how am I to survive trying to sell good coffee? The issue is that mom and pop shops don't have the buying power, so we pay full retail prices for everything, even when we buy it wholesale. Same with milk and syrups.

    People already complain about high coffee prices. Many would rather pay $1.75 for a McDonalds latte.

    That being said, this is why mom and pop shops are not opening in my opinion, and those that do often end up going out of business.

    "It's a Grind" is not a mom and pop. They are a large chain that franchises out. They get the benefit of product pricing that is reserved for large organizations. I love the staff there, I am not a fan of their particular bean choice, but certainly a far cry from Starbucks!

    Another issue is trying to work with Riverside County Health Dept. They are notoriously the worst in all of So. California. The rules and requirements they impose on food/drink establishments rival the Tax Code! It is very expensive as well.

    My cafe was going to open a location here in Menifee at the MVAC Athletic Club (and be open to the public). But after a market analysis and trying to jump through the county hoops, it was not going to be a good business move and we stalled the project.

    It is my opinion that it is very difficult to open a mom and pop retail operation here in Riverside county and not loose all your life savings on it.

  8. I for one life STARBUCKS. i will not drink anything else. At least none are closing here.

  9. I think there is a Starbucks slated for the new center @ Newport and Haun... at least there was as of a couple weeks ago.

  10. Im not surprised they are closing some. In some areas - there are Starbucks one block from each other. If you cant drive one extra block - than you dont need the coffee. Just sucks that there will be MORE vacant buildings.

  11. I went into a Starbucks the other day and needed to use the bathroom. When I opened the bathroom door there was another Starbucks inside the bathroom. People complain about school taxes but will spend $5 everyday for a cup of coffee

  12. You gotta love that comment! Yes, the Starbucks habit is a bit of a fad. It is a status symbol. However, I am waiting for the support groups to crop up because separation from latte may be more trumatic than forclosure.

  13. When I want my coffee like my women, strong and bitter, I go to Starbucks!

  14. I receintly visited the new Starbucks in Menifee and what a pleasure it was. The beautiful thing about living in this country is freedom. The freedom to choose what retailers you will spend your hard earned dollars on. For my dollar I want a great product thats consistant, and great service giving it to me. That is why I go to the Menifee Starbucks. The staff is friendly and fun, and I love the food and drinks. The other thing I notice about the store is they are very active in the community. I don't know if all their employees live here in Menifee but I hope they do.



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