Map of Menifee, California

Someone at the County Transition Meeting last Wednesday asked about where they could find a map of the new City of Menifee.

I published one on an older article last year...

Or click this link to view the map directly...

This map comes from LAFCO.


  1. We need to bring in younger people. This area will be known as old bore. And not well-off old people-They live in the OC.

  2. so Canyon Lake is NOT a part of Menifee? Was it supposed to be? What was all the whining about?

  3. I live in Sun City, at what point do we start using the name Menifee?
    Do we change our mailing address etc. ?

  4. I dont agree that City of Menifee's Map adopt Sun City, Quail Valley and Romoland. They are not part of City of Menifee.

  5. I believe the above poster is probably the same individual that posted a similar comment under a different topic this morning. And I think it's also the same person that posted similar comments just prior to the election.

    We have heard your opinion. Most of us respected your opinion. We voted. The boundaries have been drawn. Your opinion, which you have every right to express, no longer matters.

    To answer the question about when we change our mailing addresses - technically anybody not using "Menifee" as their city of residence on mail could start using it now since mail is primarily sorted by zip code. I don't think any of the existing zip codes are changing, but that is a possibility. I would recommend calling the post office to see if they have a timeline for the change.

  6. As for changing your address, I called the Post Office the day after the election, and they said to continue using the same city name, (sun city, quail valley, romoland), until further instruction. They said using "Menifee" on another zip code can still foul things up...

  7. I recently moved to Romoland (just under a month ago), and by viewing the map I believe I find myself near a border. Do we have a textual version of the map? That is, is there a place where street names are used as the borders of the city?

    Thanks for your help!

  8. "Anonymous"...Sun City, Quail Valley and Romoland ARE part of the City of Menifee and have been since 2008! Menifee never would have become a city without them! If you want to be snooty, move elsewhere!