Trustees to vote this Tuesday

MUSD Trustees are set to vote this Tuesday to fill the vacancy left by former board member Fred Twyman, which he resigned from on July 10th following a legal opinion that he should not serve on "incompatible" public offices.

The members are expected to vote on whether they should seek a replacement or hold a special election for Twyman's position which was set to end on December 5th.

The open session will start at 4pm at 30205 Menifee Road on Tuesday, July 22nd.


  1. That is dumb, they should just let him stay since we won't become a city legally until Oct. 1st of this year. Let him finish up his term on the board.

  2. I was worried when Mr. Tywman was elected to the city council that he would be spread "too thin." Probably better that he steps down from the school board, since I don't think his heart is in it as much since the unification effort seems to be stalled. After all, when the board had a very important special meeting in Feb 08 that announced the proposed district budget cuts, he forgot about the meeting and didn't show.

  3. To the first poster; the term ends December 5th, which is well after October. He would have to resign.