What Do You Want The New City To Do?

What would you like the new City of Menifee to do is the topic of the evening on Menifee Valley Talk Radio. The show runs live tonight, at 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Therese's co-host will be Mieke Jacobs of MenifeeLive.

So what's it going to be? Newport Rd realignment? Bringing in a movie theater, a bowling alley? Widening the Scott Rd overpass? Finally getting Abe's Steakhouse open?

Call in to the show and sound off.

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  1. -push out the major cow and chicken farms

    -Newport Road beautification project between Murriteta Rd and the 215... rasied/landscaped median and rehabilitated parkways with landscape theme.

    -Restripe Newport Road to 6 lanes... there's enough width.

    -More commercial projects

    -bridges over salt creek at Bradley and Murrieta Raods.

    -Weed abatement program

    -Graffi program

    -Sports park

    ... too name a few

  2. First, do no harm. Don't turn Menifee into Orange County. Most people enjoy the ambience. Don't pave everything, leave it open and rural.

  3. A movie theater or bowling alley would be nice as well as a larger community center for children and adult classes. I dont want to drive to San jacinto for a community class

  4. Kudos Jackie...

  5. Unfortunately, that is going to happen, you let the fox in the chicken coupe. Electing a mortgage broker/realtor who ripped Perris apart and was kicked off their school board, what were you thinking. I said never let a land developer on your board..wait and see how East Orange County grows. Ouch

  6. there is nothing wrong with Orange County....

  7. I agree we need to fix the eyesore between Murrieta and the 215 on Newport Rd. I have guests come in off the 15 sometimes just because of the crap along Newport. It is really run down, dirty, and looks like it is in foreclosure.

  8. I lived in Orange County for 30 years and there is allot wrong with it. My comment reflected the fact that I don't want Menifee to go the way of HB (where I lived) and the other area's that became overly crowded and too commercial.

  9. Newport Road beautification. It's the main road of the city and it's in bad shape.
    More parks.
    Movies theater.
    Larger community center.
    Running trails.
    Bike trails.

  10. The billboards scattered everywhere are an eye sore. The political advertisement signs everywhere
    (including several on the front yard of a corner house where I live) need to be taken down. We've already had the elections. Some of the older housing tracts need higher walls and landscaping in front.The trash and debri need to be picked up by the developers
    after the new homes are built, and not left in the open fields near the newer housing tracts. We need sidewalks and greenbelts where it'd just dirt.Another thing, with more people moving into the area there seems to be an access of trash along the side of the roads and freeways. Let's take pride in our city. Plant a tree too.

  11. Good job voters on Yes on F

  12. You are in California, in So Cal, directly in the middle of So Cal, and you don't want it to develop. Its like asking Bush to do something about high gas prices.

  13. why does the cow farm have to go? he was here first and if you don't like it, move....maybe to orange county! what we really need is a sheriff who will actually do something and/or show up when called. limit new home construction and keep this place as it always has been. you want los angeles, go to los angeles. 6 lanes for newport road? are you kidding?!?!!

  14. Ditto
    "Anonymous June 07, 2008 12:37 PM"


  15. Don't change the views. I like the cow/chicken farms. They were here first! I like watching the open fields. Love how it is now why change it? That is why I moved out here.
    I would like more shopping centers, more parks, & a movie theater.
    I would also like more security at our local parks, I live by Pete Peterson & I can't even take my kids there because of all the wanna be gang bangers that hang out. For some reason everytime I take them there, there is some kind of fight & we have to leave in a hurry.

  16. Let's face it ToTo, we're not in Kansas anymore... The fact of the matter is that this city will (over) develop and there's not much that we can do about it...It's all about business and revenue. Sure the cow's and the chicken's are a nice sight and smell but OC is done and guess what??? We're next.

    I live in Chino Hills prior to it becoming a seemingly extension of OC and everyone wanted to ensure that the cow town feel was not lost...It only took about 5-7 years after Chino Hills became established for it to look the way it does now.

    On the bright side, no need to fear the inevitable. If we're lucky Menifee will end up looking the way Chino Hills looks now, and those of us that stick with this city will thrive economicaly.

    The only thing that opposition will create is a delay in process. The sooner we understand this the better off we all will be. In other words, don't hate, participate. = )

  17. Well, I would first like to demand that the Newport Rd. Realignment be finished! The Audi-Murphy Ranch project has been in the works since I don't know, but long before I got here, and from what I've heard, they've just up and left it because of a financial issue. Where does that leave the rest of us? Roads tore up and traffic is getting worse. That thing was supposed to be done a YEAR ago. I'd like to have an update and a phone number so I can yack at someone in charge.

    Short of that, I see a lot of people want more parks. There's a nice little park over here in Quail Valley that is part of the Canyon Heights project that could be developed and maintained by the city. The residents of Canyon Heights would be grateful to have some city/county supervision of that site, because they've been paying for graffiti and vandalism repairs for years now. I guess the county approved the park and then refused to maintain it, so it ends up being private property, deeded to the HOA there.

    Also can't wait for the new stores to go in at Newport and the 215 so we don't have to drive to Murrieta/Temecula or Lake Elsinore to do some basic shopping. Happy to have the Home Depot in Perris now, BTW.

    I would love to have the area stay rural, but the cost of driving these days is making me think differently. I guess those of you who have your houses paid off can afford the gas prices and the cost of living so far from shopping, but I'm commuting to OC now 5 days, and I can't afford to do any "extra" driving. We're just barely making it by every month, but we are thankful that we have some savings put away just in case.

    Also would like to see a route from Quail Valley to the 15 that doesn't go through Canyon Lake, but I'm sure that's a whole other can 'o worms.

    We're all going to have to realize that fighting and bickering between regions of the new Menifee is going to have to stop if we want to have a community here. Stop the "class warfare" before it really gets started, especially in this public forum. "Quail Valley vs. Menifee vs. Sun City vs. Romoland vs. Orange County/Los Angeles, etc etc." You're embarrassing yourselves.

    It's understandable that long-time residents are upset by some of the "elements" that are being imported through the new residents, (I am too) and that new residents are decidedly "put off" by the "quaintness" of the long-time residents here, but if we could just learn to treat each other with respect — something our society is quickly forgetting how to do (especially my generation) — then we might be able to work things out. People today are extremely self-centered and narcissistic for the most part, and we should all be thinking about other people before ourselves, because there isn't any one of us that has it all together. Cut your neighbors some slack.

    Thought for the day:
    Some people are so egotistical in their poverty it makes one sick.

    OK, now there's a lot here to take shots at, just think about what I said before you take a shot at me. You might disagree with me about city priorities or my suggestions for what we should/could do, but as far as the way we conduct ourselves as neighbors, I don't think you can realistically say anything against it unless you're completely sold out to the "me first" religion of narcissism.

  18. Ok> what I am about to say some of you are not going to like but here goes. Having lived in El Cajon/Lakeside ca my entire childhood and then moving here to Temecula in 99 I would never go back to that town. Menifee/Sun City reminds me of that town you have your have and have nots. I moved here to get bigger house and we wanted a place to park our Glamis toys., But Iam embarassed to say that I live here. The older houses are so run down its crazy. Coming off Newport is so yuck I hate it. So here is what I would like. Clean up this place I do my part. The sports fields here are terrible, they are insufficient have you seen the ones in Temeucla and Murrieta beautiful. I live here now and want things to be brighter and greener so that I put money back into this community. Parks, Fields more things do then just sleep here. I don't want to hear people say well I did not vote for cityhood so why does it matter. I am young enough to know that you don't give kids things to do here then they will find trouble. Clean up the grafiti this is not the gettho. Iam a snob but one for the right reason. Look at Temeucla its not perfect but we can learn from those mistakes. So lets get to it already. Oh yeah most of you older people need to get over it and just let us thrive. When I am older I will know how not to act. Face it we are getting bigger and bigger can be better.

  19. Parks and better green belts between developments. More greenery!!!

  20. I live in the rural area of menifee and have horses. We are losing places to ride. If you don't want to see us on the streets then think about us and give us trails.

  21. There's a beautiful new facility over at heritage high school, a brand new stadium, with turf, all-weather track and seating for close to 5k. People talk about building a city, no better way than to sit in the stands on a friday night - look at the temecula and murrieta schools at a home football/basketball game, school pride is infectious, no reason we can't do the same here with heritage and paloma. The only sad part is that don't play each other yet in football...hopefully that will change in the next few years and they can play for menifee city bragging rights every year.

  22. I have lived in Sun City/Menifee since 1993 and have seen many changes; some good and some bad. I am happy for the cityhood. I am excited about the new Countryside Marketplace center and what it will bring to our community. The revenue from it will now stay here instead of going to Riverside for dispursement. We will now not have to go to Murrieta, Temecula, or Lake Elsinore to shop. Many of those stores will now be here. If we can only get a theater we won't have to travel to one of those cities at all. Perhaps with the revenue we can eliminate graffiti (we don't live in a slum) and create more parks; a sports park here would be great; bike paths; horse trails; and a dog park. I am excited and optimistic for our city's future.

  23. I would like the canidates for the city council to take down there political advertisement signs. The elections are over. That will be a start in cleaning up our city.
    Thank you

  24. I posted yesterday just agreeing with another poster, now I'll say my wish list.

    1.- Widening the 215 (At least a 3 laner both ways, we don't need a 12 laner either)

    2.- Adding shopping and entertainment venues (Shopping coming along well) so just add a nice theater and some parks.

    3.-Adding hiking, horse trails. This will automatically adress the open spaces and PRESERVE some of the open space and rural setting. We can stay ruralish and still be clean and neat.

    4.- Adding a Police force, security, antigraffity (This alone requires major infrastructure)but as we grow we'll need this in place.


  25. What I would like to see are the people that we just elected have some sort of "town hall" meeting and ask US what we would like to see happen for our city. Maybe that can happen in the near future so we don't feel like we wasted our votes on people who are not willing to listen.

  26. How about Newport Blvd lined with high class bars and strip clubs.......that would put us on the map! Maybe a pawn shop or two in the Sun City Core area? LOL

    When people think of Menifee they think FUN FUN FUN!!!!

  27. Let's stick with and follow on with the western theme our new marketplace seems to be taking. This should keep everybody happy...the ranchers, the riders and just us folks who like the 'out west' theme.

  28. i would like to see something tried here. It has always discusted me that people will move into an area, sign a disclosure,informing them of say an airport (etc) and then after they move in sue to shut it down,"because its too noisey"etc. I would like to see this fraud prohibited!

  29. I would like a movie theater here in the city and anything that resembles Victoria gardens, The Grove or the new Americana.

  30. For all who wanted cityhood, congratulations. As for me, I have stated from the start, you want a city, MOVE TO THE CITY, plenty to choose from around here.

    We moved here 8 years ago, to continue our country living lifestyle as we have always had, now we have enjoyed that lifestyle here in California.

    This new city has no REAL tax base, and the only way this city will survive is with incresed development(for more taxes) and an increase in taxes. Development will bring more people, crime, and crowding.

    We will continue to contract with Riverside County Sheriff(RCSD), so no improvement there,(yes even a big city like Temecula contracts with Riverside County Sheriff) and how long have they been incorporated and still do not have funds for their own police dept. RCSD do okay, but are totally inadequate for our area here. Respone times are poor, if they should respond at all. Fire protection will remain the same.

    Water rates from EMWD will increase, we are now a city not a rural area which is how we have been charged.

    What happens to Riverside Code Enforcement and Graffiti busters from the county? Will the new city be taking these over?

    I do volunteer in my community, I do clean up and report graffiti, clean up my neighborhood, fix potholes, erect signposts (that have fallen, been crashed in to, etc.) Will the city be helping me with this? I know the county doesn't(except graffiti).

    AND finally, stop asking me to limit my water usage, when the county, city, whoever, finally restrict any more development, that will only require more water, I will restrict my use( I don't waste water anyway). But of course that is not going to happen, because that would limit the tax base this new city will need.

  31. To the above poster.

    Do you know how much of your tax dollar currently goes to the county and doesn't come back to Menifee? I bet you don't.

    Stop crying wolf unless you have some strong financial evidence to share. I'm not convinced you know what you're talking about and your negative attitude does nobody any good.

    It sounds like you're a quality citizen that cares about our community. Please use your ideas and willingness to help to motivate others to build a community we can be proud to call our own.

    Will there be more commercial development? Yes, it seems that's what the voting community wants.

    This is how life works... things are one way and then they start to change. Change is the one thing you can always count on.

    For most of us, we wanted and are excited for this change in our town. Perhaps, if you don't like or can't handle it, you should be the one to leave.

    You want more dirt? GO LIVE IN IT, there's plenty out there.

  32. To Anonymous at 8:45 on June 9th,

    If you think law enforcement isn't going to improve with incorporation, you don't understand how contracts work with the sheriff's department. And no, increased services aren't going to require increased taxes.

    Basically, as an unincorporated area, the sheriff's department only has to provide minimal services. While these services are paid for with our tax dollars, we aren't currently receiving the level of service we should be receiving in comparison to the taxes we are paying.

    With cityhood comes the ability to contract for services, rather than settle for what the sheriff's department provides us. This means that if the city wants 10 deputies, 2 sergeants and a lieutenant on duty within the city limits during a specific time of day, we can get that.

    And again, while i'll concede that there will be more development to bring in more tax dollars, cityhood does NOT mean increased taxes for its citizens. It DOES mean we are going to be able to control where our tax dollars are used rather than going into a county general fund. It also means we will see improvements in law enforcement services.

  33. what's our new bumper-sticker to celebrate our new city going to be? I really hope its not going to be the TIRED, WORN OUT "Menifee town of a lifetime" that's been overkill. Suppose it could be a contest to decide our new Logo and 'cliche'?

  34. I got an idea how about all you negative/ resist change people get a clue. Yes we wanted to be outside the big city but do you really think that this p;ace would survive without growth. Please show me where it says taxes go up. You guys can't tell me that. I will shop a lot in the city of Menifee so I will pay taxes that way. Please stop being sore losers. The vote was casted and counted. Next thing you know you will say I was disenfranchised so lets vote again. Just stop already. Yeah for the new city of Menifee.

  35. I personally love that License Plate holder "Menifee,Town of a Lifetime". I was around when they came up with that idea (1989 or 1990)and to me it means that Menifee can be a place of new beginnings (new young families)and a place to settle into your Golden Years and everything in between(which is where I fall). I have lived here 18 years and have always been proud of our community and have donated thousands of volunteer hours to give back to my "Town of a Lifetime". Change is good, and with the new Cityhood, maybe it is a good time to start a new fresh moto. We have a lot to look forward to, so stay positive and hopeful fellow Menifee residents!!

  36. Could someone please tell me how becoming a city affects our taxes. Do they stay the same or is there going to be an increase with all the new changes?

  37. To the question about taxes: My understanding is that taxes don't go up unless they are raised specifically by a vote of the community. Keep in mind, taxes take many forms. Bond measures have been a consistent feature in recent elections since I've lived in CA, but what a bond measure is is really a tax that usually is specifically earmarked for some specific purpose or cause. I usually vote 'no' on bond measures just as a rule.
    The difference is now our taxes will be staying local to help local infrastructure instead of being sent to the county and used by the county (ie - not necessarily used locally). We will have more control over what our taxes are used for, and more control over who controls our community.
    The thing we have to do to make this work is stay INFORMED and VOTE. By "informed" I mean be knowledgeable, factual and evident. Hearsay, gossip and propaganda are what seems to pass for "informed" these days, especially if you get your news from the mainstream media. Politicians need to be held accountable, and that includes local city counsel members as well. Some more than others.

  38. What about animal control issues? As it is right now we have to go all the way to San Jacinto for a shelter location if an animal is picked up or you are trying to adopt. Will we now be responsible for what the county has been doing (or should I say, not doing)?

  39. The best thing our new city council can do is start out by being open and honest with the community; posting WHERE and WHEN council meetings are going to be held and making the residents feel welcome and appreciated; giving us an opportunity to really get to know our new council. We are looking forward to the first council meeting and hope it all starts with good vibes which will certainly be a great start. Does anyone know when the first meeting will be or where it will be?

  40. LOL @ strip joints along Newport! I think it would be a great start for the City council members to designate their district boundaries and we have meetings with our district council member, to decide what is important to us. Those who do not listen or follow through will be through.

  41. I just read this whole page of comments both for - against and nuetral about the "city hood": but not a single request asking how to get involved in the formation!!!!!

  42. Guess I don't understand how we're supposed to 'get involved in the formation'; unless its to attend the meetings and then look for chances to volunteer. Is this what the last commentor meant? If not, don't know what you mean. One thing for certain, the new council will be scrutinized for every thing they do and say; but lets try to stay positive and provide support for them to get our new city off to a GOOD AND REPUTABLE start. I most of all don't want it to become, nor to be seen, as another Murrieta Council, known for its shady dealings and infighting. BTW.. Its also citihood and not the city 'hood'.

  43. I agree to fix the eye sore between Murrieta Rd & the 215.. It is really run down and dirty looking. I would also like to see a police force. Clean up the graffiti..it seems this goes on every nite they hit somewhere else...I'm excited and optimistic for our City's future.

  44. I would like to know how the new city leaders will deal with Peak Oil. If we don't plan for that the rest won't matter, this new city will be a ghost town.....

  45. i would like some bus stops that go bye menifee rd and scott