Pirates of Grammar Island

This Tuesday and Wednesday, June 16-17, students at Ridgemoor Elementary School will be performing a musical called, "Pirates of Grammar Island". The performance is designed to teach the actors and actresses proper grammar.

The company that produces the play, "Bad Wolf Press", describes it as follows...

Your students will love instead of hate antonyms. No more confusing or confounding synonyms. They'll sell their cell phones and exchange them for homophones. They'll know declarative sentences. How can they ever fail again to identify interrogative sentences? They'll thrive on exclamatory sentences! Go ahead, let our Pirates from Grammar Island teach them imperatives!
You can read the full script, and listen to some sample songs here...


There will be four performances, at 8:15 and 9:00 am on both days in the multipurpose room.

Contact Angela Stogner 672-6450 for details.


  1. Great job Mrs. Stogner! The kids were awesome!


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