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An interesting discussion is developing on Ann Motte's blog regarding the Mt San Jacinto College...

MSJC PoliceAn interesting discussion is developing on Ann Motte's blog regarding the Mt San Jacinto College police, and whether or not they spending too much money on training exercises...

The MSJC police, along with the Riverside County Sheriff, CAL Fire, California Department of Forestry, American Medical Response, Mercy Air, and other volunteers, warned the public that many loud noises may result from their training exercise, to which Ann made the following comment...
Lots of your tax dollars at work here with the MSJC police department as lead player. At best, a public relations display.
That comment touched off a debate, criticizing Ann as being unsympathetic to the need for public safety.

To which Ann responded that MSJC is sorely in need of money just to provide an adequate education for its students, let alone public safety for the residents of Menifee.

And that brings me to these questions: Should the MSJC police use its funds to provide public safety to new City of Menifee? Is it the role of community colleges to provide policing to nearby residents? Or is state education money being used to address a problem that the Sheriff should be taking care of?

On the other hand, we saw what happened at Virginia Tech last year. There is definitely a need for safety and security at public schools. But how much are we going to spend on public safety versus public education?


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  1. No, we decided to become a city and it is time that we step up and pay for it. MSJC students should not have to fund for local residents safety, that is the responsibility of our worthless County Supervisors. I agree with Ann this is a publicity stunt and it stinks.

  2. I think it is a great that the campus has police and they help patrol the area. This idea that it is a waste of money is downright silly and Ann is wrong in not agreeing it is a good idea.

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