Bringing Jobs to Menifee

Here's the number one reason why Menifee's new city council needs to focus on bringing in more jobs...

Valero Gas Station
This photo was taken this morning at the Valero station in Sun City.

Today, the Associated Press reported that the national average for a gallon of gasoline now exceeds $4.00, even though we've been paying a lot higher than that for a while.

The automobile is the only reason why Menifee was able to become a city. The fact that it was still economically feasible to commute 100-150 miles round trip to work and back, is why people moved in here.

But it looks like gasoline will easily hit the $5.00 mark sometime this month. And probably go higher. Is that commute still feasible?

We need more high-tech jobs here, more call centers, and more manufacturing. We need to build a business park in Menifee. What can the city council do to attract a lot of high-paying jobs?

If gasoline hits $5.00 a gallon, and the average Menifee commuter travels 120 miles round trip, and the average fuel-efficiency is 27 MPG, it will cost about $450.00 a month just to commute.

You could take $350.00 of that $450.00 and buy yourself a more expensive home closer to work, and save yourself the frustration of commuting. And in that case, Menifee is not that attractive anymore.


  1. Being an IT professional working in OC myself, I can agree with Steve's comments about bringing more high-tech jobs out here.

    It is beginning to move past the point of being "worth it" to live out here becuause of such high gas prices. When is it going to stop?

  2. That gas station has been over charging for weeks. I went to the Post office the other day when gas was $3.89 here in Menifee, it was $4.29 there. They are ripping off the seniors who never leave their little area. Ridiculous. I will never buy gas at those places that have been going higher than the surrounding stations. The Shell station by Ralphs lost my business. I now go up to the Mobil just past Bradley on Newport because they arent jumping $0.20 in one day.

  3. While tempting, your theory about taking that $350 - $450 a month and buying something closer to work doesn't work. At a time when most of us owe more than our houses are worth, and then when you factor in the foreclosures bringing down the values in the area, we're all toast. Besides that, who wants to go back to OC? I don't.

    How do we bring in more jobs? Real jobs, not a dollar more than minimum wage retail jobs...

  4. Yes, we need to create jobs that will substantially contribute to a mortgage payment...

  5. YES!! I'm in the graphic/web design field myself, and it's been very difficult to find work out here for comparable compensation to what I'm currently getting in OC simply because of the benefits my employer had been offering me. I was able to telecommute twice a week and still have flexible hours, but being married for the most part to the real estate market, my company had to let about a third of our employees go, and now requires that I drive in 5 days. I am fortunate to have a coworker who lives close by to carpool with, but he usually only goes in twice a week or less.
    The price of gas is killing me, as well as the cost of buying tires every year. Time away from my family also suffers, but since I leave early in the AM, I'm able to get back early in the PM.
    It's obvious to me that the cost of getting around out here is going to put a crimp on businesses unless we get some businesses closer to where we live. I would welcome a business park or two, but lets keep it low key if possible.

  6. The diesel at the Valero in San Jaciento/Hemet, on the corner of Florida and I think Stetson, is $4.39 as of Saturday. That is a dollar less!

  7. I think we would all agree that the current gas prices are ridiculous. I am an advocate of a compressed work week. I have heard a four day work week proposed for city employees in bigger cities, and would welcome this here in our city.(4 ten hour work days) I would also welcome this for the private sector employees as well. I work at Costco and would jump on the chance to compress my work week if offered. This may not reduce gas prices, but it would make a big savings for people who commute to OC or LA.

  8. First all Dina for City Council you did not make it, remove that silly title. The seniors will always suffer, as they are most on fixed incomes. Bringing high tech jobs here will increase our property value and make homes more affordable. Valero is a communist rip-off..don't buy from them.

  9. i think what we should be asking is why the gas station in the senior community is allowed to do this and ask what we can do about it!! who do we complain to or demand fair prices there for the seniors? even the vons market is more expensive than the other markets around town and it makes me think that these businesses don't really care about our community or seniors and only want to make another dollar while gouging seniors on fixed incomes that they know cannot travel to get to other gas stations or stores. so not cool.

  10. actually, after i wrote the previous post i sat down and e-mailed senator boxer, senator feinstein and congresswoman bono about the ridiculous high prices in the senior community. we are all going to be seniors one of these days... anna

  11. Let's see what our new City councilmembers will do since they all pandered the Seniors vote, you see the gas station and Vons are not the only ones using them. Denver and Kuenzi on the council you can forget slow growth, but good idea Tyman, you are defintely a minority when it comes to that group. Or whoose that a political statement by you! Nice one it worked!

  12. you are right about the shell gas station on newport. it was $4.59 for reg and down the street at mobile it was only $4.35 for reg.