Dennis Hollingsworth to Speak in Sun City

State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth, whose district includes the southern half of Menifee, will be speaking in Sun City this Saturday, June 21, at 9:30am, inside Boston Billies restaurant.

He's there as a guest of the Riverside County United Communities, a group that represents the interests of rural residents.

A breakfast will take place before then at 8:30am.

Public is invited.

He'll be there to hear answer your questions, and hear your complaints. You might want to say something about the school budget.

Contact Garry or Thelma Grant at (951) 657-9319 for more details.


  1. Who Cares,this guy can not get a third lane on 215 in Menifee Murietta Corridor installed. I have written his office about the freeway as I am sure many others...oh wait a minute is up for reelection!

  2. Dear Anonymous, June 19, 2008 5:54 PM

    Whatever your personal view on Senator Hollingsworth may be, it does not change the fact that your information on the I-215 Corridor Project is completely inaccurate.

    Go to and view the Riverside County Transportation Commission's March 2008 pdf publication on "What is the I-215 Widening Project?"

    The I-215 project, in a nutshell is simply this:

    1. South I-215 Project - from the I-15 / I-215 split to Scott Road = add 1 lane each direction with construction scheduled to begin in 2011.

    2. Central I-215 Project - from Scott Road to Nuevo Road = add 1 lane each direction with construction scheduled to begin in 2012.

    3. North I-215 Project - from Nuevo Road to CA Route 60 = 1 HOV lane each direction with construction scheduled to begin 2013.

    This project also includes substantial sound barrier walls along residential neighborhoods that border the I-215.

    If you have any further questions about this project, please call the RCTC or you may e-mail me at


    //s//Scott A. Mann
    Councilman - Elect
    City of Menifee

  3. Oh gee thanks, only three or more years of sitting in the 215 parking lot before they start a project that should have been completed before all the new housing was approved. And even then is one lane going to be enough, why not make it two rather than have to repeat the whole process again.

  4. Anon, show me a government that widens their freeways first, before they bring in the population.

  5. Well Scott Mann Councilman elect..glad to say I didn't vote 4 u. Either way, there has been pressure on Hollingsworth since 2004 to get this freeway that time Menifee Population was on a boom. Glad to see another red tape bureaucrat is put in a position of getting nothing done, should have known you were in the choir with Hollingsworthless

  6. I moved here in 2001 and the 215 traffic was bad then, now we need to wait another 3 years. How many more times are they going to waste millions of dollars re-paving it instead of just starting the widening?

  7. I suppose it would be useless to suggest that we be thankful that we have a government that maintains our roads, no matter how we may think that it could be done differently. Think about it and be thankful. I know I am.


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